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2022 5A High Country Conference Football All-Conference Team
Rigby and Highland split the top honors evenly
Published: 12/1/2022 3:36:12 PM


Coach of the Year:

Nick Sorrell, Highland

Player of the Year:

QB Luke Flowers, 11, Rigby

Co-Offensive Player of the Year:

QB Drew Hymas, 11, Highland
WR Brady Packer, 12, Rigby

Defensive Player of the Year:

LB Mason Fullmer, 12, Highland

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Ben Dredge, 12, Madison
RB Sam Gamino, 12, Rigby
RB Lucas Mikkola, 12, Rigby
WR Rhidge Barela, 11, Highland
WR Chase Crane, 11, Madison
WR Kade Steffler, 11, Rigby
WR Hudson Harker, 11, Thunder Ridge
TE Brevin Larsen, 12, Rigby
OL Bruce Galo, 11, Highland
OL Peyton Harding, 12, Highland
OL Rex Salas, 10, Madison
OL Ayden Davis, 12, Rigby
OL Feki Pouha, 10, Rigby
K Braysen Stoddard, 9, Madison
RET  Connor Hall, 12, Thunder Ridge

DL Freddie Williams, 11, Highland
DL Sam Webster, 12, Rigby
DL Jacob Womack, 12, Rigby
DL McKay Dougal, Thunder Ridge
LB Colton George, 11, Highland
LB Gunner Wilhelm, 12, Highland
LB Mason Burgess, 11, Rigby
LB Connor Gneiting, 12, Rigby
LB Zach Hawkes, 12, Rigby
DB Kai Callen, 10, Highland
DB Jaxon Sibounma, 12, Highland
DB Zxaeb Falevai, 12, Rigby
DB Reggie Groom, 11, Rigby
ATH  Jack Boudrero, 12, Rigby
P Drew Hymas, 11, Highland

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Tayvin Oswald, 12, Thunder Ridge
RB Mason Fullmer, 12, Highland
RB Kade Jones, 12, Highland
WR Kai Callen, 10, Highland
WR Jase Benedict, 12, Rigby
WR Koen Peck, 11, Rigby
WR Connor Hall, 12, Thunder Ridge
TE Aaron Archibald, 12, Rigby
OL Dillon Shaw, 11, Highland
OL Brae Mecham, 11, Madison
OL Braxton Geisler, 11, Rigby
OL Bruin Bowman, 11, Rigby
OL Owen Ward, 12, Thunder Ridge
K Zerek Younis, 11, Highland
RET  Kai Callen, 10, Highland

DL Eli Anderton, 12, Highland
DL Hudson John, 11, Highland
DL Klarke McKane, 12, Madison
DL Siope Fangupo, 12, Rigby
LB Taycen Clark, 12, Madison
LB Trayson Kostial, 12, Madison
LB Cael Grimmett, 11, Thunder Ridge
LB Rory Leavitt, 12, Thunder Ridge
DB Campbell Thomas, 12, Highland
DB Parker Graham, 10, Rigby
DB Brock Klinger, 11, Rigby
DB Kody Robinson, 11, Thunder Ridge
P Nathan Olsen, 12, Thunder Ridge

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

RB Barkley Beck, 10, Madison
RB Patyon Klinger, 11, Rigby
RB Carter Koplin, 12, Thunder Ridge
WR Colt Durham, 11, Highland
WR Trevin Lords, 11, Madison
WR Ryan Johnson, 12, Thunder Ridge
TE Cy Reno, 11, Highland
TE Porter Cottle, 10, Madison
TE Nash Humpherys, 10, Madison
TE McKay Dougal, 12, Thunder Ridge
OL Dallas Call, 11, Highland
OL Bryant Kelly, 11, Highland
OL Andrew Walsh, 12, Madison
OL Slayde Johnson, 11, Rigby
OL Kyle Miller, 11, Thunder Ridge
OL Jayden Tuia, 11, Thunder Ridge
K Ben Witherspoon, 12, Rigby

DL Kody Hite, 11, Highland
DL Gage Larsen, 10, Rigby
DL Tanner Storer, 12, Thunder Ridge
LB Bryce Dredge, 10, Madison
LB Wyatt Grey, 11, Thunder Ridge
DB Jonathon Snell, 12, Highland
DB Elijah Beck, 12, Thunder Ridge
P Ben Witherspoon, 12, Rigby

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