2023 Idaho Baseball All-Tournament Team (4A)
Pocatello High won the championship led by MVP Jayce Vaughan
Published: 5/23/2023 1:57:40 PM


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Selections were made by IdahoSports.com 4A Tournament broadcasters Scott Burton and Lorin Jensen

4A Baseball All-Tournament Team

Tournament MVP
Jayce Vaughan, Pocatello

Greyson Martin, Bonneville
Brody Burch, Pocatello
Graden Lucas, Skyview

Cooper Cammann, Bishop Kelly
Jace Cooper, Blackfoot
Jacob Perez, Bonneville
RJ Woods, Bonneville
McCadden Evans, Pocatello
JD Gunderson, Pocatello
Martin Serrano, Pocatello
Grady Daniels, Skyview
Wyatt Solosabal, Twin Falls

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