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3/25 Girls Basketball  Region vs. Metro All Stars - Girls Game
3/25 Boys Basketball  Region vs. Metro All Stars - Dunk Contest
3/25 Baseball  Burns (Oregon) vs New Plymouth
3/25 Boys Basketball  Region vs. Metro All Stars - Boys Game
3/23 Track & Field  New Plymouth Invitational
3/23 Baseball  Genesee vs Asotin
3/23 Baseball  Borah vs Timberline (Boise)
3/23 Softball  Borah vs Timberline (Boise)
3/22 Baseball  Twin Falls vs Jerome
3/21 Softball  Nampa vs Timberline (Boise)
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 2-4A Awards
3/18 Boys Basketball  Region vs. Metro All Stars - 3 Point Contest
3/18 Baseball  Bishop Kelly vs Twin Falls
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 3-5A Show1
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 3-5A Show2
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 3-5A Sidline1
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 3-5A Sideline2
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 2-4A Pom
3/18 Cheer & Dance  Cheer 2-4A Stunt
3/17 Cheer & Dance  Dance Kick 5A
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1 Lily Fitzgerald Community School So2100.00120.57391.86
2 Ella Viesturs Community School Jr2100.0060.30251.19
3 Violet Martinez Mountain Home Sr1400.0050.36201.43
4 Sage Rheinschild Community School Sr2100.0020.10170.81
5 Nikki Sabiers Community School Sr2100.0030.14140.67
6 Jacey Carr Mountain Home Sr1400.0090.6490.64
7 Kate Weatherholtz Community School Jr2100.0020.1070.33
8 Jordon Page Mountain Home So1400.0020.1460.43
9 Gisselle Raddatz Mountain Home Jr1400.0000.0050.36
10 Libby Kaiser Community School Jr2100.0020.1040.19
11 Johana Salinas McCall-Donnelly Sr100.0000.0044.00
12 Grace Pepin Community School Jr2100.0000.0030.14
13 Addie Rafford Community School So2100.0000.0030.14
14 Anna Pedroza Mountain Home Sr1400.0030.2120.14
15 Nicole Milford Mountain Home Sr1400.0020.1420.14
16 MacKenzie Sloan Mountain Home So1400.0010.0720.14
17 Alli Rathfon Community School Fr2100.0010.0520.10
18 Lexi Ogaard Mountain Home Jr1400.0000.0020.14
19 Elizabeth Ryan Mountain Home Sr1400.0030.2120.14
20 Lucca  Vernoy Community School So800.0000.0010.13
21 Lilly Congleton McCall-Donnelly So100.0000.0011.00
22 Biri Martinez Mountain Home So1400.0000.0010.07
23 Laine Allison Community School Fr2100.0010.0510.05
24 Clarissa Lucas Mountain Home Jr1400.0010.0710.07
25 Cailin Chandler Community School So2100.0000.0010.05
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