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8/23 Football  Centennial vs Boise
8/24 Football  Kirtland Central (NM) vs Minico
8/24 Football  Buhl vs Weiser
8/24 Football  Coeur d'Alene vs Rigby
8/24 Football  Idaho Falls vs Lewiston
8/24 Football  New Plymouth vs Homedale
8/24 Football  Snake River vs Kimberly
8/24 Football  South Fremont vs Fruitland
8/24 Football  Sugar-Salem vs Declo
8/24 Football  Timberline (Boise) vs Capital
8/24 Football  West Side vs Firth
8/24 Football  Orem (UT) vs Century
8/25 Football  Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (AB) vs Blackfoot
8/25 Football  Skyline (UT) vs Skyline
8/25 Football  Grace vs Kamiah
8/25 Football  Shadow Ridge (NV) vs Highland (Poc)
8/25 Football  Star Valley (WY) vs Hillcrest
8/30 Football  Mountain Home vs Pocatello
8/30 Football  Burley vs Buhl
8/30 Football  Cole Valley Christian vs Wendell
8/30 Football  Eagle vs Borah
8/31 Football  Capital vs Mountain View
8/31 Football  Castleford vs Hagerman
8/31 Football  Declo vs Aberdeen
8/31 Football  Meridian vs Timberline (Boise)

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Paul Kingsbury

Follow Paul on Twitter @IdahoSportsPaul Paul heads up the highly talented and dedicated team here at He graduated from New Plymouth in 1993, married his much better half, Joella, in 1997 and has 5 kids, Madison, Jaxon, Greta, Wil and Ava. He now lives in Kuna where he loves going camping and fishing with his family, watching his kids play sports and sitting in front of his computer until all hours of the night because it's the only time he can actually get any work done. You can contact him with any comments or questions at -


2018 Girls Basketball: 5A-1AD2 All-Tournament Teams!
Published: 2/20/2018 3:57:58 PM

Each broadcast team selected the All-Tournament Team for the classification they did. Congratulations to everyone!

Selecting the All-Tournament teams is always very difficult. Most classifications have over a hundred athletes playing in the tournament and we can only choose sixteen. We use hard stats as well as what we saw during the games that maybe wasn't measured with a tally mark. 

Congratulations to all the teams and athletes for making it to the "Big Dance" last weekend!

Presented by: Project Filter

5A All-Tournament Team
(Broadcasters: Matt Harris & Lance Taylor)

Tyler McCliment-Call, Sophomore, Post Falls
22.3 points per game (29/51 56.8% FG), 7.7 rebounds per game, 2.3 assists per game, 1.7 steals per game

First Team
Melody Kempton, Senior, Post Falls
Darian White, Junior, Mountain View
Katelyn Murray, Senior, Eagle
Alison Chanhthala, Senior, Mountain View
Meghan Boyd, Junior, Eagle

Second Team
Beverly Slater, Senior, Capital Eagles
Cortney McDonald, Senior, Bonneville
Makenna Baker, Junior, Highland
Allison Ross, Freshman, Boise
Alyssa Bolt, Senior, Borah

Honorable Mention
Bayley Brennan, Senior, Post Falls
Jaimee McKinnie, Junior, Eagle
Janie King, Senior, Eagle
Alesia Jones, Senior, Borah
Elly Johnson, Senior, Capital


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4A All-Tournament Team
(Broadcasters: Scott Burton & Mike Savage)

Jem Mahoney, Senior, Burley
11.3 points per game (12/26 46.1% FG), 10/14 free throws, 8.6 rebounds per game,4 blocks

First Team
Harley Carlisle, Senior, Preston
Sydney Pilling, Senior, Burley
Chinma Njoku, Junior, Century
Saydi Anderson, Senior, Minico
Lexi Mitchell, Junior, Middleton

Second Team
Shaylee Priestley, Senior, Preston
Gabby Keefe, Junior, Bishop Kelly
Lexi Bull, Sophomore, Century
Grace Kirscher, Senior, Sandpoint
Hallie Cook, Senior, Burley

Honorable Mention
Zoey Moore, Sophomore, Middleton
Maura Merrill, Senior, Minico
Theresa Reaping, Senior, Bishop Kelly
Katrina Vallejo, Sophomore, Caldwell
Taycee Harper, Junior, Minico


Presented by: Project Filter

3A All-Tournament Team
(Broadcasters: Sven Alskog & Lucas Gebhart)

Macie Knapp, Junior, Sugar-Salem
20 points per game (20/35 57.1%), 3pts: 11/22 50%, 6.7 rebounds per game, 1.7 steals per game
(Eleven 3-pointers is tied with Tenielle Thompson from Marsh Valley in 2002 for most of all-time in a 3A girls tournament.)

