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2/22 Boys Basketball  Borah vs Rocky Mountain
2/28 Boys Basketball  North Fremont vs Declo
2/28 Boys Basketball  Mackay vs Lighthouse Christian
2/28 Boys Basketball  Snake River vs Fruitland

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2/16 Wrestling  2AD3 District Semi-finals
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2/16 Girls Basketball  Soda Springs vs Melba
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2/16 Boys Basketball  Wood River vs Pocatello
2/16 Girls Basketball  Parma vs Sugar-Salem
2/16 Girls Basketball  Parma vs Sugar-Salem
2/16 Boys Basketball  Eagle vs Rocky Mountain

2018 1AD2 State Football Tournament

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10/22/2018 1:31:40 PM
Too bad for Carey and Kendrick
It's a tragedy for this bracket that the clear 2 best teams are meeting in the semis and not the title game, and that Carey (defending champ and top 2 team) has to do a play in game vs a team they beat 40 to zero already. Injuries and upsets happen when you play unnecessary games... poor bracketing how that worked.
11/8/2018 4:56:42 PM
Lighthouse Comments
I deleted the comments posted November 7 & 8 from fans expressing their views about private small schools, in particular, Lighthouse Christian. I am all for the expression of different points of view, but the state tournament bracket page is not the appropriate venue for this conversation. This page is to celebrate the successes of the schools and kids still playing football in November, not to diatribe about the perceived injustices of the current system.
11/15/2018 11:02:37 PM
Lighthouse vs Carey
Ida know, chief, but it looks to me like the two best teams met in the championship.

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