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8/25 Football  Weiser vs Buhl
8/25 Football  Green Canyon (UT) vs Shelley
8/26 Football  Carson City (NV) vs Lewiston
8/26 Football  Emmett vs Timberline (Boise)
8/26 Football  Spanish Springs (NV) vs Rocky Mountain
8/26 Football  Galena (NV) vs Highland (Poc)
8/26 Football  Douglas (NV) vs Rigby
9/1 Football  Bishop Kelly vs Borah
9/1 Football  Eagle vs Highland (Poc)
9/1 Football  Grangeville vs Nampa Christian
9/1 Football  Pocatello vs Twin Falls
9/1 Football  Prairie vs Genesee
9/1 Football  Snake River vs Shelley
9/2 Football  Clearwater Valley vs Wallace
9/2 Football  Timberline (Boise) vs Bonneville
9/7 Football  Boise vs Timberline (Boise)

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Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a graduate of Chico State University and has been teaching science at New Plymouth High School since 1981. He also coached football, basketball, and varsity baseball at NPHS before retiring from coaching in 1996. His baseball team won a state championship in 1994. In his spare time, he enjoys being a play by play announcer for and for Treasure Valley Community College. His hobbies include golf, hunting, and backpacking. In 2003 he published a hiking guide entitled "Hiking Idaho's Seven Devils". It is available in many outdoor stores in Idaho including the Benchmark, REI, and many others for around $15. You can also order it from him or send him some comments through his email address: He and his wife, Penny, never had any children, but raise labrador retrievers instead!


The 5A Boys Basketball Awards
Published: 3/9/2015 12:42:54 PM

Before we declare the official opening of golf season, it's time to bestow our awards on deserving teams and players.



By Gary Jones and Glenn Jones


Things have changed at and for the better.  There was a time I did play by play for all 6 title games.  We have crews for every single division now, and I only announce for the 5A teams.  Each broadcaster that did the early games gets to do the title game now as it should be. Because I don’t see all the games at the Ford Idaho Center anymore, I am not going to list awards for all 6 divisions like I used to. I will stick to awarding the 5A teams only.  I will, however, continue to use all the teams at state for the coolest names and alliterate names.  Here goes……


5A State Champs:  Post Falls Trojans (25-1)  67-62 (OT)

The Trojans came into the tournament as the #1 ranked team in the state by the media.  They had not lost to an Idaho team all year.  Their lone loss came from a Washington high school in Tacoma. The 5A title game was a great one where the fans definitely got their money’s worth since it took an overtime period to decide the championship. This is the third title for the Trojans and the second for Coach Mike McLean.  He won one back in 2010, and their other title came way back in 1963 under Coach CW Totten. 


Runner-up:  Highland Rams

3rd Place:  Capital Golden Eagles 

Consolation:  Rocky Mountain Grizzlies

Sportsmanship:  Borah Lions

Academic:  Madison Bobcats 3.642 GPA All State Tournament Team (5A Only)

One requirement we have- we will pick at least one player from each of the 8 teams at state for this all state team.


MVP:  Stefan Gonzalez, Senior,  Highland Rams

Some may question my choice of the MVP because I didn’t pick one from the winning team, but I am from the school of belief that is doesn’t have to be that way.  I look at the MVP this way- if I was drafting a team from the pool of players based on their play during this tourney only, which player would I take with the #1 pick?  For me, that is Stefan.  He led the tourney in scoring with 71 pts, which is an average of 23.7.  His other stats were: 27 field goals with 11beyond the arc, 16 rebounds, 16 assists, 3 steals, and 6/8 from the foul line. He has signed to play at St. Mary’s and all of us here at wish him the best of luck. They are getting one heck of an athlete and basketball player.


First Team

Max McCullough, Junior, Post Falls Trojans

Conner Harding, Junior, Highland Rams

Mason Baker, Junior, Skyline Grizzlies

Derrick White, Senior, Capital Eagles

Kolby Lee, Sophomore, Rocky Mountain Grizzlies


Second Team

Logan Skurdal, Senior, Rocky Mountain Grizzlies

Rylan Bergersen, Junior, Borah Lions

Jai Jai Ely, Senior, Skyline Grizzlies

Cameron Godney-Scott, Sophomore, Capital Golden Eagles

Jacob Blakney, Senior, Post Falls Trojans


Honorable Mention

Tyson Baker, Senior, Skyline Grizzlies

JD Schutt, Senior, Nampa Bulldogs

Bryce Gonser, Senior, Timberline Wolves

DeAndre Jones, Junior, Borah Lions

Jack Millsap, Senior, Post Falls Trojans “Coolest Names” of the Tournament

You can find out how many people in the U.S. have your name by clicking here. There are lots of people named Gary Jones, but these cool names in the tourney are unique and that’s what we like about them.  We have come up with a new category besides“Coolest Names”.  We have now added “Awesome Alliterations”




