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Sven Alskog

Sven is a graduate of Idaho State University. His time at began in the fall of 2013 working football broadcasts. Since then he has been on the call for basketball, baseball, volleyball and wrestling as well for IdahoSports. Previously Sven has worked in the West Coast League as the 'Voice of the Kitsap BlueJackets' summer collegiate baseball team. He is originally from Camano Island, Wash.

2019 5A SIC Football Schedules Released

As was the case last year, each team will play one game against every conference foe, with no non-conference games on the schedules.

By: Sven Alskog
Published: 4/19/2019 12:17:56 PM

The 5A SIC has released football schedules for the upcoming season. 

All of the action gets started on August 29 as Borah welcomes defending state champion Rocky Mountain to Dona Larsen Park in Boise for a Thursday night opener. 

Below we list the full schedules for each of the ten teams. 

BOISE (Home games at Dona Larsen Park)
8-30 at Capital
9-6 at Centennial
9-12 (Thur.) vs. Rocky Mountain
9-20 at Mountain View
9-26 (Thur.) vs. Skyview
10-4 vs. Eagle
10-11 at Borah
10-17 (Thur.) vs. Meridian
10-25 vs. Timberline

BORAH (Home games at Dona Larsen Park)
8-29 (Thur.) vs. Rocky Mountain
9-5 (Thur.) vs. Skyview
9-13 at Eagle
9-20 vs. Meridian
9-27 at Timberline
10-3 (Thur.) at Capital
10-11 vs. Boise
10-18 at Mountain View
10-24 (Thur.) vs. Centennial

CAPITAL (Home games at Dona Larsen Park)
8-30 vs. Boise
9-7 (Sat.) at Timberline
9-13 vs. Mountain View
9-20 at Rocky Mountain
9-27 at Meridian
10-3 (Thur.) vs. Borah
10-10 (Thur.) vs. Skyview
10-18 at Centennial
10-25 at Eagle

8-30 vs. Eagle
9-6 vs. Boise
9-13 at Skyview
9-19 (Thur.) at Timberline
9-27 at Rocky Mountain
10-4 vs. Meridian
10-11 at Mountain View
10-18 vs. Capital
10-24 (Thur.) at Borah

8-30 at Centennial
9-6 vs. Meridian
9-13 vs. Borah
9-20 at Skyview
9-27 vs. Mountain View
10-4 at Boise
10-11 vs. Timberline
10-18 at Rocky Mountain
10-25 vs. Capital

8-30 vs. Skyview
9-6 at Eagle
9-13 vs. Timberline
9-20 at Borah
9-27 vs. Capital
10-4 at Centennial
10-11 vs. Rocky Mountain
10-17 (Thur.) at Boise
10-25 vs. Mountain View

8-31 (Sat.) at Timberline
9-6 vs. Rocky Mountain
9-13 at Capital
9-20 vs. Boise
9-27 at Eagle
10-3 (Thur.) at Skyview
10-11 vs. Centennial
10-18 vs. Borah
10-25 at Meridian

8-29 (Thur.) at Borah
9-6 at Mountain View
9-12 (Thur.) at Boise
9-20 vs. Capital
9-27 vs. Centennial
10-4 vs. Timberline
10-11 at Meridian
10-18 vs. Eagle
10-25 at Skyview

8-30 at Meridian
9-5 (Thur.) at Borah
9-13 vs. Centennial
9-20 vs. Eagle
9-26 (Thur.) at Boise
10-3 (Thur.) vs. Mountain View
10-10 (Thur.) at Capital
10-18 at Timberline
10-25 vs. Rocky Mountain

TIMBERLINE (Home games at Dona Larsen Park)
8-31 (Sat.) vs. Mountain View
9-7 (Sat.) vs. Capital
9-13 at Meridian
9-19 (Thur.) vs. Centennial
9-27 vs. Borah
10-4 at Rocky Mountain
10-11 at Eagle
10-18 vs. Skyview
10-25 at Boise



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