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2023 5A Southern Idaho Conference (Foothills Division) Football All-Conference Team
The best players from Capital, Centennial, Meridian, Middleton, Rocky Mountain and Timberline are chosen
Published: 11/29/2023 10:53:54 PM


Coach of the Year:

John Zamberlin, Meridian

Player of the Year:

RB/DB  Rylie Byington, 12, Meridian

Offensive Player of the Year:
RB Patxi Franks, 12, Middleton

Defensive Player of the Year:
LB Cole Holman, 12, Middleton

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Zeke Martinez, 11, Meridian RB Marco Del Rio, 12, Meridian RB Cole Holman, 12, Middleton RB Taeshaun Reese, 11, Rocky Mountain FB Carson Adams, 12, Rocky Mountain WR Brody Call, 12, Capital WR Cole Jones, 12, Meridian WR Jaryn Ikebe, 12, Rocky Mountain WR Hudson Lewis, 10, Timberline TE Aiden Nixon, 12, Timberline FLEX Jeff Thompson, 11, Rocky Mountain OL Body Vian, 11, Capital OL Kai Twaddle-Dunham, 12, Centennial OL Nick Maloff, 11, Meridian OL Cole Rathbun, 12, Meridian OL Parker Perkins, 12, Middleton OL Jax Tanner, 10, Rocky Mountain
DL Shepard Fish, 11, Capital DL Fabrice Ndaitouroum, 12, Centennial DL Jeremiah Dominiak, 11, Meridian DL Wyatt Striefel, 12, Middleton DL Rowan Rupp, 10, Rocky Mountain LB Isaiah Telleria, 11, Capital LB Carson Gooley, 12, Meridian LB Drew Holman, 10, Middleton LB Ryland Kelley, 10, Rocky Mountain LB Brody Swearheart, 12, Rocky Mountain DB Marcellus Clay, 11, Capital DB Levi Catt, 12, Meridian DB Cade Beitia, 12, Middleton DB Kaiden Kimble-Turner, 11, Rocky Mountain DB Hayden Thompson, 11, Rocky Mountain
K Shawn Thompson, 12, Rocky Mountain P Gannon Miller, 11, Centennial

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Jack Brant, 10, Timberline RB Joren Peterson, 12, Capital FB Drew Holman, 10, Middleton WR Parker Bunderson, 12, Meridian WR Colton Severa, 11, Middleton WR Kade Benedick, 11, Rocky Mountain WR Heath Res, 11, Timberline TE Seva Mironov, 12, Rocky Mountain FLEX Kenson Maxwell, 11, Middleton OL Shepard Fish, 11, Capital OL Blaine Crook, 11, Meridian OL Dallyn Grimes, 11, Middleton OL Logan Shearing, 11, Rocky Mountain OL Cody Wheeler, 10, Rocky Mountain OL Cooper Kelly, 12, Timberline
DL Damon Shannon, 12, Capital DL Kaleb Morrison, 12, Meridian DL Treven Hokland, 12, Middleton DL Isaiah Reed, 11, Rocky Mountain DL Lucas Midgett, 12, Timberline LB Tate Keddington, 11, Centennial LB Josh Beard, 12, Meridian LB Lagary Mitchell, 10, Meridian LB Patxi Franks, 12, Middleton LB Aiden Messerschmitt, 11, Timberline DB Brody Call, 11, Capital DB Daniel Demers, 12, Centennial DB Cole Jones, 12, Meridian DB Weston Mills, 11, Middleton DB Ethan Alexander, 12, Timberline
K Bryce Elder, 12, Timberline P Jake Fore, 12, Capital
Honorable Mention All-Conference:
QB Cash Weeks, 12, Middleton FB Oliver Edmunds, 12, Capital WR Griffin Deere, 12, Meridian WR Blake Bishop, 11, Middleton TE AJ Brown, 12, Meridian TE Gavin Mortensen, 12, Middleton FLEX Marcus Connors, 12, Centennial OL Hunter Sells, 12, Meridian OL Isaac Meyer, 11, Middleton OL Lucian Habeck, 10, Rocky Mountain OL Andrew Hoekema, 12, Timberline

DL Javony Laye, 12, Meridian DL Jaiden White, 12, Meridian DL Toby Jones, 11, Middleton DL Matt McCloud, 11, Rocky Mountain DL Jax Tanner, 10, Rocky Mountain LB Keaton Larson, 12, Capital LB Abdi Ali, 11, Centennial LB Cash Weeks, 12, Middleton LB Rob Cadwaller, 12, Rocky Mountain DB Victor Byaundaombe, 12, Capital DB Jordan Leonard, 12, Middleton DB Ryan Lewis, 10, Middleton DB Trey Jacobsen, 11, Rocky Mountain DB Austin Engroff, 10, Timberline
K Canyon Buschbaucher, 12, Capital K Davido Okito, 12, Meridian

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