First Team

Talon Pinckney, Junior, Capital Golden Eagles

Slader Ray, Senior, Lakeland Hawks

Zyon Cleverly, Sophomore, Buhl Indians

Stetson Iverson, Junior, Marsh Valley Eagles

Xan Rose, Senior, St Maries Lumberjacks


Second Team

Peyton Brothers, Junior, Nampa Christian Trojans

Courage Lone Bear, Junior, Lapwai Wildcats

Bridger Cranney, Sophomore, Oakley Hornets

Treighton Shepherd, Senior, Rocky Mountain Grizzlies

Jymon Garretson, Junior, Mountain Home Tigers


Honorable Mention

Canyon Anderson, Sophomore, Capital Golden Eagles

Pierce Scott, Senior, Middleton Vikings

Ridge Thompson, Sophomore, Soda Springs Cardinals

Merritt Philps, Freshman, Challis Vikings

Layton Harris, Junior, Grangeville Bulldogs



First Team

Derek Dufty, Sophomore, Timberline Wolves

San Storms, Senior, Skyline Grizzlies

Payton Pinz, Sophomore, Parma Panthers

Austin Anderson, Senior, Marsh Valley Eagles

Max McCullough, Junior, Post Falls Trojans


Second Team

Klancy Krenka, Senior, Mackay Miners

Walker Whaley, Junior, Fruitland Grizzlies

Dylan Downs, Sophomore, Soda Springs Cardinals

Trey Tomlison, Senior, West Jefferson Panthers

Colton Curley, Senior, Lakeside Knights


Honorable Mention

Blake Bartschi, Sophomore, South Freemont Cougars

Bridger Bumgarner, Sophomore, Weiser Wolverines

Brayden Boyce, Junior, Rigby Trojans

Braydn Bell, Junior, Burley Bobcats

Benson Briggs, Senior, West Jefferson Panthers

Idahosports.comPep Club of the State Tournament: 

When I look at any school’s pep section, I should immediately know their school colors. The Borah Lions never disappoint me with that.  They rock the green and gold constantly, and they show up in numbers-even if it’s not the title game.  When I did the third place game at Columbia High, they showed up in school colors and stood and cheered the entire game.  While Capital won the game, they did not have a student section there at all. Plus, Borah had their Lion mascot dressed up during the tournament, and the Borah faith full are this year’s choice for the pep club of the tourney. Keep up the good work!! Mascots of the Tournament:

Mascot are not only cool, they add a great touch to a state tourney by helping the cheering section and cheerleaders.  The other thing they should do is also work the crowd, especially seeking out the children in attendance to high five and greet them.  Brock Glaisyerr, dressed up as “Boss” in the wolf costume from Timberline, did this better than anyone I have seen. He constantly worked the crowd when he wasn’t in front of his pep section.  He even came up to our booth twice during the games and high fived us. I have never seen anyone do a better job as a mascot in all my years of announcing.  Great job, Brock!!


Idahosports.comPep Band of the State Tournament: 

This is always a tough choice because so many bands these days are quality ones with talented kids. One incident that stood out to me made the Skyline Grizzly band win the award this year.  They set up during the 4th quarter of the Rocky Mtn and Timberline game on Friday afternoon.  During a late timeout in that game, which did not have a band playing, suddenly they struck up a song tha tgot the Timberline cheerleaders dancing. It was awesome for them to help during a time out in a game their team wasn’t even playing in.  Though not the biggest band in the tourney, they sounded great, and their extra effort wins them the award this year. 


On a side note, during the six title games at the Ford Idaho Center this year, there was not a National Anthem before each game. They only played one twice on Saturday.  I have no idea why they didn’t do it, but it needs to be done for each title game on Saturday.  There’s no better way to start a state championship game than to honor our nation and our military personnel serving abroad and at home.  They protect our freedoms we enjoy each and every day, and skipping the anthem is, in my opinion, a mistake.  It also serves our bands who practice the anthem throughout the school year, as well, and they deserve the chance to showcase their talents in front of the large crowds at the Ford Idaho Center.

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