First Team
Kelsey Higginson, Senior, Snake River
Brooke Jessen, Freshman, Timberlake
Savanah Crane, Senior, Sugar-Salem
Madison Jackson, Junior, Parma
Olivia LeCheminant, Junior, South Fremont

Second Team
Shelby Starr, Senior, Timberlake
Kadi Bateman, Senior, Bonners Ferry
Emily Gorrell, Junior, Buhl
Kayla Luke, Senior, Sugar-Salem
Josee Steadman, Freshman, Snake River 

Honorable Mention
Sage Eckert, Senior, Buhl
Lilly Kelley, Senior, Timberlake
Mia Harper, Junior, Snake River
Faith Jacobson, Senior, Homedale
Abby Morgan, Junior, Snake River


Presented by: Project Filter

2A All-Tournament Team
(Broadcasters: Gary Jones & Josh Byers)

Sadie Gronning, Sophomore, Soda Springs
16 points per game (14/32 43% FG), 15/19 free throws, 5.3 rebounds per game, 5 assists

First Team
Kaylee Auer, Senior, St Maries
Kori Pentzer, Senior, Melba
Allison Severe, Senior, West Jefferson
Indee Williams, Sophomore, Ririe
Reagan Yamauchi, Junior, Soda Springs

Second Team
Madeline Cooke, Sophomore, Cole Valley Christian
Kate Clark, Freshman, Melba
Holly Golenor, Senior, Cole Valley Christian
Maddie Johnson, Junior, Ririe
Shawnee Simpson, Junior, Malad

Honorable Mention
Jorianne Balls, Sophomore, Soda Springs
Morgan Laird, Senior, West Jefferson
Kaci Haeg, Junior, St Maries
Aidrie Voile, Senior, New Plymouth
Britlynn Hubbard, Junior,  Malad


Presented by: Project Filter

1AD1 All-Tournament Team
(Broadcasters: Paul Kingsbury & Glenn Jones)

Rachael Mitton, Senior, Oakley
10.3 points per game (11/22 50%), 9/13 free throws, 5.3 rebounds per game, 2.3 assists per game, 2.3 steals per game

First Team
Brittany Hardy, Senior, Oakley
Josie Peery, Senior, Prairie
India Peery, Sophomore, Prairie
Glory Sobotta, Freshman, Lapwai
Jaclyn Wybenga, Senior, Oakley

Second Team
Ari Regalado, Junior, Shoshone
Makinlee Cranney, Senior, Oakley
Jordyn Higgins, Junior, Prairie
Maddie Macmillan, Freshman, Rimrock
Stephanie Caro, Sophomore, Liberty Charter

Honorable Mention
Kate Roberts, Senior, Ambrose
Maniah Clegg, Freshman, Grace
Amil Mitchell, Senior, Lapwai
Madison Hodnett, Freshman, Liberty Charter
Leah Higgins, Senior, Prairie


Presented by: Project Filter

1AD2 All-Tournament Team
(Broadcaster: Will Hoenike)

Bella Murekatete, Junior, Genesis Prep
28.6 points per game (35/63 55.5%), 16/23 free throws, 20.6 rebounds per game, 5 assists, 12 blocked shots, 5 steals

First Team
Shay Lambson, Senior, Butte County
Rachel Schroeder, Junior, Genesis Prep 
Siona Astorga, Junior, Sho-Ban
Meg Buxton, Senior Butte County
Hannah Stapleton, Junior, Nezperce

Second Team
Angela Astorga, Freshman, Sho-Ban
Larissa Hansen, Freshman, Tri-Valley
Grace Ertel, Junior, Tri-Valley
Tausha Cummins, Senior, Butte County
Kodi Green, Junior, Carey

Honorable Mention
Athana Versis, Junior, Carey
Bailee Swanson, Senior, Deary
Josey Jones, Freshman, Tri-Valley
Kourtne Carpenter, Senior, Nezperce
Cassie Berthelson, Senior, Dietrich

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