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5/27 Football   8 man Shriners all star game
5/27 Football  8-Man North-South Shrine
5/27 Football  11 man Shriners All Star game
5/27 Football  11-Man North-South Shrine Game
5/20 Track & Field  1A Boys State Track and Field Awards
5/20 Track & Field  1A Boys State Track Awards Memory-Mates
5/20 Track & Field  1A Girls State Track and Field Awards
5/20 Track & Field  1A Girls State Track Awards Memory-Mates
5/20 Track & Field  2A Boys State Track and Field Awards
5/20 Track & Field  2A Boys State Track Awards Memory-Mates
5/20 Track & Field  2A Girls State Track and Field Awards
5/20 Track & Field  2A Girls State Track Awards Memory-Mates
5/20 Track & Field  3A Boys State Track and Field Awards
5/20 Track & Field  3A Boys State Track Awards Memory-Mates
5/20 Track & Field  3A Girls State Track and Field Awards

State-Wide Team Previews
How's your team shaping up for the season?

SchoolHead CoachDivisionDistrictConference
Aberdeen Jeff Duffin (10th Season)2A52A South East Idaho
American Falls Cory Hollingsworth (4th Season)3A53A South East Idaho
Bear Lake Ryan Messerly (8th Season)2A52A South East Idaho
Bishop Kelly Tim Brennan (26th Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Blackfoot Jerrod Ackley (2nd Season)4A64A High Country
Boise Mike Altieri (2nd Season)5A35A SIC Foothills
Bonners Ferry Travis Hinthorn (2nd Season)3A13A Intermountain League
Bonneville Kevin Kempf (2nd Season)4A64A High Country
Borah J.Q. Kenyon (1st Season)5A35A SIC River
Buhl Allyn Reynolds (1st Season)3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Burley Dylan Corless (3rd Season)4A44A Great Basin 7
Butte County Sam Thorngren (15th Season)1A D161AD1 High Desert
Caldwell Steven Fleshman (3rd Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Camas County Rusty Kramer (6th Season)1A D241AD2 Sawtooth
Canyon Ridge James Poole (1st season)4A44A Great Basin 7
Capital Todd Simis (18th Season)5A35A SIC River
Carey Lane Kirkland (21st Season)1A D241AD2 Sawtooth
Castleford Brian Lowry (5th Season)1A D241AD2 Sawtooth
Centennial Matt Greene (2nd Season)5A35A SIC River
Century Logan Horrocks (1st Season)4A54A SEIC
Challis Marty Mitchell (1st Season)1A D161AD1 High Desert
Clark Fork Brian Arthun (5th Season)1A D211AD2 North Star
Clearwater Valley Allen Hutchens (2nd Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Coeur d'Alene Shawn Amos (25th Season)5A15A Inland Empire
Cole Valley Christian Mark Moreno (2nd Season)2A32A Western Idaho
Columbia Greg Asbury (3rd Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Council Andy Glenn (1st Season)1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Deary Tim Olson (1st Season)1A D221AD2 White Pine
Declo Josh Stewart (3rd Season)2A42A Canyon
Dietrich Rick Astle (5th Season)1A D241AD2 Sawtooth
Eagle John Hartz (3rd Season)5A35A SIC Foothills
Emmett Rich Hargitt (4th Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Filer Justin Brandsma (1st Season)3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Firth Jordan Bartlett (3rd Season)2A62A Nuclear
Fruitland Ryan Tracy (9th Season)3A33A Snake River Valley
Garden Valley Jason Yearsley (11th Season)1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Genesee Justin Podrabsky (1st Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Glenns Ferry Lonnie Funkhouser (3rd Season)1A D141AD1 Snake River
Gooding Cameron Andersen (12th Season)3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Grace James Newby (1st Season)1A D151AD1 High Desert
Grangeville Jeff Adams (5th Season)2A22A Central Idaho
Greenleaf Friends Tyler Hoaglun (2nd Season)1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Hagerman Dana Strong (2nd Season)1A D24Independent/JV
Hansen Jim Rife (5th Season)1A D241AD2 Sawtooth
Highland (Poc) Gino Mariani (21st Season)5A55A D5-6
Hillcrest Brennon Mossholder (1st Season)4A64A High Country
Homedale Matt Holtry (13th Season)3A33A Snake River Valley
Horseshoe Bend Craig Elliott (5th Season)1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Idaho City Jason Roeber (11th Season)1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Idaho Falls Marty Duffin (3rd Season)5A65A D5-6
Jerome Sid Gambles (11th Season)4A44A Great Basin 7
Kamiah Nels Kludt (6th Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Kellogg Dan Davidian (2nd Season)3A13A Intermountain League
Kendrick Zane Hobart (9th Season)1A D221AD2 White Pine
Kimberly Rich Bishop (9th Season)3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Kootenai Jake Pfeiffer (1st Season)1A D211AD2 North Star
Kuna Jeff Schank (1st Season)5A35A SIC River
Lake City Brian Fulp (4th Season)5A15A Inland Empire
