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2022 4A Great Basin Conference Football All-Conference Team
Minico swept the top three awards
Published: 12/6/2022 5:32:25 PM


Coach of the Year:

Keelan McCaffrey, Minico

Offensive Player of the Year:

RB Jafeth Bendele, 12, Minico

Defensive Player of the Year:

DB Stockton Chandler, 12, Minico

Sportsmen of the Year:

OL Josh Edwards, 12, Minico
DL Keenan Blair, 12, Jerome
DL Dylan Jalos, 12, Mountain Home
LB Ryan Jensen, Burley
LB Josh Mendoza, 12, Canyon Ridge
DB Carter Orr, 11, Twin Falls

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Caleb Loveland, 12, Burley
QB Austin Crum, 11, Twin Falls
RB Ramsey Trevino, 12, Burley
RB James Noorlander, 12, Twin Falls
WR Gatlin Bair, 11, Burley
WR Wyatt Solosabal, 11, Twin Falls
TE JT Garza, 12, Minico
OL Preston Story, 12, Burley
OL Sam Gibbons, 12, Minico
OL Jimmy Rasmussen, 12, Minico
OL TJ Hickmon, 11, Twin Falls
OL Christian Janis, 12, Twin Falls
K Tyler Kay, 12, Twin Falls
RET  Wyatt Solosabal, 11, Twin Falls

DL Sam Lupumba, 12, Canyon Ridge
DL Keenan Blair, 12, Jerome
DL Chris Torres, 12, Minico
DL TJ Hickmon, 11, Jerome
OLB  Nick Gibson, 12, Minico
OLB  Finn McCaffrey, 12, Minico
ILB Brevin Trenkle, 12, Minico
ILB Zach Swensen, 11, Twin Falls
DB Eian Bingham, 12, Minico
DB Dane Rasmussen, 12, Minico
DB Dalton Carter, 9, Twin Falls
DB Grant Patterson, 11, Twin Falls
P Gus Winings, 12, Mountain Home

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Conner Willis, 11, Canyon Ridge
RB Joseph Terry, 12, Minico
RB Cash Wiley, 10, Mountain Home
WR Jacob Williams, 12, Burley
WR Tanner Eldredge, 12, Canyon Ridge
TE Dom Soto, 12, Minico
OL Parker Hanks, 11, Burley
OL Lane Schultz, 11, Canyon Ridge
OL Ben Fessenden, 11, Minico
OL Devin Maier, 11, Mountain Home
OL Christian Saldivar, 12, Twin Falls
K Jorge Solorio, 12, Minico

DL Gabe Ramirez, 12, Minico
DL Wrigley Heward, 12, Minico
DL Jon Tetrault, 12, Mountain Home
DL Christian Janis, 12, Twin Falls
OLB  Ayden Coats, 12, Twin Falls
OLB  Wyatt Solosabal, 11, Twin Falls
ILB Matt Dozier, 12, Minico
ILB Grayson Keyes, 11, Twin Falls
DB Paxton Twiss, 11, Minico
DB Nate Wayment, 10, Minico
DB Loren Wright, 12, Mountain Home
DB Carter Orr, 11, Twin Falls
P Wyatt Solosabal, 11, Twin Falls

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

QB Carson Wayment, 11, Minico
QB Gus Winings, 12, Mountain Home
RB Spencer Pease, 11, Minico
WR Alex Fierros, 11, Canyon Ridge
WR Brandon Jones, 11, Twin Falls
WR Carter Orr, 11, Twin Falls
WR Jamie Sabol, 12, Mountain Home
WR Kalil Schroeder, 12, Burley
WR Ryker Stimpson, 11, Minico
WR Jon Tetrault, 12, Mountain Home
TE Carson Suchan, 12, Minico
OL Caleb Bennett, 12, Jerome
OL Keenan Blair, 12, Jerome
OL Colby Coates, 12, Jerome
OL Josh Edwards, 12, Minico
OL Oakland Edwards, 12, Minico
OL Benson Hatch, 12, Twin Falls
OL Andre Herrera, 11, Burley
OL Mark Larsen, 12, Jerome
OL Braxton Molina, 12, Minico
OL Carson Rupp, 11, Twin Falls
OL Korbin Story, 11, Burley

DL Caleb Bennett, 12, Jerome
DL Benson Hatch, 12, Twin Falls
DL Vincent Gonzales, 10, Twin Falls
DL Junior Larios, 10, Minico
OLB  Noah Strunk, 12, Burley
ILB Juan Benavides, 12, Jerome
ILB Bodee Bowen, 10, Burley
ILB Colin Roberts, 12, Burley
DB Zach Beem, 11, Twin Falls
DB Braxtyn Bowen, 11, Burley
DB Toby Camell, 12, Canyon Ridge
DB Kyler Hamblin, 11, Jerome
DB Ryan Jensen, 12, Burley
DB Kade McEntire, 10, Canyon Ridge

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