2023 Idaho Baseball All-Tournament Team (3A)
All three of Marsh Valley's starting pitchers were honored on this list
Published: 5/23/2023 2:02:20 PM


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Selections were made by IdahoSports.com 3A Tournament broadcasters Logan Green and Glenn Jones

3A Baseball All-Tournament Team

Tournament MVP
Stanton Howell, Marsh Valley

Payton Fine, Homedale
Jason Jones, Marsh Valley
Tuff Solomon, Marsh Valley

Zane Bidwell, Fruitland
Sigmund Goode, Homedale
Jakob Cummins, Kimberly
Parker Stringham, Kimberly
Alex Vaughn, Marsh Valley
Kyler Anderson, Payette
Jackson Gardner, Sugar-Salem
Carson Harris, Sugar-Salem
Parker Holly, Timberlake

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