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9/20 Football  Rockland vs Horseshoe Bend
9/20 Football  Columbia vs Kuna
9/20 Football  Kendrick vs Prairie
9/20 Football  Middleton vs Fruitland
9/20 Football  Murtaugh vs Dietrich
9/20 Football  South Fremont vs Firth
9/27 Football  Bonners Ferry vs Moscow
9/27 Football  Canyon Ridge vs Twin Falls
9/27 Football  Homedale vs Fruitland
9/27 Football  Madison vs Rigby
9/27 Football  Skyline vs Idaho Falls
9/27 Football  Thunder Ridge vs Kuna
9/27 Football  Coeur d'Alene vs Highland (Poc)
10/3 Football  Blackfoot vs Skyline
10/3 Football  Buhl vs Gooding

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9/13 Football  Glenns Ferry vs Garden Valley
9/13 Football  Borah vs Eagle
9/13 Football  Minico vs Burley
9/13 Football  Skyline vs Rigby
9/13 Football  Nyssa (OR) vs New Plymouth
9/13 Football  Firth vs Snake River
9/12 Football  Rocky Mountain vs Boise
9/7 Football  Prairie vs Raft River
9/7 Football  Oakley vs Idaho City
9/7 Girls Soccer  American Falls vs Buhl
9/7 Football  Valley vs Genesee
9/7 Football  Lewis and Clark JV vs Lake City JV
9/6 Football  Fruitland vs Gooding
9/6 Football  Rocky Mountain vs Mountain View
9/6 Football  Wood River vs Minico

High School List

Please select a school below.
School MascotClassificationDistrictAD
Aberdeen logo Tigers2ADistrict VCody Park
Ambrose logo Archers1A D1District IIIAmy Yenor
American Falls logo Beavers3ADistrict VBryan Flake
Bear Lake logo Bears2ADistrict VMichael Wilding
Bishop Kelly logo Knights4ADistrict IIITom Shanahan
Blackfoot logo Broncos4ADistrict VICody Shelley
Bliss logo Bears1A D2District IVBrent Bjornn
Boise logo Brave5ADistrict IIIBrian Barber
Bonners Ferry logo Badgers3ADistrict IConrad Garner
Bonneville logo Bees4ADistrict VITyler Johnson
Borah logo Lions5ADistrict IIIVince Mann
Buhl logo Indians3ADistrict IVStacy Wilson
Burley logo Bobcats4ADistrict IVRandy Winn
Butte County logo Pirates1A D1District VIJody Coburn
Caldwell logo Cougars4ADistrict IIIJon Hallock
Camas County logo Mushers1A D2District IVAmy McCabe
Canyon Ridge logo Riverhawks4ADistrict IVLonnie Ahlquist
Capital logo Eagles5ADistrict IIISteve Sosnowski
Carey logo Panthers1A D2District IVLee Jay Cook
Cascade logo Ramblers1A D2District IIIConor Kennedy
Castleford logo Wolves1A D2District IVBrian Lowry
Centennial logo Patriots5ADistrict IIIJon Watson
Century logo Diamondbacks4ADistrict VStephen Anderson
Challis logo Vikings1A D1District VITodd Dixon
Challis-Mackay logo RiverCats1A D1District VITodd Dixon & Stephanie Green
Clark County logo Bobcats1A D2District VIJill Grover
Clark Fork logo Wampus Cats1A D2District IBrian Arthun
Clearwater Valley logo Rams1A D1District IIKolby Krieger
CDA Charter logo Panthers3ADistrict IAaron Lippy
Coeur d'Alene logo Vikings5ADistrict IMike Randles
Cole Valley Christian logo Chargers2ADistrict IIIConnor Jackson
Columbia logo Wildcats4ADistrict IIIRandy Potter
Compass Charter logo Aviators1A D1District IIIGreg Cordero
Council logo Lumberjacks1A D2District IIIAndy Glenn
Culdesac logo Wolves1A D2District IILindsey Felton
Deary logo Mustangs1A D2District IIDarrah Eggers
