2023 1AD2 Whitepine League Boys Basketball All-Conference Team
Kendrick senior Jagger Hewett picked up league MVP honors
Published: 3/18/2023 12:13:55 PM


Coach of the Year:

Jason Hunter, Timberline


Jagger Hewett, 12, Kendrick

1st Team All-League:

Kalab Rickerd, 12, Deary
Jagger Hewett, 12, Kendrick
Ty Koepp, 11, Kendrick
Tory Chmelik, 12, St. John Bosco
Parker Brown, 12, Timberline
Gavin Christopherson, 11, Timberline

2nd Team All-League:

Laithan Proctor, 11, Deary
Gus Rickert, 12, Deary
Noah Watson, 11, Highland
Nathan Tweit, 9, Kendrick
Cody Wassmuth, 12, St. John Bosco
Saimone Tuikolovatu, 12, Timberline

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