2023 3A Mountain Rivers Conference Boys Basketball All-Conference Team
Sugar-Salem swept the individual awards
Published: 4/7/2023 2:05:20 PM


Coach of the Year:

Shawn Freeman, Sugar-Salem

Player of the Year:

Christian Gordon, 12, Sugar-Salem
Koy Sanderson, 12, Sugar-Salem

1st Team All-Conference:

Preston Stoddard, 12, South Fremont
Zac Dougherty, 12, Sugar-Salem
Kelton Garner, 12, Sugar-Salem
Ty Brown, 11, Teton
Jarom Heuseveldt, 12, Teton

2nd Team All-Conference:

Max Larson, 12, South Fremont
Porter Holt, 12, Sugar-Salem
Daniel Neal, 12, Sugar-Salem
Brody Hess, 12, Teton
Thomas Heuseveldt, 11, Teton

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

Hunter Jacobsen, 11, South Fremont
Bryce Johnson, 10, South Fremont
Branden Cordova, 12, Sugar-Salem
Kreed Leavitt, 12, Sugar-Salem
Davis Wood, 12, Teton
Kaiden Hastings, 11, Teton
Jack Nelson, 11, Teton

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