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3/7 Boys Basketball  North Fremont vs West Side
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3/7 Boys Basketball  Sugar-Salem vs Kimberly
3/7 Boys Basketball  Sugar-Salem vs Kimberly
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3/7 Boys Basketball  Moscow vs Preston
3/7 Boys Basketball  Borah vs Post Falls
3/7 Boys Basketball  Minico vs Idaho Falls
3/7 Boys Basketball  Kellogg vs Snake River
3/7 Boys Basketball  Kamiah vs Oakley
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3/7 Boys Basketball  Lakeside vs Cascade
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3/7 Boys Basketball  Cole Valley Christian vs St. Maries
3/7 Boys Basketball  Filer vs Fruitland State-Wide Team Previews
We make several attempts to invite every coach to fill out and return a questionnaire form. From that form, we put together their team preview. The more information the coach gives us, the better their team preview will be. The less information we get...well, let's just say it won't be quite as good.

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Sport Preview: 


SchoolHead CoachActivities DirectorDivisionDistrictConference
Aberdeen Jeff DuffinCody Park2A52A South East Idaho
American Falls Tony CadeBryan Flake3A53A South East Idaho
Bear Lake Ryan MesserlyMichael Wilding2A52A South East Idaho
Bishop Kelly Tim Brennan Tom Shanahan4A34A Southern Idaho
Bonners Ferry Cory KramerConrad Garner3A1Intermountain
Bonneville Fred ArmstrongTyler Johnson5A65A D5-6
Borah Darren CorpusVince Mann5A35A SIC West Pod A
Buhl Rick WellsStacy Wilson3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Burley Jed ThomasRandy Winn4A4Great Basin (West)
Butte County Sam ThorngrenJody Coburn1A D161AD1 High Desert
Caldwell Zach McGeeJon Hallock4A34A Southern Idaho
Capital Todd SimisSteve Sosnowski5A35A SIC West Pod A
Carey Lane KirklandLee Jay Cook1A D24Sawtooth West
Cascade Adam MappAmos Lee1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Century Travis HobsonStephen Anderson4A54A D5-6
Challis T.T. CainTodd Dixon1A D161AD1 High Desert
Clark County Greg ShentonB.J. Adams1A D26Sawtooth East
Coeur d'Alene Shawn AmosMike Randles5A15A Inland Empire
Council Dan ShumwayAndy Glenn1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Deary Doug HendersonKendrick Jared1A D221AD2 White Star
Eagle Paul PetersonBeth Holt5A35A SIC West Pod B
Emmett Mike Schroeder Gavin Watson3A33A Snake River Valley
Firth Keith DrakeScott Adams2A62A Nuclear
Fruitland Ryan Tracy Russ Wright3A33A Snake River Valley
Garden Valley Jason YearsleyMike Chandler1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Genesee Jason HansonKelly Caldwell1A D121AD1 White Pine
Glenns Ferry Laif MorrisonKelli McHone1A D141AD1 Snake River
Gooding Cameron Anderson Logan Briggs3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Grace Brandon SanchezRichard Condie1A D151AD1 High Desert
Grangeville Jeff LindsleyMatt Dame2A22A Central Idaho
Greenleaf Friends Jeff Metcalf Larry Taylor1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Highland (Poc) Gino MarianiTravis Bell5A55A D5-6
Hillcrest Jeff MarshallWendy Johnson5A65A D5-6
Homedale Matt Holtry Casey Grove3A33A Snake River Valley
Idaho Falls Pete MolinoPat Lloyd5A65A D5-6
Jerome Sid Gambles Scott Burton4A4Great Basin (West)
Kamiah Ryan BallLeah York1A D121AD1 White Pine