Lakeland Tim Kiefer (18th Season)4A14A Inland Empire
Lakeside Chris Dohrman (8th Season)1A D111AD1 Scenic Idaho
Lapwai Josh Leighton (5th Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Lewis County Monty Moddrell (6th Season)1A D221AD2 White Pine
Lewiston Matt Pancheri (5th Season)5A25A Inland Empire
Lighthouse Christian John Silvers (1st Season)1A D141AD1 Snake River
Logos Nick Holloway (1st Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Mackay  1A D261AD2 Rocky Mountain
Madison Chandler Rhoads (1st Season)5A65A D5-6
Malad Lucas Thorne (1st Season)2A52A South East Idaho
Marsh Valley Doug Armstrong (6th Season)3A53A South East Idaho
Marsing Mike Nunnelee (2nd Season)2A32A Western Idaho
McCall-Donnelly Lee Leslie (6th Season)3A33A Snake River Valley
Meadows Valley Jared McIlvain (1st Season)1A D23Independent/JV
Melba Juan Colunga (5th Season)2A32A Western Idaho
Meridian John Zamberlin (3rd Season)5A35A SIC Foothills
Middleton Bill Brock (22nd Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Minico Keelan McCaffrey (4th Season)4A44A Great Basin 7
Moscow Phil Helbling (10th Season)4A24A Inland Empire
Mountain Home Jim Clark (6th Season)4A44A Great Basin 7
Mountain View Judd Benedick (15th Season)5A35A SIC River
Mullan Stetson Spooner (11th Season)1A D211AD2 North Star
Murtaugh Todd Jensen (4th Season)1A D141AD1 Snake River
Nampa Dan Holtry (6th Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Nampa Christian Daniel Jenkins (2nd Season)2A32A Western Idaho
New Plymouth Dallan Rupp (8th Season)2A32A Western Idaho
North Fremont Ben Lenz (9th Season)2A62A Nuclear
North Gem Corry Hatch (2nd Season)1A D251AD2 Rocky Mountain
Notus Joe Woodland (4th Season)1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Oakley Brennan Jones (3rd Season)1A D141AD1 Snake River
Orofino Garret Bretz (3rd Season)2A22A Central Idaho
Owyhee Sherm Blaser (1st Season)5A35A SIC River
Parma Cassidy Kotte (1st Season)3A33A Snake River Valley
Payette Kip Crofts (5th Season)3A33A Snake River Valley
Pocatello Dave Spillett (6th Season)4A54A SEIC
Post Falls Blaine Bennett (6th Season)5A15A Inland Empire
Potlatch Ryan Ball (4th Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Prairie Ryan Hasselstrom (11th Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Preston Eric Thorson (4th Season)4A54A SEIC
Priest River Jared Hughes (3rd Season)3A13A Intermountain League
Raft River Chad Evans (3rd Season)1A D141AD1 Snake River
Ridgevue Tom DeWitz (6th Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Rigby Armando Gonzalez (5th Season)5A65A D5-6
Rimrock Sam Ward (1st Season)1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Ririe Jim Newton (7th Season)2A62A Nuclear
Rockland Gerry Hunter (4th Season)1A D251AD2 Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain Chris Culig (5th Season)5A35A SIC Foothills
Salmon Kenny Martens (1st Season)2A62A Nuclear
Salmon River Ty Medley (3rd Season)1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Sandpoint Ryan Knowles (3rd Season)4A14A Inland Empire
Shelley Josh Wells (3rd Season)4A64A High Country
Shoshone Michael Perry (8th Season)1A D14Independent/JV
Skyline Scott Berger (13th Season)4A64A High Country
Skyview David Young (19th Season)5A35A SIC Foothills
Snake River Jeb Harrison (6th Season)3A53A South East Idaho
Soda Springs Colter Evans (3rd Season)2A52A South East Idaho
South Fremont Chad Hill (9th Season)3A63A Mountain Rivers
St. Maries Craig Tefft (11th Season)2A12A Central Idaho
Sugar-Salem Tyler Richins (7th Season)3A63A Mountain Rivers
Teton Jeff Wilkes (1st Season)3A63A Mountain Rivers
Thunder Ridge Jeff Marshall (4th Season)5A65A D5-6
Timberlake Kelly Amos (2nd Season)3A13A Intermountain League
Timberline (Boise) Ian Smart (5th Season)5A35A SIC Foothills
Timberline (Weippe) Pat Christopherson (4th Season)1A D221AD2 White Pine
Tri-Valley Justin Mink (2nd Season)1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Troy Bob Wilson (3rd Season)1A D121AD1 White Pine
Twin Falls Ben Kohring (2nd Season)4A44A Great Basin 7
Valley Ryon Jarvis (6th Season)2A42A Canyon
Vallivue Layne Coffin (15th Season)4A34A Southern Idaho
Wallace Jared Young (7th Season)1A D111AD1 Scenic Idaho
Watersprings Chris Strahm (4th Season)1A D261AD2 Rocky Mountain
Weiser Tom Harrison (4th Season)3A33A Snake River Valley
Wendell Jon Helmandollar (1st Season)2A42A Canyon
West Jefferson Ty Minto (3rd Season)2A62A Nuclear
West Side Tyson Moser (13th Season)2A52A South East Idaho
Wilder Kyle DalSoglio (13th Season)1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Wood River Shane Carden (3rd Season)4A44A Great Basin 7

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