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Albertsons Big Deal of the Week: Ella de Jong (Nampa Christian)
Nampa Christian volleyball standout Ella de Jong is this week's student-athlete Big Deal of the week
Published: 9/17/2019 4:51:58 PM

Meet Ella de Jong, a standout volleyball, basketball and track athlete at Nampa Christian and this week's Big Deal student-athlete of the week.

I have two parents, Simon and Deb, who are happily married, and four siblings who are my best friends. Josh, Annetta, Simon and Johanna are siblings who I could not go through life without. 
We used to live in California until I was 2 and then moved to Idaho. I have lived here for 15 years and have attended Nampa Christian since I was in kindergarten. 

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up constantly competing and playing with siblings at home. We played baseball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball and any other active activity that we could think of. We were always so competitive and we still say to my mom that she should have had one more kid so that our teams would have been even and we could have played three-on-three. 

Because I had four siblings, my parents would only let me do one sport a year until middle school because we were already so busy. I chose gymnastics. I fell in love with it and did that for two years until I got into sixth grade and decided I wanted to play volleyball. 

Finally, the so-desired seventh-grade year came around and I could do three sports. I played volleyball, basketball and ran track and have done that ever since. 

I have had the blessing and opportunity to have been apart of all three varsity teams since my freshman year. 

Other than sports, I love to hang out with my family. I also enjoy to read. When I was little, my mom would take me and my siblings to the library every week and that is probably one of the reasons why my two older siblings and myself fell in love with books.

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

My favorite sport to watch is basketball, but I also enjoy watching sand volleyball.

Is it harder being a student or an athlete?

I have always had to work hard to keep up a 4.0 GPA but I think that being an athlete may be harder. As an athlete, everyone is always watching your performance while most of the time just your teacher can see your grade.

What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned from competing in athletics?

The best thing I have learned is that when something is hard, that is when you need to keep giving more and most importantly relying on God.

What has been your favorite high school memory?

I have a lot of amazing memories in high school, but one of my favorites is being able to win two State Volleyball Championships alongside my older sister, Annetta.

Who is your favorite teacher?

Two of my favorite teachers are Mr. Shatto and Ms. Rodenburg. Mr. Shatto has shown me how I can use my writing to impact people and express myself. Ms. Rodenburg’s absolute love for math and ability to overcome life’s circumstances has shown me that I should never give up.

Are you a cat person or dog person?

I love cats! I’ve always grown up with cats and kitties and have always loved them more than dogs. Just this summer, I got two new kitties. Their names are Gucci Flame and Iris. (My older brother, Josh, came up with the names.)

What’s your favorite food?

My mom is an amazing cook and I love everything she makes. Though, if I were to choose one thing, I would choose sweet and sour meatballs and noodles.

What would you do with a weekend with no plans?

If I had an entire weekend with no plans I would want to go camping and boating with my family.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

When I was three I was bitten by a black widow spider. I had picked it up in my hand to show my dad. My dad had knocked it out of my hand and caught the spider in a jar. Once my parents realized it was a black widow, they called poison control and then waited for any symptoms. Despite having the spider bite right on my palm, the poison never got to me and I was never affected by it.

Where would you like to attend college?

I am interested in attending a small Christian university, Dordt University, where my older siblings attend. I hope to play sports there.

What’s your idea of a perfect job?

My idea of a “perfect job” is being a mom to six kids.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

The best advice I have ever received was from my dad. He tells me to always do my best and never give up.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I do not want to be remembered for being famous or anything close to that. I want to be remembered as a devout Christian who glorified God.

Coach Wood has always believed in me and for that I will always be thankful. The Wiles family will always be my second family and the gal pals will always support each other in whatever we do and wherever we end up.


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