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2023 5A Southern Idaho Conference Baseball All-Conference Team
Middleton senior and Texas-San Antonio commit Robert Orloski picks up POTY
Published: 6/1/2023 5:39:03 PM


Coach of the Year:

Bryan Swygart, Middleton

Player of the Year:

Robert Orloski, 12, Middleton

1st Team All-Conference:

P Kason O'Neil, 12, Kuna
P Ian Lenius, 10, Middleton
P Nick McDaniel, 11, Owyhee
P Colby Chambers, 11, Rocky Mountain
C Caden Recla, 12, Middleton
1B Brock Silvers, 10, Middleton
INF Lance Anderson, 12, Borah
INF Treyton Swygart, 11, Middleton
INF Gage Haws, 10, Owyhee
INF Cole Rohlmeier, 10, Owyhee
OF Jake Robinson, 12, Borah
OF Ian Duarte, 12, Eagle
OF Jack Barker, 12, Mountain View
OF Jack Ryan, 12, Owyhee
UT Caden Sloan, 12, Timberline
DH Will Grizzle, 11, Mountain View

2nd Team All-Conference:

P Tanner Knoll, 12, Borah
P Grant Jakobson, 12, Centennial
P Treyton Swygart, 11, Middleton
P Liam Ouellette, 12, Rocky Mountain
C Baylor Haylett, 12 Owyhee
1B Devon Downie, 12, Eagle
INF Korbin McCarney, 12, Borah
INF Bryson Shea, 11, Eagle
INF Isaiah Anzaldua, 12, Middleton
INF Cade Burnham, 10, Mountain View
OF TJ Collins, 12, Capital
OF Lewis Orme, 12, Kuna
OF Ian Lenius, 10, Middleton
OF Nick McDaniel, 11, Owyhee
UT Hunter Cliff, 12, Kuna
DH Peyton Hines, 12, Rocky Mountain
Honorable Mention All-Conference:

P Cosmo Lange, 12, Boise
P Jake Robinson, 12, Borah
P Cooper Layne, 12, Capital
P Jaden Belton, 10, Centennial
P Grant Baskin, 12, Eagle
P Caleb Zawadzki, 9, Eagle
P Bobby Corley, 12, Meridian
P Brock Silvers, 10, Middleton
P Davey Green, 10, Mountain View
P Will Grizzle, 11, Mountain View
P Conner Marshall, 11, Mountain View
P Evan Perry, 11, Mountain View
P Bobby Kincaid, 12, Nampa
P Ryder Cutlip, 11, Owyhee
P Gage Haws, 10, Owyhee
P Jack Ryan, 12, Owyhee
P Brayden Walls, 12, Timberline
P Carter Walsh, 12, Timberline
C Tate Kubena, 10, Borah
C Zain Cozens, 12, Centennial
C Jim Flynn, 11, Eagle
C Logan Blades, 12, Kuna
C Ricky Perez, 12, Nampa
1B Kason O'Neil, 12, Kuna
1B Drew Schumacher, 11, Owyhee
1B Jackson Wendt, 10, Rocky Mountain
INF Gus Arriola, 11, Boise
INF Evan Brown, 11, Boise
INF Cooper Myers, 9, Capital
INF AJ Johnson, 12, Centennial
INF Hayden Chambers, 12, Eagle
INF Jackson Edwards, 9, Kuna
INF Alex Whitt, 10, Kuna
INF Evan Perry, 11, Mountain View
INF Bryce Wallingford, 11, Nampa
INF Keagan Kelly, 10, Owyhee
INF Patrick Gaffney, 12, Rocky Mountain
INF Eli Parker, 9, Timberline
INF Carter Walsh, 12, Timberline
OF Cohen Souba, 11, Capital
OF Jackson Wilkie, 12, Centennial
OF Brady Barowsky, 11, Eagle
OF Devon Downie, 12, Eagle
OF Brandon Gonzales, 11, Meridian
OF Micah Mendiola, 12, Middleton
OF Dante Avijan, 12, Nampa
OF Jacob Scott, 12, Nampa
OF Henry Nafzger, 12, Timberline
UT Caleb Boydston, 9, Meridian
UT Josh Lucido, 12, Middleton
UT Nico Resendez, 12, Mountain View
DH Mick Weske, 12, Boise
DH Brady Robinson, 10, Borah
DH Ryder Cutlip, 11, Owyhee

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