Week 8 Gamestreams Coverage

An easy-access schedule of everywhere you'll find our broadcast crews this week!

By: Paul Kingsbury
Published: 10/12/2017 3:58:33 PM
October 12: Kuna vs. Borah at Dona Larsen Park, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Paul Kingsbury, Sven Alskog and Jaxon Kingsbury

October 13: #1 Skyview at #2 Middleton, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Clay Hatfield and Josh Byers

October 13: Meridian at Capital, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Rylan Kobre and Ken Webster

October 13: Vallivue at #5 Emmett, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Sven Alskog, Erik Wisenor and Jaxon Kingsbury

October 13: Minico at Jerome, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Scott Burton, Paul Kingsbury and Mike Savage

October 13: Buhl at Kimberly, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Ryan and Cydnee Howe

October 13: West Jefferson at Firth, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Lucas Gebhart and Chris Cardona

October 13: Highland at Rigby, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Lance Taylor and Lorin Jensen

October 13: #2 Shelley at South Fremont, 7 p.m. MT
Broadcasters: Matt Harris and Levi Gribas

October 13: #3 Post Falls at Lewiston, 7 p.m. PT
Broadcasters: Brandon McIntosh and Jason Hanson

October 13: Lakeland at Sandpoint, 7 p.m. PT
Broadcasters: Cooper Perkins and Ed DePriest

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