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8/24 Football  Wood River vs Pocatello
8/24 Football  Ridgevue vs Boise
8/24 Football  Burley vs Century
8/25 Football  Grantsville (UT) vs Minico
8/25 Football  Borah vs Capital
8/25 Football  Gooding vs South Fremont
8/25 Football  Homedale vs New Plymouth
8/25 Football  Lakeland vs Skyview
8/25 Football  Mountain View vs Eagle
8/25 Football  Weiser vs Buhl
8/25 Football  Green Canyon (UT) vs Shelley
8/26 Football  Carson City (NV) vs Lewiston
8/26 Football  Emmett vs Timberline (Boise)
8/26 Football  Spanish Springs (NV) vs Rocky Mountain
8/26 Football  Galena (NV) vs Highland (Poc)
8/26 Football  Douglas (NV) vs Rigby
9/1 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Borah
9/1 Football  Eagle vs Highland (Poc)
9/1 Football  Grangeville vs Nampa Christian
9/1 Football  Pocatello vs Twin Falls
9/1 Football  Prairie vs Genesee
9/1 Football  Snake River vs Shelley
9/2 Football  Clearwater Valley vs Wallace
9/2 Football  Timberline (Boise) vs Bonneville
9/7 Football  Boise vs Timberline (Boise)

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8/19 Boys Soccer  Skyview v Columbia JV
8/19 Boys Soccer  Skyview vs Columbia
8/19 Girls Soccer  Preston vs Highland (Poc)
8/19 Boys Soccer  Century vs Twin Falls
8/18 Girls Soccer  Hillcrest vs Rocky Mountain
8/18 Girls Soccer  Bonneville vs Centennial
8/18 Boys Soccer  Madison vs Canyon Ridge
8/18 Girls Soccer  Meridian vs Borah
5/22 Track & Field  2017 1A State Track Awards Memory Mates
5/22 Track & Field  2017 1A State Track Awards Photo
5/22 Track & Field  2017 2A State Track Awards Memory Mates
5/22 Track & Field  2017 2A State Track Awards Photo
5/22 Track & Field  2017 3A State Track Awards Memory Mates
5/22 Track & Field  2017 3A State Track Awards Photos
5/22 Track & Field  2017 4A State Track Awards Memory Mates
5/22 Track & Field  2017 4A State Track Awards Photos
5/22 Track & Field  2017 5A State Track Awards Memory Mates
5/22 Track & Field  2017 5A State Track Awards Photos
5/22 Track & Field  State Track 1A-2A-3A Sat Distance
5/22 Track & Field  State Track 1A-2A-3A Sat Hurdles State-Wide Team Previews
We make several attempts to invite every coach to fill out and return a questionnaire form. From that form, we put together their team preview. The more information the coach gives us, the better their team preview will be. The less information we get...well, let's just say it won't be quite as good.

Choose which previews you want to read, then click "Read Previews!"

Sport Preview: 


