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12/14 Boys Basketball  Sky View (UT) vs Century
12/14 Boys Basketball  Bonneville vs Rocky Mountain
12/14 Boys Basketball  Rigby vs Capital
12/14 Boys Basketball  Twin Falls vs Preston

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11/17 Football  5A Championship Coeur d'Alene vs Highland
11/17 Football  Minico vs Skyline
11/16 Girls Basketball  Canyon Ridge vs Buhl
11/15 Girls Basketball  Burley at Poky
11/15 Girls Basketball  Wood River vs Kimberly
11/14 Girls Basketball  St. Maries vs Potlatch
11/14 Girls Basketball  Gooding vs Canyon Ridge
11/11 Football  Challis vs Genesee
11/11 Football  Snake River vs Gooding
11/11 Football  Snake River vs Gooding 3A Semi Finals
11/11 Girls Basketball  Lake City vs Sandpoint
11/11 Girls Basketball  Filer vs Declo
11/11 Girls Basketball  Minico at Highland
11/11 Football  Deary vs Carey
11/11 Football  Deary at Carey
11/10 Football  Mountain View vs Coeur d'Alene
11/10 Football  Mountain View vs Coeur d'Alene
11/10 Football  New Plymouth vs Firth
11/10 Football  New Plymouth at Firth 2A Semi Finals
11/10 Football  Oakley vs Prairie
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1 Jenni Rodriguez Bliss Sr700.0000.0060.86
2 Morgan Ramirez Bliss Jr700.0020.2910.14
3 Lynette Lockwood Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
4 Jaysan Self Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
5 Sabrina Castillo Bliss Jr700.0000.0000.00
6 Ariadna Regalado Bliss Fr700.0010.1400.00
7 Rubi Robles Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
8 Kearra Orth Bliss Fr700.0000.0000.00
9 Luisa Garcia Bliss Sr700.0000.0000.00
10 Marisol Regalado Bliss Jr700.0000.0000.00
11 Sophia Gutierrez Bliss Jr700.0000.0000.00
12 Yulisa Sotelo Bliss Fr700.0000.0000.00
13 Giselle Duenas Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
14 Maricella Myers Bliss Sr700.0000.0000.00
15 Ana Sanchez Bliss Fr700.0000.0000.00
16 Ally Samano Bliss Fr720.2900.0000.00
17 Lizbeth Maldonado Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
18 Monce Gomez Bliss Jr700.0000.0000.00
19 Marilin Castro Bliss Jr700.0000.0000.00
20 Valerie Sanchez Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
21 Kylie Drake Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
22 Lizbeth  Duarte Bliss So7608.5700.0000.00
23 Makenna Hedelius Bliss Sr700.0000.0000.00
24 Ellyana Demaray Bliss Sr700.0010.1400.00
25 Fabby Arevalo Bliss So700.0000.0000.00
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