5A/4A State Track Moved To Eagle HS

Limited parking at Dona Larsen Park was mentioned as a key factor in making the change for the next two years.

By: Greg Lee (Idaho Press)
Published: 4/4/2019 10:03:17 AM

Ty Jones remembers running at the Idaho state track meet when it was held at Boise State back in the early 1980s.

The IHSAA executive director also coached at the state meet. So he fully understands why many considered state track to be the best event staged by the IHSAA each year. He also understands why many long for the days when all the classifications converged in Boise one weekend a year.

Back in the day, even the IHSAA promoted state track as one of the best events it coordinated. But when Boise State decided to expand seating at Albertsons Stadium and take out the track, state track had to find another home.

Initially, the state meets were held at five different locations. When construction was completed at Dona Larsen Park, the 5A and 4A classifications landed there and the 3A, 2A and 1A classes moved out to Middleton High School.

It was hoped that all the classifications could have found at home at Dona Larsen Park. But there was a significant issue. The stadium is tucked near a neighborhood and several businesses. Parking was severely lacking.

Parking is ultimately the reason the IHSAA has made a change for this spring. The 5A and 4A meets have been moved to Eagle High.




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