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2022 1AD2 Sawtooth Conference Football All-Conference Team
1AD2's toughest district has several outstanding players
Published: 12/6/2022 9:03:25 PM


Coach of the Year:

Brian Lowry, Castleford

Player of the Year:

QB/S  Cody Power, 12, Dietrich

Offensive Player of the Year:

QB/WR  Ethan Roland, 12, Castleford

Defensive Player of the Year:

LB Gus Wiggins, 12, Castleford

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Tristen Smith, 11, Camas County
RB Troy Smith, 11, Camas County
RB Gabe Mahannah, 12, Castleford
RB Payten Sneddon, 12, Dietrich
WR Trevor Tews, 11, Camas County
WR Santi Alvarado, 12, Castleford
WR Case Robertson, 12, Dietrich
C Kaedin Baxter, 12, Camas County
OL Mason Quinonez, 12, Camas County
OL Cache Keetch, 11, Castleford
OL Dason Pizano, 12, Dietrich
K Salvador Camarillo, 12, Hansen

DE Emmett Palan, 11, Camas County
DE Cache Keetch, 11, Castleford
DE Case Robertson, 12, Dietrich
DL Ethan Roland, 12, Castleford
DL Dason Pizano, 12, Dietrich
LB Troy Smith, 11, Camas County
LB Gabe Mahannah, 12, Castleford
LB Payten Sneddon, 12, Dietrich
S Kody Smith, 12, Camas County
S Santi Alvarado, 12, Castleford
S Jayme Ramos, 11, Castleford
P Salvador Camarillo, 12, Hansen

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Jayme Ramos, 11, Castleford
RB Hayden Astle, 12, Dietrich
RB Hudsun Lucero, 12, Dietrich
RB Elway Pickett, 12, Hansen
WR Emmett Palan, 11, Camas County
WR Connor Perkins, 10, Dietrich
WR Salvador Camarillo, 12, Hansen
C Aydan Egbert, 12, Hansen
OL Brody Torgerson, 10, Dietrich
OL Ramon Carlos, 12, Hagerman
OL Zakary Hernandez, 9, Hansen
K Pancho Alvarado, 12, Castleford

DE Kelby Cox, 10, Camas County
DE Pancho Alvarado, 12, Castleford
DE Hudsun Lucero, 12, Dietrich
DL Keivan Berg, 11, Camas County
DL Salvador Camarillo, 12, Hansen
LB Tyson Tupper, 11, Camas County
LB Hayden Astle, 12, Dietrich
LB Brody Torgerson, 10, Dietrich
S Trevor Tews, 11, Camas County
S Connor Perkins, 10, Dietrich
S Aiden Orozco, 9, Hansen
P Ethan Roland, 12, Castleford

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

QB Cameron Zeltner, 12, Hagerman
RB Tyson Tupper, 11, Camas County
RB Ky Kendall, 10, Hagerman
WR Kody Smith, 12, Camas County
WR Cole Rowley, 12, Hagerman
DL Jordan Regalado, 10, Shoshone
LB Cole Rowley, 12, Hagerman
LB Paul Eiman, 9, Hansen

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