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10/22/2018 1:47:22 PM
This bracket will be loaded
Wilder had a chance to break the tie at the end of their last game vs idaho city with a short td run or field goal. They knelt. The tie winner should go to them. So many great teams though in this 1a d1. I can't wait for a reality check for the wildcats though. I.C. that is. Valley and prairie look to meet up again though. Good football here these games coming up.
10/22/2018 2:16:45 PM
News media preseason polls...
It's comical almost how the hs fb media in idaho thought Genesee was the top ranked team in 1a this year and they just won their first game last week. Just shows either how much they really know or ignorant about the fact they just didn't care and picked an older powerhouse who happened to be in the title game losing barely. Tough year for them and those media polls. Wilder and vallivue can make huge runs this playoff season and their polls show their fb I.Q. just a tease. Nothing offensive. Calling out a very poor prediction as well as how valley isn't number 1 still over Prarie when they beat them by 14 already this year and lost a nail biter later on to RR in the toughest 1a d1 conference this year. Come on media folks. Try a bit hard. Peace.
10/22/2018 5:49:43 PM
It didn’t matter if wilder would have scored at the end of the game a tie for first was not going to be broken by points only by a coin flip to be decided this weekend
10/30/2018 10:09:37 AM
Can't wait for this weekend!
Watch and see Idaho city get taken to the wood shed for a good Ole beat down at home. They were no true top seed. Got lucky to be here as a top seed. Oregon state has a better chance to win the cfb playoff next year than Idaho city to win it all this year. Unless the refs have anything to say... Definately home field advantage their. History of it. Just sharing the facts. Besides them, should be a great 1a playoff bracket with solid teams. Challis should be in over Idaho city. Just watch and see... we might not get a prairie and valley rematch.
11/1/2018 7:10:18 AM
!A D! bracket is the toughest in Idaho
I myself don't think Prairie has played anyone with great talent other than Valley. I'm probably wrong but you won't see a Valley Prairie finals. It'll be an all District 4 finals. Excited to watch.
Scuba Steve
11/1/2018 7:34:47 PM
True, Valley beat Prairie by 14, but to Prairie's defense, that was their 1st game of the season (Valley's 2nd), and Prairie did more subbing that game than I have ever seen. There were not very many true starting positions even nailed down yet so there were different players on the field almost every play on offense and defense. Granted, District 4 looks to be loaded and very tough, as usual, but do not overlook the Pirates. Anyone remember last year's championship??? (All district 2 I might add). Genesee smoked Prairie by 30 pts in the game of the season, and Prairie turned the tables when it counted. It wasn't a blow out, but Prairie controlled the championship game from the kickoff. There has been plenty of time to improve since week 1. Basically, don't make a spot for a championship trophy just yet District 4 folk...
11/2/2018 8:46:51 PM
Don't underestimate wilder you mean...
Idaho will get rocked eventually as the as just a typical tough mountain small school team with little talent and gym icky offense plays. They were fortunate to beat wilder once and lucky it was close the second. They will get the reality check they need tonight. They would barely have a,few wins in the north or east. Their record lies. Wilder just had to play who they could. Not much competition. Truely epic game for the ages they had vs lapwai. Must rewatch sometime if you missed that amazing comeback. All wilder. Lapwai gave it their all. Twins powers from greenleaf helped their at the end. What a game. Wilder may not win state but last night, those kids can remember that game like they did, especially the way they celebrated and finished it. What a playoff idaho hs game to remember.

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