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4/25 Softball  Eagle vs Boise
4/22 Track & Field  KnightsInvit_1pm_4_22_17
4/22 Boys Lacrosse  Bishop Kelly vs Boise
4/22 Baseball  Blackfoot at Pocatello
4/22 Track & Field  KnightsInvit_11am_4_22_17
4/22 Track & Field  KnightsInvit_12pm_4_22_17
4/21 Baseball  Bonneville at Highland
4/20 Track & Field  Twin Falls Track
4/19 Softball  Canyon Ridge vs Twin Falls
4/19 Baseball  Twin Falls vs Canyon Ridge
4/15 Baseball  Skyview vs Bishop Kelly
4/15 Baseball  Meridian vs Mountain View
4/15 Baseball  New Plymouth vs Payette
4/15 Softball  Highland (Poc) vs Rocky Mountain
4/13 Softball  Centennial vs Timberline (Boise)
4/13 Baseball  Asotin vs Genesee
4/13 Baseball  Rocky Mountain vs Timberline (Boise)
4/12 Baseball  Filer vs Canyon Ridge
4/12 Baseball  Timberline (Boise) vs Rocky Mountain
4/11 Softball  Kimberly vs Buhl
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16-17SoftballEagle vs Boise4/25/201705:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17Track & FieldKnightsInvit_1pm_4_22_174/22/201701:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17Boys LacrosseBishop Kelly vs Boise 4/22/201704:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17BaseballBlackfoot at Pocatello4/22/201704:00 PMKyle Riley View Photos
16-17Track & FieldKnightsInvit_11am_4_22_174/22/201711:00 AMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17Track & FieldKnightsInvit_12pm_4_22_174/22/201712:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17BaseballBonneville at Highland 4/21/201703:30 PMKyle Riley View Photos
16-17Track & FieldTwin Falls Track4/20/201704:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17SoftballCanyon Ridge vs Twin Falls4/19/201704:30 PMSteve Conner View Photos
16-17BaseballTwin Falls vs Canyon Ridge4/19/201706:30 PMSteve Conner View Photos
16-17BaseballSkyview vs Bishop Kelly4/15/201701:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17BaseballMeridian vs Mountain View4/15/201702:00 PMWilly Harris View Photos
16-17BaseballNew Plymouth vs Payette4/15/201711:00 AMPatty Theurer View Photos
16-17SoftballHighland (Poc) vs Rocky Mountain4/15/201712:00 PMWilly Harris View Photos
16-17SoftballCentennial vs Timberline (Boise)4/13/201705:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17BaseballAsotin vs Genesee4/13/201705:00 PMMark Borth View Photos
16-17BaseballRocky Mountain vs Timberline (Boise)4/13/201706:00 PMChris Melgaard View Photos
16-17BaseballFiler vs Canyon Ridge4/12/201704:30 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17BaseballTimberline (Boise) vs Rocky Mountain4/12/201706:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
16-17SoftballKimberly vs Buhl4/11/201704:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17SoftballRocky Mountain vs Boise4/11/201705:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
16-17SoftballKimberly vs Buhl4/11/201705:30 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17BaseballMountain View vs Eagle4/10/201706:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
16-17SoftballShelley vs Kimberly4/7/201701:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17SoftballGooding vs South Fremont4/7/201703:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17SoftballTeton vs Filer4/7/201705:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17SoftballTeton vs Buhl4/7/201711:00 AMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17BaseballBurley vs Twin Falls4/6/201703:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
16-17SoftballBurley vs Twin Falls4/5/201704:30 PMSteve Conner View Photos
16-17SoftballBurley vs. Twin Falls JV4/5/201704:30 PMSteve Conner View Photos

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