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10/21 Football  Bear Lake vs Aberdeen
10/22 Football  Columbia vs Middleton
10/22 Football  Dietrich vs Carey
10/22 Football  Firth vs North Fremont
10/22 Football  Gooding vs Kimberly
10/22 Football  Lake City vs Post Falls
10/22 Football  Lapwai vs Potlatch
10/22 Football  Shelley vs Skyline
10/22 Football  Twin Falls vs Minico

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10/16 Volleyball  Capital vs Timberline (Boise)
10/16 Volleyball  Kuna vs Rocky Mountain
10/16 Girls Soccer  Snake River vs Teton
10/16 Volleyball  Borah vs Boise
10/16 Volleyball  Owyhee vs Meridian
10/16 Volleyball  American Falls vs Marsh Valley( District 5 Game 1)
10/16 Volleyball  Buhl vs Kimberly
10/16 Volleyball  Snake River vs American Falls (3A District Champ Game 1 )
10/15 Football  Mackay vs North Gem
10/15 Boys Soccer  St. Maries vs CDA Charter
10/15 Girls Soccer  Priest River vs CDA Charter
10/15 Football  Weiser vs Homedale
10/15 Football  Soda Springs vs Bear Lake
10/14 Volleyball  Malad vs Bear Lake
10/14 Football  Frosh Football - Meridian vs Rocky Mountain
The Treasure Valley Prepcast
All of the biggest stories for District 3's 3A, 2A and 1A schools are covered each week.
Published: 8/3/2021 8:16:28 AM

Welcome to the Treasure Valley Prepcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to District 3 athletics in the state of Idaho, specifically the Class 3A, 2A and 1A schools!  Each week, Brandon Baney is joined by broadcaster Logan Green.  Logan is based out of Middleton, and he will break down the biggest stories involving the Treasure Valley's 3A, 2A and 1A teams. 

Be sure to catch the Treasure Valley Prepcast each week by listening below or downloading the new episodes wherever you get your podcasts.  You can also watch each episode on the Youtube channel.


Fan Comments
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10/14/2021 3:26:30 PM
MaxPreps Is A MaxMess 2A Power Ranking Poll (10/14/21): #1 Nampa Christian #4 Declo 2A Power Ranking Poll (10-14-21): #4 Declo #8 Nampa Christian Given the match ups for the next two weeks in 2A football, wondering if this is close to who the MaxPreps mess will likely spot in the top 11 regardless of outcomes: 1. West Side 2. North Freemont 3. Bear Lake 4. Firth 5. Declo 6. West Jefferson 7. Melba 8-11. (affix blindfold-throw dart) Grangeville / Malad / Nmapa Christian / Cole Valley Christian / Salmon / Soda / New Plymouth In your Treasure Valley PodCast (10/14/21) you did a great job pointing out the mess that is the MaxPreps algos. The explanation from MaxPreps is completely inaccurate and easy to prove false. IHSAA is batting .000 at picking technology related CBS funded "partners". CBS owned Pixelot/NFHS "Network" is among the worst possible streaming solutions a school could have pushed down their throat...and CBS MaxPreps is absolutely no better at polling than Pixelot is at streaming ...particularly for 2A Idaho football. 2A Football is the only classification in Idaho that cannot play down a classification. You figure that has no impact on the teams, scheduling, injuries or the MaxPreps mess. Think about that. 2A gets all kinds of 3A schools playing down into 2A games...but 2A can only play up. Schools with 200 students playing teams with 400+. Ridiculous. Unaccounted for in MaxMess polling? 2A being unable to play down is, in-part, a flaw with the IHSAA rules surrounding 2A football. Even the NCAA does not allow NCAA D1 BCS/FCS to play NAIA Schools in football. If they did, how would those games affect the teams and polling? Madness. How does MaxMess account for rivalry games and conference sizes? How indeed. How about we buck up and make 4 conferences of 5 teams each for Idaho 2A Football? 8 regualr season games that count, ALL in state. ALL against 2A teams. All teams in conference play each other. Coach wants out-of-state and/or 3A match ups, fine...those games mean nothing to playoff qualifying. At regualr season end, take the top two teams from each 2A conference to state play offs and call it good. 3 teams is NOT a conference, 5-6 teams is. End the CBS MaxMadness.

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