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Albertsons Big Deal of the Week: Dakota McIntosh (Salmon)
Salmon's senior catcher discusses how he got his start in athletics
Published: 4/14/2020 3:45:24 PM

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Name: Dakota McIntosh
School: Salmon 
Grade: Senior
Sport: Baseball
Position: Catcher

How did you first get interested in your baseball?

I was first introduced to the sport by my dad when I was in the fourth grade. I saw the sport and asked if I could play it, so the next spring season started and I went to try out for the team — the Oakridge Warriors in Oregon. I played a lot of outfield and just grew to love the sport ever since.          

If you play other sports, which is your favorite and why?

I play two other sports — football and wrestling. My favorite is football because I grew up watching and playing it. I started playing football when I was in kindergarten. I played on a YMCA team coached by my mom and my aunt.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from high school sports?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from sports is to never give up. You always have that little extra inside you. And if you just push yourself that much more, it could be the difference between pushing the team or bringing them down.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever gotten was from one of my helpers in wrestling, Kellen Miller. He told me if you are hurt in practice, you baby it and you get feeling better, but once you are in a game or match, you are doing you look at it and tell it to shut up. 

What has been your favorite high school memory so far?

My favorite memory from high school would be taking second in state for wrestling. I chose this because it was where I pushed myself, told myself not to give up and accomplished a lot.

What coaches or teachers have made the biggest impact on your athletic career? 

The person that had the biggest impact in my athletic career would probably be Jason Bruce. He has been my coach for wrestling and part of football ever since I moved to Salmon in the sixth grade. He pushes me to do my best and cheers me on because he knows how much I can accomplish if I put in the effort and dedicate myself to it.

Which teammates have you really connected with during high school? Why do you enjoy competing with them? 

My teammate that I have really connected to the most would be Brax Kauffman. Brax is very competitive in everything he does and I am too. So when we are on the field or messing around, we push each other and try to make the other one better. 

Is there anyone in your family who has helped you get to where you are today?

The person who has helped me, supported me, and pushed me to be who I am would be my mom. She has been there through everything for me. She tries to get off work to go to all of my football games, wrestling matches and baseball games. Even if she’s not feeling good, she will still try to make it to see me succeed.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I love sleeping in the hot temperatures. When there is a tournament, no one wants to room with me because I get on the thermostat and turn it up to 90 degrees.

What would you like to see to all the other Idaho athletes who had their season cut short?

Keep your heads up high, even though our season is not happening this year. Still try to stay active and push yourself to the max.


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