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2/28 Boys Basketball  Century vs Columbia
2/28 Boys Basketball  North Fremont vs Declo
2/28 Boys Basketball  Riverstone vs Valley
2/28 Boys Basketball  Rocky Mountain vs Post Falls
2/28 Boys Basketball  Bear Lake vs Cole Valley Christian
2/28 Boys Basketball  Carey vs Garden Valley
2/28 Boys Basketball  Eagle vs Madison
2/28 Boys Basketball  Parma vs Kimberly
2/28 Boys Basketball  Potlatch vs Liberty Charter
2/28 Boys Basketball  Vallivue vs Moscow
2/28 Boys Basketball  Ambrose vs Lapwai
2/28 Boys Basketball  Mackay vs Lighthouse Christian
2/28 Boys Basketball  Mountain View vs Rigby
2/28 Boys Basketball  Snake River vs Fruitland
2/28 Boys Basketball  Twin Falls vs Idaho Falls

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2/22 Wrestling  State Wrestling (Championship Round 2)
2/22 Wrestling  State Wrestling (Consolation Round)
2/22 Wrestling  State Wrestling (Championship Round 1)
2/20 Boys Basketball  Buhl vs Kimberly
2/19 Boys Basketball  Homedale vs Weiser
2/19 Boys Basketball  Centennial vs Eagle
2/19 Boys Basketball  Parma vs Fruitland
2/18 Boys Basketball  Marsh Valley vs Snake River
2/16 Wrestling  2AD3 District Semi-finals
2/16 Wrestling  5A District 3 Championships Round 4
2/16 Girls Basketball  Soda Springs vs Melba
2/16 Girls Basketball  Soda Springs vs Melba
2/16 Wrestling  2AD3 District Finals/Championships
2/16 Wrestling  5A District 3 Championships Placing Matches
2/16 Boys Basketball  Wood River vs Pocatello


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10/19/2018 5:25:43 PM
I agree that 3A needs a change. I like what they are doing in 2A with RPI and I think it should be a success and will be used in 3A next year. One thing that is different between the Colorado RPI and Idaho's RPI is the first game you play down a lvl is still counted at the same lvl that you are. So if Team A is in 3A and plays a 2A team, that win will count as a 3A win. This Will help teams from dropping lesser opponents and let smaller teams still have a chance to get some extra points by playing up a class. RPI for 3A 2019!
10/20/2018 2:46:53 AM
The scenario you described in your post is actually happening already and will apply next year should 3A adopt RPI.
10/22/2018 10:19:20 AM
Theres something WRONG with at large TETON! I say throw out ALL teams best win and worst loss then do your RPI calculations! Filer and SR were more deserving of the AT LARGE bid than teton, not to mention they both had tougher schedules than teton! This years RPI got it wrong in a big way!
Bulldog Fan
11/2/2018 10:56:33 PM
Go Bulldogs!
Good job Kimberly on a tuff game against Fruitland!

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