SchoolHead CoachActivities DirectorDivisionDistrictConference
Aberdeen Stephen GriggCody Park2A52A South East Idaho
Ambrose Jay HughesAmy Yenor1A D131A Western Idaho
American Falls Chris FehringerBryan Flake3A53A South East Idaho
Bear Lake Brandon CarlsenMichael Wilding2A52A South East Idaho
Bishop Kelly  Tom Shanahan4A34A Southern Idaho
Blackfoot Cody ShelleyCody Shelley4A64A D5-6
Bliss  Brent Bjornn1A D24North Side
Boise Manny VarelaTracy Leinen5A35A Southern Idaho
Bonners Ferry  Conrad Garner3A1Intermountain League
Borah Jeremy DennisVince Mann5A35A Southern Idaho
Buhl Dan WinnStacy Wilson3A4Sawtooth Central Idaho
Burley Jack BagleyGordon Kerbs4A4Great Basin (West)
Caldwell  Josh Hegstad4A34A Southern Idaho
Camas County Jamon FrostensonAmy McCabe1A D24North Side
Canyon Ridge Darren Van HofwegenLonnie Ahlquist4A4Great Basin (West)
Capital Scott MooreSteve Sosnowski5A35A Southern Idaho
Carey  Lee Jay Cook1A D24North Side
Cascade Conor KennedyConor Kennedy1A D23Long Pin
Castleford  Laurie Howard1A D24North Side
CDA Charter Steven ZamoraNichole Thiel3A1Intermountain League
Centennial  Jon Watson5A35A Southern Idaho
Century Lester StewartStephen Anderson4A54A D5-6
Challis Jerrod FarrJennifer Piva1A D161AD1 High Desert
Clark Fork  Brenda Haase1A D21North Star
Clearwater Valley Aaron SkinnerKolby Krieger1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Coeur d'Alene Tony HannaMike Lindquist5A15A Inland Empire
Cole Valley Christian Brennan KochDan Reece2A32A Western Idaho
Columbia  Randy Potter5A35A Southern Idaho
Community School  Richard Whitelaw1A D24North Side
Compass Charter  Toby Pinkerman1A D131A Western Idaho
Council JC TuckerBrian Joyce1A D23Long Pin
Deary Gordon HeathDarrah Eggers1A D22White Pine 1AD2
Declo Jacoby FoxKelly Kidd2A4Canyon
Dietrich Wayne DillTraci Perron1A D24North Side
Eagle  Scott Criner5A35A Southern Idaho
Emmett David Dust Mike Schroeder4A34A Southern Idaho
Filer Allen KelseyZach Dong3A4Sawtooth Central Idaho
Garden Valley  Bob Powell1A D23Long Pin
Genesee Ray StoutKelly Caldwell1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Glenns Ferry Nathan JonesKelli McHone1A D14Snake River
Gooding Chris ComstockLogan Briggs3A4Sawtooth Central Idaho
Grangeville Kelcey EdwardsMatt Dame2A2Central Idaho
Greenleaf Friends John IhliLarry Taylor1A D131A Western Idaho
Hagerman  Tyler Mills1A D14Snake River
Hansen Jim LassoJim Lasso1A D24North Side
Highland (Craig) Patty WeeksBrad Baumberger1A D22White Pine 1AD2
Highland (Poc)  Travis Bell5A55A D5-6
Hillcrest Dave AustinWendy Johnson5A65A D5-6
Horseshoe Bend  Parry Ryerse1A D131A Western Idaho
Idaho City Jayce BellSean Porter1A D131A Western Idaho
Idaho Falls Howard HartKerry Martin4A64A D5-6
Jerome Joe MessickKaly Gillette-Shippen4A4Great Basin (West)
Kamiah Abraham Broncheau Leah York1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Kellogg Jeff NearingLisa Cheney3A1Intermountain League
Kendrick Morgan LeBlancSteve Kirkland1A D22White Pine 1AD2
Kimberly Daren GareyKirby Bright3A4Sawtooth Central Idaho
Kootenai  Doug Napierala1A D21North Star
Kuna  Greg Carpenter5A35A Southern Idaho
Lake City  Jim Winger5A15A Inland Empire
Lakeland  Tim Cronnelly4A14A Inland Empire
Lakeside Robert WolcottRon Miller1A D21North Star
Lapwai Bob SobottaDavid Kronemann1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Lewiston Jayson UlrichCorey Williams5A25A Inland Empire
Liberty Charter  Mark Wachsmuth1A D131A Western Idaho
Lighthouse Christian  Daequon Montreal1A D24North Side