Declo logo Hornets2ADistrict IVKelly Kidd
Dietrich logo Blue Devils1A D2District IVTraci Perron
Eagle logo Mustangs5ADistrict IIIJohn Hartz
Emmett logo Huskies4ADistrict IIIGavin Watson
Filer logo Wildcats3ADistrict IVTrudy Weaver
Firth logo Cougars2ADistrict VIScott Adams
Fruitland logo Grizzlies3ADistrict IIIBeth Holt
Garden Valley logo Wolverines1A D2District IIIMike Chandler
Genesee logo Bulldogs1A D1District IIKelly Caldwell
Genesis Prep logo Jaguars1A D2District IChris Finch
Glenns Ferry logo Pilots1A D1District IVKelli McHone
Gooding logo Senators3ADistrict IVLogan Briggs
Grace logo Grizzlies1A D1District VRichard Condie
Grace Lutheran logo Royals1A D2District VJeremy Hess
Grangeville logo Bulldogs2ADistrict IIMatt Dame
Greenleaf Friends logo Grizzlies1A D1District IIILarry Taylor
Hagerman logo Pirates1A D2District IVJaren Wadsworth
Hansen logo Huskies1A D2District IVJim Lasso
Highland (Poc) logo Rams5ADistrict VTravis Bell
Highland (Craig) logo Huskies1A D2District IIDennis Fredrickson
Hillcrest logo Knights4ADistrict VIWendy Johnson
Homedale logo Trojans3ADistrict IIICasey Grove
Horseshoe Bend logo Mustangs1A D2District IIIDennis Chestnut
Idaho City logo Wildcats1A D1District IIISean Porter
Idaho Falls logo Tigers4ADistrict VIPat Lloyd
Jerome logo Tigers4ADistrict IVJeremy Munroe
Kamiah logo Kubs1A D1District IILeah York
Kellogg logo Wildcats3ADistrict IMike LaFountaine
Kendrick logo Tigers1A D2District IIMorgan LeBlanc
Kimberly logo Bulldogs3ADistrict IVKirby Bright
Kootenai logo Warriors1A D2District IDoug Napierala
Kuna logo Kavemen4ADistrict IIIDavid Beymer
Lake City logo Timberwolves5ADistrict IJim Winger
Lakeland logo Hawks4ADistrict IMike Divilbiss
Lakeside logo Knights1A D2District IRon Miller
Lapwai logo Wildcats1A D1District IIDavid Kronemann
Leadore logo Mustangs1A D2District VIJanet Proulx
Lewis County logo Eagles1A D2District IIDennis Fredrickson / Kevin Carpenter
Lewiston logo Bengals5ADistrict IICorey Williams
Liberty Charter logo Patriots1A D1District IIIMark Wachsmuth
Lighthouse Christian logo Lions1A D2District IVDaequon Montreal
Logos logo Knights1A D2District IIPatrick Lopez
Lost Rivers logo Pirates1A D1District VIJody Coburn & Stephanie Green
Mackay logo Miners1A D2District VIStephanie Green
Madison logo Bobcats5ADistrict VIShayne Proctor
Malad logo Dragons2ADistrict VWendy Alder
Marsh Valley logo Eagles3ADistrict VLogan Kent
Marsing logo Huskies2ADistrict IIITim Little
McCall-Donnelly logo Vandals2ADistrict IIIBrian Joyce
Meadows Valley logo Mountaineers1A D2District IIIBrandy Padgett
Melba logo Mustangs2ADistrict IIICasey Clark
Meridian logo Warriors5ADistrict IIIMike Graefe
Middleton logo Vikings4ADistrict IIIAndy Ankeny
Minico logo Spartans4ADistrict IVTy Shippen
Moscow logo Bears4ADistrict IILance Abendroth
Mountain Home logo Tigers4ADistrict IVJohn Clark
Mountain View logo Mavericks5ADistrict IIILuke Wolf
Mullan logo Tigers1A D2District IStetson Spooner
Murtaugh logo Red Devils1A D2District IVTodd Jensen
Nampa Christian logo Trojans2ADistrict IIITina Pelkey
Nampa logo Bulldogs4ADistrict IIITy Thomas
New Plymouth logo Pilgrims2ADistrict IIIDallan Rupp
