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10/5 Football  Owyhee vs Kuna
10/6 Football  Horseshoe Bend vs Garden Valley
10/6 Football  Aberdeen vs North Fremont
10/6 Football  Blackfoot vs Skyline
10/6 Football  Bonners Ferry vs Moscow
10/6 Football  Post Falls vs Lewiston
10/6 Football  Weiser vs Homedale
10/12 Football  Centennial vs Middleton
10/12 Football  Marsh Valley vs South Fremont
10/13 Football  Kendrick vs Grace
10/13 Football  Council vs Garden Valley
10/13 Football  Buhl vs Kimberly
10/13 Football  Firth vs North Fremont
10/13 Football  Madison vs Highland (Poc)
10/13 Football  Preston vs Pocatello

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10/3 Swimming  Middleton- Meridian- CCU Tri-Meet
10/3 Volleyball  Gooding vs Filer
10/3 Volleyball  Valley vs Lighthouse Christian
10/2 Boys Soccer  Borah vs Timberline (Boise)
10/2 Football  Adrian -vs- Council JV
10/2 Volleyball  Wendell vs Valley
9/30 Football  New Plymouth Pilgrims JV vs Kellogg Wildcats JV
9/30 Rugby  Rocky Mountain vs. Idaho Falls 9-30
9/30 Rugby  Owyhee vs. Middleton 9-30
9/30 Football  New Plymouth vs Kellog
9/30 Girls Soccer  Marsh Valley vs Snake River
9/30 Rugby  Meridian vs. Mountain View 9-30
9/30 Rugby  Rocky Mountain vs. Timberline 9-30
9/30 Boys Soccer  Preston vs Twin Falls
9/30 Rugby  Idaho Falls vs. Meridian (dev) 9-30 Action Photos
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23-24SwimmingMiddleton- Meridian- CCU Tri-Meet10/3/202305:30 PMJulian Jenkins View Photos
23-24VolleyballGooding vs Filer10/3/202306:30 PMKelly Magee View Photos
23-24VolleyballValley vs Lighthouse Christian10/3/202307:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
23-24Boys SoccerBorah vs Timberline (Boise)10/2/202305:30 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24FootballAdrian -vs- Council JV10/2/202306:00 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
23-24VolleyballWendell vs Valley10/2/202307:30 PMRyan Geer View Photos
23-24FootballNew Plymouth Pilgrims JV vs Kellogg Wildcats JV9/30/202301:00 PMClayton Bunt View Photos
23-24RugbyRocky Mountain vs. Idaho Falls 9-309/30/202301:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyOwyhee vs. Middleton 9-309/30/202301:20 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24FootballNew Plymouth vs Kellog 9/30/202304:00 PMClayton Bunt View Photos
23-24Girls SoccerMarsh Valley vs Snake River9/30/202305:00 PMRandy Jones View Photos
23-24RugbyMeridian vs. Mountain View 9-309/30/202310:00 AMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyRocky Mountain vs. Timberline 9-309/30/202310:20 AMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24Boys SoccerPreston vs Twin Falls9/30/202311:00 AMRyan Geer View Photos
23-24RugbyIdaho Falls vs. Meridian (dev) 9-309/30/202311:00 AMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyTimberline vs. Centennial 9-309/30/202311:20 AMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyBoise vs. Mountain View 9-309/30/202311:40 AMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyMeridian vs. Idaho Falls 9-309/30/202312:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyMiddleton vs. Centennial 9-309/30/202312:20 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24RugbyBoise vs. Eagle 9-309/30/202312:40 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24FootballBoise vs Eagle9/29/202307:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24FootballOakley vs Lighthouse Christian9/29/202307:00 PMRyan Geer View Photos
23-24FootballAberdeen vs Malad9/29/202307:00 PMKen Timothy View Photos
23-24FootballAmerican Falls vs Wendell9/29/202307:00 PMWesley Turner View Photos
23-24FootballFootball Moscow at Lewiston9/29/202307:00 PMClayton Bunt View Photos
23-24FootballOakley vs Lighthouse Christian9/29/202307:00 PMKelly Magee View Photos
23-24FootballWeiser vs McCall-Donnelly9/29/202307:00 PMPatty Theurer View Photos
23-24Girls SoccerBoise vs. Timberline JV9/28/202304:00 PMSteve Conner View Photos
23-24Boys SoccerFiler vs Buhl9/28/202304:00 PMWesley Turner View Photos
23-24Girls SoccerMalad vs Snake River9/28/202304:00 PMRandy Jones View Photos

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