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2022 5A Southern Idaho Conference Boys Soccer All-Conference Team
Timberline and Boise split up the honors evenly
Published: 11/29/2022 4:10:55 PM


Coach of the Year:

Mike Darrow, Boise

Player of the Year:

M Kai Hatten, 12, Timberline

1st Team All-Conference:

F Daniel Hirai, 11, Boise
F Carter Griffith, 12, Borah
F Zayne Davis, 12, Timberline
M Jayden Ganske, 12, Capital
M Krew Christensen, 12, Eagle
M Nik Vassilaros, 12, Owyhee
M Quintin Boggs, 11, Timberline
D Jack Montgomery, 12, Boise
D Tucker Smith, 10, Boise
D Tommy Hammons, 11, Rocky Mountain
D Jacob Anderson, 12, Timberline
GK Ben Anderson, 12, Timberline
GK Parker Gropp, 12, Timberline

2nd Team All-Conference:

F Barani Mwibey, 12, Kuna
F Davido Okito, 11, Meridian
F Samuel Holweager, 12, Rocky Mountain
M Qussai Kadro, 12, Boise
M Kye McAllister, 12, Boise
M Charlie Leeds, 12, Mountain View
M Liava Ivanza, 12, Rocky Mountain
D Isaac Alford, 9, Borah
D Maddox Dizdarevic, 12, Borah
D Isaac Jorgensen, 11, Meridian
D Nathan Kudera, 12, Mountain View
D Cole Stoddard, 11, Timberline
GK Myles Cromar, 11, Rocky Mountain

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

F Baraka Dayi, 10, Boise
F Thamini Echasa, 12, Borah
F Jaxon Berg, 12, Capital
F Lizandro Soto, 9, Capital
F Austin Carmack, 12, Centennial
F Trevor Scheuerman, 12, Middleton
F Jack Chase, 11, Mountain View
F Zach Taylor, 10, Timberline
M Evan Goode, 12, Boise
M Tony Orozco, 12, Borah
M Ethan Juarez, 11, Eagle
M Jay Orchard, 12, Eagle
M Yokobo Kashindi, 12, Kuna
M Isaac Arsenault, 12, Meridian
M Tanner Hislop, 9, Meridian
M Matthew Papa, 11, Meridian
M Leo Vega, 12, Mountain View
M Jordan Shupe, 9, Owyhee
M Andrei Todorovic, 12, Owyhee
M Dawson Anderson, 12, Rocky Mountain
M Rylon McPhearson, 10, Rocky Mountain
M Mathis Spanneut, 12, Timberline
D Toby Kingery, 12, Centennial
D Justin Maas, 12, Eagle
D Ashton Smith, 11, Eagle
D Trystan Herrera, 12, Kuna
D Evan Chavez, 11, Meridian
D John Phillips, 12, Middleton
D Ryker Steele, 12, Middleton
D Mason Orr, 12, Owyhee
D Austin Sharp, 12, Rocky Mountain
D Kyle Atkinson, 11, Timberline
D Drew Christie, 12, Timberline
GK Eli Brockl, 11, Boise
GK Christian Griffith, 9, Borah
GK Taylor Motley, 12, Meridian
GK Derek Salisbury, 12, Middleton
GK Lucas Sprik, 10, Nampa

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