A one-day Football Showcase Camp that provides an opportunity for student athletes and college coaches to interact.

By: Paul Kingsbury
Published: 6/5/2018 9:56:09 AM

Southern Idaho Showcase Camp
July 12, 2018
Gooding High School – 9:00am

What is it?
A Football Showcase Camp that provides an opportunity for student athletes and college coaches to interact. This one day event brings coaches from the inter-mountain west to Gooding, Idaho to see the talented student athletes from in and around Idaho as they demonstrate their skills and abilities.

What colleges will be there?
Colleges that attended in 2017: College of Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Montana Western, Montana Northern, Carroll College, Montana Tech, Rocky Mountain College, Willamette University...and others to add in 2018!

Do players really benefit?
Of the 123 seniors that attended in 2017, 41 signed a Letter of Intent to play at the next level!

Do you need to attend with your team?
NO! Coaches are definitely encouraged to bring their incoming juniors and seniors to the camp but individual athletes can also attend.

How much does it cost?
FREE. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Zero.

More information from Gooding Senator Head Coach Cameron Anderson:

I am proud to announce year 2 of the Southern Idaho Showcase Camp on July 12th, 2018! For those that are new to this, this is  a COMPLETELY FREE camp for Seniors (2019) and Juniors (2020) to showcase their talents for NAIA, Division 3, and possibly this year Division 2 universities. This is a non-padded camp, sponsored by local businesses to keep its cost free for all boys. It was created to save kids time and money in the summer, so instead of traveling to every college to be seen, they can come to one central location and showcase to all of them. 

Last year's camp was a SMASHING success. We had football players from all districts, 1-6, and all classifications. Of the 123 seniors (grad year 2017) in attendance, 41 of them ended up signing a letter of intent to play college football! That means that at least 1/3 of the seniors there were college caliber kids. I am elated to offer the same experience this year! 

Changes and updates for 2018

1. Registration: I had a website built (special thanks to Gooding resident Regan Willmore) for the camp this year, so all registration will be done online! This takes much of the work off of you as the head coach. You can just share the website with your players/parents, and they register through the website. The registration has all of the info, release forms and schedule for the camp. The website to register is:


2. Technology: I listened to the coaches and tried to make things easier for them to evaluate players. This year we will have several upgrades for this. The player's info will dump into a Google Docs spread sheet, and every coach will have an iPad, and will receive real time updates to the roster. Also, every drill will be filmed and sent to the coaches after the camp on Hudl, so that they can show the whole staff players that they have targeted. 

3. Administration and schedule: Every player will be assigned a number this year, which will match their registration on the Google Spread Sheet. This will help the colleges better track players of interest... seniors will be given 100 and 200 numbers, Juniors will be given 300 and 400 numbers. This allows the college coach to know on the fly which class the prospect is in. The schedule is pretty much the same, with the exception of a 30 minute break window for the coaches, where the OL/DL players can also meet with them at their tables and leave, so  they don't have to stay there all day this year. 

Last season we had a HUGE turnout, and accomplished so many great things. If you have any questions, please let me know. As for now, share the website with your team and parents and let's begin to get them registered. The website again is: 


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