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2022 1AD2 Long Pin Conference Football All-Conference Team
Wyatt Vining of Council was named the Long Pin Player of the Year
Published: 11/30/2022 8:34:21 AM


Coach of the Year:

Ty Medley, Salmon River

Player of the Year:

TE/DE  Wyatt Vining, 12, Council

Offensive Player of the Year:

QB Tacoma Kelly, 11, Garden Valley

Defensive Player of the Year:

DL Jaiden Hunt, 12, Garden Valley

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Josh Gipe, 12, Council
RB Dahlton Bingham, 11, Council
RB Blayne Meyer, 12, Horseshoe Bend
WR Kaden Zimmer, 11, Garden Valley
WR Jedi Graham, 12, Horseshoe Bend
TE Clayton Harper, 11, Tri-Valley
UT Wade Vining, 10, Council
G Jaiden Hunt, 12, Garden Valley
G Josh Martinez, 12, Tri-Valley
C Nate Jordan, 11, Council
K Kyle Paradis, 12, Tri-Valley

DL Trayson Corn, 12, Garden Valley
DL Nick Cooper, 11, Horseshoe Bend
DE Josh Gipe, 12, Council
DE Trevor Corn, 10, Garden Valley
LB Mason Roberts, 11, Council
LB Aaron Nokes, 12, Garden Valley
LB Blayne Meyer, 12, Horseshoe Bend
DB Dahlton Bingham, 11, Council
DB Tacoma Kelly, 11, Garden Valley
DB Jedi Graham, 12, Horseshoe Bend
P Mason Roberts, 11, Council

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Carson Drake, 11, Horseshoe Bend
RB Kaelun Jones, 11, Horseshoe Bend
RB Gage Warren, 11, Tri-Valley
WR Macen Glenn, 12, Council
WR Tyrus Swift, 12, Salmon River
TE Zade Thompson, 11, Garden Valley
UT Luke McHenery, 11, Tri-Valley
G Loghan Ashley, 11, Council
G Devon Herzig, 10, Salmon River
C Trayson Corn, 12, Garden Valley

DL Jaxon Thomas, 11, Council
DL Tyler Easterday, 11, Garden Valley
DE Trustin Brown, 10, Garden Valley
DE Kyle Paradis, 12, Tri-Valley
LB Gavin Kelly, 12, Garden Valley
LB Kaelun Jones, 11, Horseshoe Bend
LB Cordell Bovey, 11, Salmon River
DB Trevor Jordan, 12, Council
DB Kaden Zimmer, 11, Garden Valley
DB Gage Warren, 11, Tri-Valley

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

RB/DB   Garrison Zielinski, 9, Council
WR/DB  Max Yearsley, 9, Garden Valley
OL/DL    Kash Smith, 11, Horseshoe Bend
QB/DE   Gabe Zavala, 11, Salmon River
LB           Cole Bush, 12, Tri-Valley

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