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4/6 Baseball  American Falls vs Kimberly
4/6 Baseball  Shelley vs Buhl
4/6 Baseball  Bear Lake vs South Fremont
4/6 Baseball  Teton vs Filer
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4/7 Baseball  Bear Lake vs Filer
4/7 Baseball  Shelley vs Kimberly
4/7 Baseball  South Fremont vs Buhl
4/7 Baseball  Bear Lake vs Buhl
4/7 Baseball  Teton vs Kimberly
4/7 Baseball  Shelley vs Filer
4/7 Baseball  South Fremont vs American Falls
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Paul Kingsbury

Follow Paul on Twitter @IdahoSportsPaul Paul heads up the highly talented and dedicated team here at He graduated from New Plymouth in 1993, married his much better half, Joella, in 1997 and has 5 kids, Madison, Jaxon, Greta, Wil and Ava. He now lives in Kuna where he loves going camping and fishing with his family, watching his kids play sports and sitting in front of his computer until all hours of the night because it's the only time he can actually get any work done. You can contact him with any comments or questions at -


4A 'Milk Bowl' State Football Championship Game Preview
Published: 11/21/2015 2:00:46 AM

A look into the 4A 'Milk Bowl' State Championship game between Bishop Kelly and Sandpoint.

Bishop Kelly Knights vs Sandpoint Bulldogs

Saturday, Nov. 21 @ 1:00 p.m. PT, Kibbie Dome

Broadcast Commentators: Paul Kingsbury, Tyson Johnson, Ken Webster

Bishop Kelly is looking to do what no other 5A or 4A team has ever done. Win three state championships in a row. 

The Knights went 2-2 to start the season but went on to win their next seven games, putting them right back where they were last year (and the year before) - playing for a state championship. 

Bishop Kelly will need to establish their run game early. Nothing they do is going to surprise Sandpoint. They did their homework. Going in to battle where the enemy knows your battle plan means you have to execute perfectly. Luke Burley, Ivan Torrez and Rex Irby have combined for 2400 yards on the ground this season.  The trio will need to work together for at least 200 yards on the ground for the Knights to have a chance. 

In order to get their run game going, the offensive line for the Bulldogs really needs to establish themselves early. Let the Bishop Kelly defensive line know they won't be pushed around and create open lanes for Kyle Perry and Mike Plaster.

On the defensive side, the line HAS to be a black hole - whatever goes in doesn't come out. With BK running the ball a good 75-80% of the time, the defensive line is going to be key.

Unlike Bishop Kelly, it's been a while since Sandpoint has brought home a state title. The year was 1997 and pretty much none of the players on this year's team were even a shiny gleam in their parent's eyes. The Bulldogs came close back in 2009, losing to Blackfoot 29-23 right here in the Kibbie Dome.

After last week's absolute domination over Century (56-20), Bishop Kelly seems unbeatable. Sandpoint beat a very good Rigby team in Sandpoint in a wet, muddy, slop-fest 31-22. The dry, sturdy, turf at Kibbie Dome could really play to the Bulldog's advantage. 

Neither team has lost since mid-September and you can bet neither one wants to lost Saturday.

We hope you can join us in person at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow on Saturday for all of the action. If you can't attend in person, that's where we come in at You can watch this game LIVE and for FREE on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop right here on HUGE thanks to the United Dairymen of Idaho and the Idaho High School Activities Association for their sponsorship which helps keep these online broadcasts free to the public.

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