Nezperce logo Indians1A D2District IIKevin Carpenter
North Fremont logo Huskies2ADistrict VIJodi Beard
North Gem logo Cowboys1A D2District VJustin Williams
North Star Charter logo Huskies1A D1District IIIPatrick Brown
Notus logo Pirates1A D1District IIIJon Connor
Oakley logo Hornets1A D1District IVMark Mace
Orofino logo Maniacs2ADistrict IIJeff Wright
Parma logo Panthers3ADistrict IIIAlex Wilson
Payette logo Pirates3ADistrict IIIBob Dixon
Pocatello logo Indians4ADistrict VRobert Parker
Post Falls logo Trojans5ADistrict ICraig Christensen
Potlatch logo Loggers1A D1District IIKatie Ball
Prairie logo Pirates1A D1District IITravis Mader / Jon Rehder / Kim Schumacher
Preston logo Indians4ADistrict VBrent Knapp
Priest River logo Spartans3ADistrict IMatt George
Raft River logo Trojans1A D1District IVRandy Spaeth
Richfield logo Tigers1A D2District IVKaren Lezamiz & Buck Hendren
Ridgevue logo Warhawks4ADistrict IIIMichael Cummings
Rigby logo Trojans5ADistrict VIJustin Jones
Rimrock logo Raiders1A D1District IIIAshley Merrick
Ririe logo Bulldogs2ADistrict VIMatt Harris
Riverstone logo Otters1A D1District IIIRoy Ledesma
Rockland logo Bulldogs1A D2District VHutch Swan
Rocky Mountain logo Grizzlies5ADistrict IIITroy Rice
Salmon logo Savages2ADistrict VIJeremy Burgess
Salmon River logo Savages1A D2District IIIPaula Tucker
Sandpoint logo Bulldogs4ADistrict IKris Knowles
Shelley logo Russets4ADistrict VIWade Messick
Sho-Ban logo Chiefs1A D2District VBrittney Reed
Shoshone logo Indians1A D1District IVTim Chapman
Skyline logo Grizzlies4ADistrict VIGregg Baczuk
Skyview logo Hawks5ADistrict IIIEric Bonds
Snake River logo Panthers3ADistrict VRobert Coombs
Soda Springs logo Cardinals2ADistrict VJeff Uskoski
South Fremont logo Cougars3ADistrict VIChris Tucker
St. Maries logo Lumberjacks2ADistrict ITodd Gilkey
Sugar-Salem logo Diggers3ADistrict VIJay Miller
Summit Academy logo Patriots1A D2District IIGeorge Watson
Sun Valley Community School logo Cutthroats1A D2District IVRichard Whitelaw
Taylor's Crossing logo Eagles1A D1District VITeresa Kolsen
Teton logo Redskins3ADistrict VIBrody Birch
Thunder Ridge logo Titans5ADistrict VICody Jackson
Timberlake logo White Tigers3ADistrict IJim Simpson
Timberline (Boise) logo Wolves5ADistrict IIITol Gropp
Timberline (Weippe) logo Spartans1A D2District IICori Pinque
Tri-Valley logo Titans1A D2District IIIJennifer Uhlenkott (Midvale) & Sara Kindall (Cambridge)
Troy logo Trojans1A D1District IIJames Stoner
Twin Falls logo Bruins4ADistrict IVTed Reynolds
Valley logo Vikings1A D1District IVBrian Hardy
Vallivue logo Falcons4ADistrict IIITony Brulotte
Victory Charter logo Vipers1A D1District IIILeela Schafer
Vision Charter logo Golden Eagles2ADistrict IIIRob McDougall
Wallace logo Miners1A D1District IBruce Bailey
Watersprings logo Warriors1A D2District VIScott Moe
Weiser logo Wolverines3ADistrict IIITyler Grant
Wendell logo Trojans2ADistrict IVMike Green
West Jefferson logo Panthers2ADistrict VIDavid Hadley
West Side logo Pirates2ADistrict VTyler Telford
Wilder logo Wildcats1A D1District IIIKyle DalSoglio
Wood River logo Wolverines4ADistrict IVKevin Stilling
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