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8/19 Football  Rocky Mountain vs Middleton
8/26 Football  Layton HS, UT vs Lewiston
8/26 Football  Post Falls vs Skyline, UT
8/26 Football  Beaver HS, UT vs Minico
8/26 Football  Stansbury, UT vs Skyline
8/26 Football  South Summit HS, UT vs Marsh Valley
8/27 Football  Lapwai vs Raft River
8/27 Football  Morgan HS, UT vs Pocatello
8/27 Football  Clearwater Valley vs Glenns Ferry
8/27 Football  Lehi HS, UT vs Highland (Poc)
8/27 Football  Prairie vs Oakley
8/27 Football  Toole HS, UT vs Madison
8/27 Football  Alta HS, UT vs Sandpoint
8/27 Football  Kendrick vs Notus
9/9 Football  Cole Valley Christian vs Salmon

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5/31 Football  Dist 4 North-South Shrine Game
5/31 Football  District 4 Shriner's All star Football game
5/23 Track & Field  State 1A Track Awards
5/23 Track & Field  State 2A Track Awards
5/23 Track & Field  State 3A Track Awards
5/23 Track & Field  State 4A Track Awards
5/23 Track & Field  State 5A Track Awards
5/21 Tennis  5A Tennis Championships
5/21 Boys Lacrosse  Jackson Hole vs Eagle
5/21 Softball  Homedale vs Weiser
5/21 Softball  Homedale vs Weiser
5/21 Track & Field  3A 2A 1A State Track Day 2 finals
5/21 Track & Field  3A 2A 1A State track Field events
5/21 Track & Field  3A-2A-1A Saterday Finals and some Fields Events
5/21 Track & Field  4A-5A State Championships- Day 2
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22-23Football7th Grade: Oregon All-State Football7/2/202201:30 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
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22-23Football8th Grade: Idaho All-State Football6/18/202203:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
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22-23Football7th Grade: Idaho All-State Football6/18/202212:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballColumbia vs Middleton5/21/202201:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballSugar-Salem vs Weiser5/21/202201:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballTimberline (Boise) vs Mountain View5/21/202201:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballNampa Christian vs Firth5/21/202202:30 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballGenesee vs Troy5/21/202203:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballFruitland vs Marsh Valley5/21/202204:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballTwin Falls vs Bishop Kelly5/21/202204:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballOwyhee vs Rocky Mountain5/21/202205:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballGlenns Ferry vs North Star Charter5/21/202209:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballChallis-Mackay vs Wendell5/21/202209:30 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballBorah vs Lewiston5/21/202210:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballSandpoint vs Pocatello5/21/202210:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballSnake River vs Kimberly5/21/202210:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballClearwater Valley vs Prairie5/21/202212:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballMalad vs Melba5/21/202212:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballHomedale vs Kimberly5/20/202201:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballSandpoint vs Bonneville5/20/202201:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballFirth vs Melba5/20/202202:30 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballPrairie vs Troy5/20/202203:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballOwyhee vs Mountain View5/20/202204:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballSugar-Salem vs Marsh Valley5/20/202204:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballTwin Falls vs Middleton5/20/202204:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballNampa Christian vs Malad5/20/202205:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballGenesee vs Clearwater Valley5/20/202206:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballTimberline (Boise) vs Rocky Mountain5/20/202206:30 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballColumbia vs Bishop Kelly5/20/202207:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballFruitland vs Weiser5/20/202207:00 PMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballRimrock vs North Star Charter5/20/202209:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballWendell vs Orofino5/20/202209:30 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballBonners Ferry vs Snake River5/20/202210:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD
21-22BaseballIdaho Falls vs Lewiston5/20/202210:00 AMVideo DOWNLOAD

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