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Mackay High School

School Info
Conference: 1AD2 Rocky Mountain Conference
Classification: 1A D2

Head Coach: Chris Peterson

Years as Head Coach: 2

Previous Experience: Jr High level

Record Last Year: 14-10

State Titles: 6 Boys titles, last in 2009

Assistant Coaches:
Jack McKelvey / Pat Moore

Who do you have coming back this year?
Morgan Johnson – guard – senior – 5’9”; Miles McKelvey – guard – senior – 5’11”; Justin Johnson – post – junior – 6’0”; Wes Roscoe – guard – junior – 5’9”; Jacob Green – guard – junior – 5’11”; Pat Magee – forward – junior – 6’1”; Eli Buckwalter – guard – junior – 5’11”; Andy Gregory – post – junior – 6’1”; Naylan Whitworth – post – junior – 6’2”; Cody McDougal – post – junior – 5’10”; Daniel Nuttall – guard – junior – 5’9”; Trevor Johnson – guard – sophomore – 5’9”;

Any Returning Players with Honors?
None. All were JV / varsity role players

Any “Key Players” that you lost from last year?
Dustin Rosenkrance (21.25 ppg) / Caden Betzer (12 ppg/ 34 in state game last year) Adam Lambert (2012-2013 Idaho Heisman winner)

Do you have any new incoming “impact” players?
Wes Roscoe – guard – junior – 5’9”; Pat Magee – forward – junior – 6’1”; Trevor Johnson – guard – sophomore – 5’9”
As a team, what are your offensive strengths?
Speed. We lost a lot of height due to graduation and others moving.

Offensive areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Floor leadership and patience running the offense.

As a team, what are your defensive strengths?
Again, speed. We will need to use it to offset the height advantage our conference opponents clearly have.

Defensive Areas you hope to improve on over last year:
Last year we were successful because we concentrated on rebounding. We want to maintain that discipline, as well as play better help-side defense.

Does your team have a motto/theme for the upcoming season?
Patience. You cannot win a championship in December.

What are you most excited about in regards to this year’s team?
The potential is there for these kids to be successful.

For the fans, what is the must-see game of the year on your schedule?
North Gem (1/25/14). Last year they had great size, yet lacked experience. We saw them over the summer, and they have improved greatly.

What is the ‘X-Factor’ to having success this season as a team?
We will have some rough spots during the season, after losing five starters from last year. The key is to maintain focus, and to not get down on ourselves.

If you could change one rule in high school basketball, what would it be?
I don’t concern myself so much with the “process”. I’m more concerned that our boys learn the game and enjoy playing.

Besides the pay, the fame and the glory, why do you coach high school basketball?
When I was a young man, it was coaches who taught me that through hard work and determination one can achieve anything, and I carry those lessons with me to this day. If I can pass that along to the next generation, then I am happy.

What makes your school the best place to coach for?
Not too many places in this country were someone with no previous head coaching experience can get an opportunity to do so. I’m grateful for the opportunity this community has given me, and I will do my best to not disappoint them.

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