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Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a graduate of Chico State University and has been teaching science at New Plymouth High School since 1981. He also coached football, basketball, and varsity baseball at NPHS before retiring from coaching in 1996. His baseball team won a state championship in 1994. In his spare time, he enjoys being a play by play announcer for and for Treasure Valley Community College. His hobbies include golf, hunting, and backpacking. In 2003 he published a hiking guide entitled "Hiking Idaho's Seven Devils". It is available in many outdoor stores in Idaho including the Benchmark, REI, and many others for around $15. You can also order it from him or send him some comments through his email address: He and his wife, Penny, never had any children, but raise labrador retrievers instead!


The 5A Girls' State Basketball Awards
Published: 2/26/2015 7:14:55 AM

The 6 Champs have been crowned. Now it's time for our awards.



By Gary Jones and Glenn Jones


Things have changed at and for the better.  There was a time I did play by play for all 6 title games.  We have crews for every single division now, and I only announce for the 5A teams.  Each broadcaster that did the other division games gets to do the title game now as it should be.  Because I don’t see all the games at the Ford Idaho Center anymore, I am not going to list awards for all 6 divisions like I used to. I will stick to awarding the 5A teams only.  I will, however, continue to use all the teams at state for the coolest names and alliterate names.  Here goes……


5A State Champs:  Mountain View Mavericks (26-1)  66-53

Sometimes the best team doesn’t win state because they don’t play well enough.  I think it’s safe tosay the best team won this year.  It was the first title for the Mavericks and the first for their coach, Connie Skogrand.  Their lone loss came in District at the hands of the Boise Braves, but they rebounded from that to dominate at state and get revenge against the Braves in the title game.


Runner-up:  Boise Braves 

3rd Place:  Lewiston Bengals  

Consolation:  Eagle Mustangs 

Sportsmanship: LewistonBengals

Academic:  Idaho Falls Tigers   
 All State 5A Tournament Team 

One requirement we have- we will pick at least one player from each of the 8 teams at state for this all state team.


MVP:  Destiny Slocum (Junior), Mountain ViewMavericks:    

There are years when this award is debatable, but not in 2015.  I would think if we gave every person who saw this tournament a vote, they would all write down Destiny’s name.  She is just an incredible talent, and the best female high school basketball player I have ever seen in person in my 62 years on the planet.  For the tourney she put up these numbers:  79pts, 31 rebounds with 15 in the semi-final, 16 assists, 11 steals, and just 5 turnovers.  She also shot 38 free throws, which is a new tournament record beating out Tisha Phillips from Lewiston in2 012 who had 34.  If you love basketball and have not seen her play, circle the calendar next year on a date she has a game and go watch her. Like the crowd at the Ford Idaho Center this year, you will hear audible oohs and aahs when she is dribbling, driving, and dishing. And, yes, this young lady could beat many boys in basketball one on one!

First Team

Maya Rodgers, Senior, Rocky Mountain Grizzlies

Maren Herrud, Senior, Highland Rams

Issy Hadden, Junior, Boise Braves

Tori Williams, Sophomore, Centennial Patriots

Emilee Schlader, Senior, Lewiston Bengals


Second team

Makell Skidmore, Senior, Hillcrest Knights

Renee Routhier, Senior, Mountain View Mavericks

Hanna Orton, Junior, Boise Braves

Cali Moscrip, Senior, Lewiston Bengals

Cassidy Tiegs, Sophomore, Eagle Mustangs


Honorable Mention

Abby Mangum, Sophomore, Eagle Mustangs

Mandy Simpson, Sophomore, Boise Braves

Dominique Williams, Junior, Centennial Patriots

Rachel Fielder, Junior, Rocky Mountain Grizzlies

Abby Kreiser, Sophomore, Mountain View Mavericks “Coolest Names” of the Tournament

You can find out how many people in the U.S. have your name by clicking here. There are lots of people named Gary Jones, but these cool names in the tourney are unique and that’s what we like about them.  We also have a category called “Awesome Alliterations.”




First Team

Bentli Corta, Senior, Eagle Mustangs

Jaxen Eggleston, Freshmen, Dietrich Blue Devils

Will Love, Assistant Coach, Sandpoint Bulldogs

Brecklynn Hobbs, Senior, Shelley Russets

Emerson Sauer, Freshman, Marsing Huskies


Second Team


Gardenia Machuca, Junior, Homedale Trojans

Sheridan Meyer, Junior, Bishop Kelly Knights

Hope Dunn, Sophomore, Marsh Valley Eagles

Monce Rivas, Freshman, Richfield Tigers

Macady Boyce, Junior, Rigby Trojans


Honorable Mention

Talyss Lustig, Junior, Prairie Pirates

Brinley Stutsman, Sophomore, Minico Spartans

Keelie Lawler, Sophomore, Timberlake Tigers

Amree Bean, Junior, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Josie Thurman, Junior, New Plymouth Pilgrims





First Team

Hannah Hanson, Junior, Shelley Russets

Kassity Kelly, Wendell Trojans

Jacee Johnson, Junior, Lewiston Bengals

Britteny Buckner, Junior, Richfield Tigers

Henney Hearn, Senior, Century Diamondbacks


Second Team

Tiana Taylor, Junior, Centennial Patriots

Katherine Kaul, Freshman, Sandpoint Bulldogs

Macie & Maura Merrill, Junior & Freshman, MinicoSpartans

Abby Allen, Junior, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Ashley Adams, Freshmen, Firth Cougars


Honorable Mention

Baylie Buffington, Junior, Castleford Wolves

Sierra Schmeckpepper, Junior, Council Lumberjacks

Shelby Starr, Freshman, Timberlake Tigers

Maddie McQuivey, Junior, Highland Rams

Sammy Sperber, Senior, Genesee Bulldogs



Idahosports.comPep Club of the State Tournament: 

The students from Centennial high win this years’award.  It was standing room only, they cheered loud and often, and they one of the two mascots at the state tourney.  That Centennial Patriot looked pretty darn cool. Mascots of the Tournament:

The Bull, or Maverick from this years’ tourney wins our mascot award.  He was awesome as he not only helped lead cheers in front of the pep club, but he roamed the crowd and helped the cheerleaders. However, the “he” was really a she as Jordyn Crawford was inside the mascot uniform helping her Mavs to their first girls’title.  Way to go, Jordyn!!

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