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Join the crew for a live discussion of player transfer rules on Wednesday night
Published: 6/27/2023 11:46:21 AM


Earlier this year, the Idaho Legislature amended Senate Bill 1125, essentially forcing Idaho schools to adopt an open enrollment policy.  Many schools already had open enrollment policies in place, but this newly passed legislation now says all schools must abide to school choice.

The move was largely seen as a political one, as more and more parents nationwide have grown dissatisfied with the subject matter being taught to their children.  But SB 1125 will undoubtedly have effects on Idaho's athletic landscape, as well.

So, how does the new legislation affect student-athletes looking to transfer to a different school?  How will the Idaho High School Activities Association navigate these murky waters?  And why do student-athletes wish to transfer in the first place?  Those are just some of the pressing questions fans around the state have been asking.

This Wednesday, June 28th, at 8:00 PM Mountain Time, broadcasters from every region of the state will host a live roundtable discussion to explore every nook and cranny of this issue.

You can tune in to the Roundtable Discussion via:

The YouTube channel
The Facebook page
or The Twitter account.

Not only will the crew give their thoughts and opinions on the topic, but we'll take your questions and comments live as well! This is your chance to be a part of the conversation, so don't miss out!

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