2023 2A Nuclear Conference Boys Basketball All-Conference Team
League champion Ririe swept the individual awards in the Nuke
Published: 3/17/2023 4:04:31 PM


Coach of the Year:

Jordan Hamilton, Ririe

Player of the Year:

Houston Brown, 12, Ririe

1st Team All-Conference:

Burton Park, 12, Firth
Dax Cherry, 12, North Fremont
Jed Hill, 11, North Fremont
Sterling Bybee, 12, Ririe
Blake Briggs, 12, West Jefferson

2nd Team All-Conference:

Kyle Jacobsen, 12, Firth
Karson Bohn, 11, North Fremont
Jackson Johnson, 12, Ririe
Ethan Miller, 12, Ririe
Hesston Hoggan, 12, Salmon

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

Alex Vasquez, 12, Firth
Brady Allen, 11, North Fremont
Hank Richardson, 12, North Fremont
Parker Larsen, 12, Ririe
Broc Matthews, 9, Salmon
Bo Peterson, 12, West Jefferson

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