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10/21 Football  Bear Lake vs Aberdeen
10/22 Football  Columbia vs Middleton
10/22 Football  Dietrich vs Carey
10/22 Football  Firth vs North Fremont
10/22 Football  Gooding vs Kimberly
10/22 Football  Lake City vs Post Falls
10/22 Football  Lapwai vs Potlatch
10/22 Football  Shelley vs Skyline
10/22 Football  Twin Falls vs Minico

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10/16 Volleyball  Capital vs Timberline (Boise)
10/16 Volleyball  Kuna vs Rocky Mountain
10/16 Girls Soccer  Snake River vs Teton
10/16 Volleyball  Borah vs Boise
10/16 Volleyball  Owyhee vs Meridian
10/16 Volleyball  American Falls vs Marsh Valley( District 5 Game 1)
10/16 Volleyball  Buhl vs Kimberly
10/16 Volleyball  Snake River vs American Falls (3A District Champ Game 1 )
10/15 Football  Mackay vs North Gem
10/15 Boys Soccer  St. Maries vs CDA Charter
10/15 Girls Soccer  Priest River vs CDA Charter
10/15 Football  Weiser vs Homedale
10/15 Football  Soda Springs vs Bear Lake
10/14 Volleyball  Malad vs Bear Lake
10/14 Football  Frosh Football - Meridian vs Rocky Mountain
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21-22FootballLapwai vs Logos10/16/202106:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballBorah vs Capital10/15/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballBuhl vs Kimberly10/15/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballCastleford vs Carey10/15/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballHighland (Poc) vs Rigby10/15/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballMadison vs Idaho Falls10/15/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballMountain View vs Kuna10/15/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballPost Falls vs Coeur d'Alene10/15/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballPrairie vs Genesee10/15/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballSouth Fremont vs Sugar-Salem10/15/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballSkyview vs Timberline (Boise)10/14/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballAberdeen vs North Fremont10/8/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballBlackfoot vs Rigby10/8/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballCapital vs Mountain View10/8/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballCentennial vs Kuna10/8/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballEmmett vs Middleton10/8/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballFiler vs Gooding10/8/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballSkyline vs Idaho Falls10/8/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22Cross CountryBob Conley XC Invitational10/7/202101:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballOwyhee vs Borah10/7/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballDietrich vs Butte County10/1/202104:30 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballHighland (Poc) vs Thunder Ridge10/1/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballMoscow vs Lewiston10/1/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballPreston vs Sugar-Salem10/1/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballTimberline (Boise) vs Eagle10/1/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballKuna vs Borah9/30/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballSoda Springs vs West Side9/30/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballClearwater Valley vs Logos9/25/202102:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballKuna vs Capital9/24/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballMeridian vs Eagle9/24/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballMinico vs Burley9/24/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballMountain Home vs Kimberly9/24/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballPocatello vs Idaho Falls9/24/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballRidgevue vs Middleton9/24/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballTimberline (Boise) vs Boise9/23/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballGrace vs Watersprings9/17/202104:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballBlackfoot vs Skyline9/17/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballBurley vs Kimberly9/17/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballCole Valley Christian vs West Side9/17/202107:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22FootballEagle vs Mountain View9/17/202107:00 PMAudio DOWNLOAD

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