2023 1AD2 Rocky Mountain Conference Girls Basketball All-Conference Team
Leadore senior McKenzie Mackay earned Player of the Year honors
Published: 3/14/2023 10:56:15 AM


Coach of the Year:

Janet Proulx, Leadore
Vern Nelson, Rockland

Player of the Year:

McKenzie Mackay, 12, Leadore

1st Team All-Conference:

Kirsten Krause, 10, Grace Lutheran
Sadie Bird, 12, Leadore
Megan Moore, 12, Mackay
Taylie Boyer, 12, Rockland
Addie Wilson, 12, Rockland

2nd Team All-Conference:

Rylee Teichert, 12, Mackay
Hayden Corta, 11, North Gem
Taylor Wilson, 12, Rockland
Brelynn Anderson, 12, Sho-Ban
Kinzlee Faulkner, 10, Watersprings

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

Lexi Bird, 9, Leadore
Halle Holt, 12, Mackay
Autumn Farr, 10, Rockland
Heather Libberton, 12, Rockland
Kaitlyn Syverson, 11, Watersprings

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