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Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a graduate of Chico State University and has been teaching science at New Plymouth High School since 1981. He also coached football, basketball, and varsity baseball at NPHS before retiring from coaching in 1996. His baseball team won a state championship in 1994. In his spare time, he enjoys being a play by play announcer for and for Treasure Valley Community College. His hobbies include golf, hunting, and backpacking. In 2003 he published a hiking guide entitled "Hiking Idaho's Seven Devils". It is available in many outdoor stores in Idaho including the Benchmark, REI, and many others for around $15. You can also order it from him or send him some comments through his email address: He and his wife, Penny, never had any children, but raise labrador retrievers instead!


Ramblin' Man
Published: 1/14/2015 5:02:56 PM

Some small schools in Idaho that are flat out good; the reason Oregon lost; and The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

While prepping for my first basketball game on, I noticed on Middleton’s boys’ basketball schedule where they had beat little Ambrose by only one. Further investigation showed that Ambrose beat mighty Bishop Kelly by 11.  OK, I ask you Idaho high schoolsports fans this- when was the last time a 1A school beat BK in anything?  The Archers also beat Payette by 13.  However, they have been beaten by two other schools that are not very big.  Dietrich and North Star both beat Ambrose.  Maybe the Football Playoff Committee could learn a lesson here.  Small schools can beat the big guys sometimes.  That’s why they play the game………By the way, Ambrose isn’t even ranked #1 in the 1A1 division.  Paul Kingsbury, can you tell me why?  I move that we ( vote them #1 next time.


As a USC fan, I was rooting for the Ducks for obvious reasons.  It was like the way the Rose Bowl used to be: the Pac 12 against the Big 10, and I like their uniforms  And the second the Ducks ran out of the tunnel, I knew they were in trouble.  Where did they get those Penn State, plain white, boring uniforms? After all, wasn’t this the school that has the most flamboyant and colorful uniforms ever?  Don’t they appeal as new school rather than old school?  Isn’t this how they out-recruit other schools?  And to do this change of uniform in the biggest game of the year was stunning to me. I have to be honest and say when Oregon first started with the uni’s, I didn’t like it, but it has grown on me through the years.  I enjoy them now, especially when compared to those ones they wore in the title game. I’ve got an idea for the Ducks: auction those things off for charity or burn them.


I still think it’s pretty cool that Boise gets a bowl game.  It would be nice if we could fill it up one of these years.  I have been to quite few, and my brother and I went again this year.  The only thing filled up was the section underneath the upper section.   We had seats up there and never even went up to them. We went straight to the cover and enjoyed the game with some hot cocoa.  Rain or shine, I’ll see you at the game next year. 


By the way, Happy New Year!


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