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Sport Logo Ririe High School
Michael Ure Boys Basketball Stats

Ririe, ID  | Bulldogs | 2A  |  2A Nuclear  | Ririe Boys Basketball

Head Coach: Eric Torgerson
Aberdeen 11/27/2018               
South Fremont 12/4/2018               
Sugar-Salem 12/5/2018               
West Side 12/7/2018               
Snake River 12/13/2018               
Aberdeen 12/18/2018               
West Side 12/21/2018               
Snake River 12/29/2018               
Sugar-Salem 1/2/2019               
South Fremont 1/8/2019               
Salmon 1/16/2019               
West Jefferson 1/24/2019               
Salmon 2/1/2019               
West Jefferson 2/8/2019               

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