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2023 3A Snake River Valley Conference Football All-Conference Team
The SRV handed out several individual awards, including separate kicker and punter of the year awards
Published: 11/30/2023 4:43:33 PM


Coach of the Year:

Matt Holtry, Homedale

Player of the Year:

QB/DB  Dillon Fine, 12, Homedale

Offensive Player of the Year:
RB Brock Spencer, 12, Weiser

Defensive Player of the Year:
DL Braden Phillips, 12, Weiser

Kicker of the Year:

Ryndon Olsen, 12, Weiser

Punter of the Year:

Omar Alvarez, 9, Parma

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Kolin Cook, 11, Weiser RB Andrew Marston, 12, Homedale RB Tyler Feeley, 12, Payette RB Kaleb Grove, 12, Weiser WR Coye Coffman, 11, Fruitland WR Rafa Cuenca, 11, Homedale WR Cole Burtenshaw, 12, McCall-Donnelly TE Oklin Carson, 12, Homedale OL Emario Cuellar, 12, Homedale OL Brodie White, 12, Homedale OL Glenn Richardson, 12, McCall-Donnelly OL Harry Cook, 12, Weiser OL Braden Phillips, 12, Weiser
DL Johnathan Stines, 12, Fruitland DL Brodie White, 12, Homedale DL Jack Duncan, 12, McCall-Donnelly DL Cach Cobb, 11, Weiser LB Quinn Hood, 11, Fruitland LB Brock Walker, 11, Homedale LB Peyton Esplin, 11, McCall-Donnelly LB Kaleb Grove, 12, Weiser LB Luke Sarich, 11, Weiser DB Coye Coffman, 11, Fruitland DB Luke Henry, 11, Homedale DB Cole Burtenshaw, 12, McCall-Donnelly DB Braxton Heffelfinger, 12, Parma DB Brock Spencer, 12, Weiser

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Maddox Arnold, 11, McCall-Donnelly RB TJ Leonard, 12, McCall-Donnelly RB Jayden Walker, 12, Weiser WR Luke Henry, 11, Homedale WR Danny Lomelli, 12, Homedale WR Jack Shirts, 12, Weiser TE Quinn Hood, 11, Fruitland OL Joel Zamora, 12, Fruitland OL Diego Cortez, 11, Homedale OL McCoy Swallow, 11, Homedale OL Finn Moon, 11, McCall-Donnelly OL Isai Herrera, 11, Weiser OL Karsten Walker, 11, Weiser
DL Oklin Carson, 12, Homedale DL Caden Layne, 11, Homedale DL Gunnar Newman, 10, McCall-Donnelly DL Glenn Richardson, 12, McCall-Donnelly LB Brigham Walker, 11, Fruitland LB Andrew Marston, 12, Homedale LB Jesus Alvarez, 9, Parma LB Tyler Feeley, 12, Payette LB Kolin Cook, 11, Weiser DB Dillon Fine, 12, Homedale DB Angel Nolasco, 11, Homedale DB Xander Gray, 11, Weise
Honorable Mention All-Conference:
QB Titus Vidlak, 9, Fruitland RB Kade Hall, 10, Homedale WR Xander Gray, 11, Weiser TE Jack Tucker, 12, Weiser OL Cole Tuttle, 12, Fruitland OL Noah Brown, 12, Homedale OL Caden Layne, 11, Homedale OL Calvin Shaffer, 10, Payette OL Dylan Ashley, 10, Weiser

DL Josh Proctor, 12, Fruitland DL Mike Rose, 12, Homedale DL Mark Martin, 12, Payette LB Jace Mordhorst, 11, Fruitland LB Sebastian Larzelier, 10, Homedale LB Alex Sotello, 11, Homedale LB TJ Leonard, 12, McCall-Donnelly LB Adam Rushton, 12, McCall-Donnelly LB Cody Pattee, 10, Payette LB Jayden Walker, 12, Weiser DB Luke Hauder, 12, McCall-Donnelly DB Darrien Pecunia, 10, Payette DB Jack Shirts, 12, Weiser

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