Logos Matt WhitlingJohn Carnahan1A D22White Pine 1AD2
Marsh Valley Jason BrowerKyle Buttars3A53A South East Idaho
Marsing Tim LittleTim Little2A32A Western Idaho
McCall-Donnelly  Mike Kraemer2A32A Western Idaho
Meadows Valley  Brandy Padgett1A D23Long Pin
Melba  Casey Clark2A32A Western Idaho
Meridian Mike ChattertonMike Graefe5A35A Southern Idaho
Middleton  Andy Ankeny4A34A Southern Idaho
Minico Ty ShippenTy Shippen4A4Great Basin (West)
Moscow Josh UhrigLance Abendroth4A24A Inland Empire
Mountain Home Brion BethelJohn Clark4A34A Southern Idaho
Mountain View Jon NetletonLuke Wolf5A35A Southern Idaho
Mullan  Stetson Spooner1A D21North Star
Murtaugh  Todd Jensen1A D24North Side
Nampa Trevor MorrisTy Thomas5A35A Southern Idaho
Nampa Christian  Randy Brothers2A32A Western Idaho
New Plymouth Mark Van WeerdhuizenDenise Oliver2A32A Western Idaho
Nezperce Mike WebsterChrissy Riggers1A D22White Pine 1AD2
North Fremont Bryan MillerJodi Beard2A6Nuclear
North Gem Kevin McLainJustin Williams1A D25Rocky Mountain
North Star Charter  Dan Conti1A D131A Western Idaho
Notus Jon ConnerTim Dranginis1A D131A Western Idaho
Oakley Travis NobleJuan Rodriguez1A D14Snake River
Orofino Jeff WilsonJeff Wright2A2Central Idaho
Pocatello  Robert Parker4A54A D5-6
Post Falls Mike McLeanCraig Christensen5A15A Inland Empire
Potlatch Ryan BallKatie Ball1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Prairie Kevin P. ChaffeeJon Rehder1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Preston  Brent Knapp4A54A D5-6
Priest River Kevin WylieMatt George3A1Intermountain League
Raft River Brian PooleRandy Spaeth1A D14Snake River
Richfield  Karen Lezamiz1A D24North Side
Ridgevue Neil StutzmanJeremy Bergquist4A34A Southern Idaho
Rimrock  Ashley Merrick1A D131A Western Idaho
Ririe Eric TorgersonDamien Smith2A6Nuclear
Riverstone Eric ChapmanPete Burton1A D131A Western Idaho
Rockland  Hutch Swan 1A D25Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain Dane RoyTroy Rice5A35A Southern Idaho
Salmon River Charlie ShepherdPaula Tucker1A D23Long Pin
Sandpoint  Kris Knowles4A14A Inland Empire
Shelley Jim KolsenWade Messick3A6Mountain Rivers
Sho-Ban Justin DanceJonathan Braack1A D25Rocky Mountain
Shoshone  Tim Chapman1A D14Snake River
Skyview Aaron Sanders Eric Bonds4A34A Southern Idaho
Snake River  Robert Coombs3A53A South East Idaho
South Fremont Ryon PopeChris Tucker3A6Mountain Rivers
St. Maries Bryan ChaseTodd Gilkey2A1Central Idaho
Sugar-Salem Shawn FreemanJay Miller3A6Mountain Rivers
Teton Robert HeuseveldtBrody Birch3A6Mountain Rivers
Timberlake Michael ScottJim Simpson3A1Intermountain League
Timberline (Boise) Bruce LogsdonTol Gropp5A35A Southern Idaho
Timberline (Weippe) Jon BowerDorie Nelsen1A D22White Pine 1AD2
Tri-Valley Barrett MorrisKyLee Morris (Midvale) & Sara Kindall (Cambridge)1A D23Long Pin
Troy Guy WellsJames Stoner1A D12White Pine 1AD1
Twin Falls Matt Harr Ted Reynolds4A4Great Basin (West)
Valley Brian HardyBrian Hardy1A D14Snake River
Vallivue Ryan LundgrenTodd Zucker4A34A Southern Idaho
Victory Charter Rob ShepherdLeela Schafer1A D131A Western Idaho
Wallace Corey MillerBruce Bailey1A D11Independent
Watersprings Jesse AdamsAaron Booth1A D26Rocky Mountain
Wendell  Phil Wert2A4Canyon
West Jefferson Dave HadleyCory Hollingsworth2A6Nuclear
West Side  Tyler Telford2A52A South East Idaho
Wilder  Kyle DalSoglio1A D131A Western Idaho
Wood River Matt NewhouseKevin Stilling4A4Great Basin (West)

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