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3/24 Boys Basketball  Idaho Statewide Boys & Girls Basketball All-Star Games
4/6 Baseball  American Falls vs Filer
4/6 Baseball  Bear Lake vs Shelley
4/6 Baseball  South Fremont vs Kimberly
4/6 Baseball  Teton vs Buhl
4/6 Baseball  American Falls vs Kimberly
4/6 Baseball  Shelley vs Buhl
4/6 Baseball  Bear Lake vs South Fremont
4/6 Baseball  Teton vs Filer
4/7 Baseball  American Falls vs Teton
4/7 Baseball  Bear Lake vs Filer
4/7 Baseball  Shelley vs Kimberly
4/7 Baseball  South Fremont vs Buhl
4/7 Baseball  Bear Lake vs Buhl
4/7 Baseball  Teton vs Kimberly
4/7 Baseball  Shelley vs Filer
4/7 Baseball  South Fremont vs American Falls
5/26 Football  East Idaho All-Star Football Game

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3/22 Track & Field  New Plymouth Invitational
3/20 Softball  Declo vs Buhl
3/20 Baseball  Vale (OR) vs New Plymouth
3/17 Softball  St. Maries vs Priest River
3/17 Cheer & Dance  Dance_Prop_3_17_18
3/17 Cheer & Dance  Dance_Dance_3_17_18
3/17 Softball  St. Maries vs Priest River
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_2A4A_Awards
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_3A5A_Pom_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_3A5A_ShowGirls_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_3A5A_ShowCoed_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_3A5A_Sideline_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_2A4A_ShowGirls_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_2A4A_ShowCoed_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_2A4A_Sideline_3_16_18
3/16 Cheer & Dance  Cheer_2A4A_Stunt_3_16_18
3/15 Softball  Rocky Mountain vs Timberline (Boise)
3/14 Baseball  Nampa vs Payette
3/13 Softball  Gooding vs Kimberly
3/12 Softball  Middleton vs Boise
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1 Cash Dart Community School So2000.0000.00261.30
2 Armando Cordoba Bliss Sr1930.1690.47261.37
3 Steven Rubio Bliss Jr1900.0070.37221.16
4 Gabe Nazemi Coeur d'Alene Jr1700.0040.24160.94
5 Ridley Lindstrom Community School So2000.0000.00120.60
6 James Everitt Community School Sr2070.3500.00110.55
7 Daniel Mata Eagle Jr700.0010.1481.14
8 Drake Prohaska Coeur d'Alene So1700.0040.2480.47
9 Charlie Stumph Community School Sr2000.0000.0080.40
10 Fernando Marez Bliss Sr1900.0010.0570.37
11 Fletcher Stumph Community School Fr2000.0000.0060.30
12 Henry Cherp Community School Jr2000.0000.0060.30
13 Truman Hoggan Eagle So1100.0020.1850.45
14 Mason Verner Eagle Sr1100.0000.0050.45
15 Angel Juarez Bliss So1900.0030.1650.26
16 Greg  DeVerna Coeur d'Alene Sr1700.0030.1840.24
17 William Everitt Community School So2000.0000.0040.20
18 Finn Mallinen Community School So20100.5000.0030.15
19 Brandon Wallace Eagle Jr1100.0010.0930.27
20 Yuvani Vizcarra Bliss Sr1900.0090.4730.16
21 Alex Cruz Bliss So1900.0040.2130.16
22 Drew Morris Eagle So11181.6420.1830.27
23 Cameron  Dance Coeur d'Alene So1700.0050.2930.18
24 Cooper Proctor Coeur d'Alene Fr1700.0030.1820.12
25 Kai Nelson Community School Fr1800.0000.0020.11
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