Kellogg Tim KimberlingMike LaFountaine3A1Intermountain
Kimberly Rich BishopKirby Bright3A43A Sawtooth Central Idaho
Kuna Ian Smart Tracy Donaldson4A34A Southern Idaho
Lakeland Tim KieferMike Divilbiss4A14A Inland Empire
Lewiston Shawn NilssonCorey Williams5A25A Inland Empire
Lighthouse Christian Cory Holloway Daequon Montreal1A D24Sawtooth West
Mackay Jack McKelveyStephanie Green1A D26Independent/JV
Madison Mitch BuckShayne Proctor5A65A D5-6
Malad Coda TchidaWendy Alder2A52A South East Idaho
Marsing Brad Hill Tim Little2A32A Western Idaho
McCall-Donnelly Lee LeslieConor Kennedy2A32A Western Idaho
Meridian Porter Lacey Mike Graefe5A35A SIC West Pod B
Middleton Bill BrockAndy Ankeny4A34A Southern Idaho
Minico Tim PerrigotBrady Trenkle4A4Great Basin (West)
Moscow Phil HelblingLance Abendroth4A24A Inland Empire
Mountain Home Jim R. Clark John Clark4A44A Southern Idaho
Mountain View Judd Benedick Luke Wolf5A35A SIC West Pod B
Nampa John Choate Greg Carpenter5A35A SIC West Pod A
Nampa Christian Jerry SmithTina Pelkey2A32A Western Idaho
New Plymouth Dallan RuppDallan Rupp2A32A Western Idaho
North Fremont Ben LenzJodi Beard2A62A Nuclear
North Gem Dana StrongChris Banks1A D25Sawtooth East
Notus Sam CrockettJon Conner1A D131AD1 Western Idaho
Oakley Kade CranerMark Mace1A D141AD1 Snake River
Parma Jake WalgamottAlex Wilson3A33A Snake River Valley
Pocatello David SpillettRobert Parker4A54A D5-6
Post Falls Jeff HinzCraig Christensen5A15A Inland Empire
Potlatch Pat AmosKatie Ball1A D121AD1 White Pine
Prairie Ryan HasselstromTravis Mader / Jon Rehder / Kim Schumacher1A D121AD1 White Pine
Preston Nick HydeBrent Knapp4A54A D5-6
Priest River Shane DouglasMatt George3A1Intermountain
Raft River Brian PooleRandy Spaeth1A D141AD1 Snake River
Rigby Randy WaiteJustin Jones4A64A D5-6
Ririe Jim NewtonMatt Harris2A62A Nuclear
Rockland Lance FreemanAndrew Nelson1A D25Sawtooth East
Rocky Mountain Scott CrinerTroy Rice5A35A SIC West Pod A
Salmon River Charlie ShepherdPaula Tucker1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Sandpoint Satini PuailoaKris Knowles4A14A Inland Empire
Shelley Jake MonahanWade Messick3A63A Mountain Rivers
Shoshone Michael PerryTim Chapman1A D141AD1 Snake River
Skyline Scott BergerGregg Baczuk5A65A D5-6
Skyview David YoungEric Bonds4A34A Southern Idaho
Snake River Jeff DalleyRobert Coombs3A53A South East Idaho
Soda Springs Cliff GarbettJeff Uskoski2A52A South East Idaho
South Fremont Chad HillChris Tucker3A63A Mountain Rivers
St. Maries Craig TefftTodd Gilkey2A12A Central Idaho
Sugar-Salem Tyler RichinsJay Miller3A63A Mountain Rivers
Teton Brody BirchBrody Birch3A63A Mountain Rivers
Timberlake Roy AlbertsonJim Simpson3A1Intermountain
Timberline (Boise) Kirk CopelandTol Gropp5A35A SIC West Pod A
Tri-Valley Bob JohnsonJennifer Uhlenkott (Midvale) & Sara Kindall (Cambridge)1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Twin Falls Allyn ReynoldsNancy Jones4A4Great Basin (West)
Valley Brian Ayers Brian Hardy1A D141AD1 Snake River
Vallivue Layne CoffinTony Brulotte5A35A SIC West Pod B
Watersprings John YadonScott Moe1A D26Sawtooth East
West Jefferson Jason TaylorDavid Hadley2A62A Nuclear
West Side Tyson MoserTyler Telford2A52A South East Idaho
Wilder Kyle DalSoglioKyle DalSoglio1A D231AD2 Long Pin
Wood River Kevin StillingKevin Stilling4A4Great Basin (West)

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