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2022 1AD1 Snake River Conference Football All-Conference Team
Oakley is the three time defending 1AD1 state champ. How many Hornets made the team?
Published: 11/20/2022 2:01:09 PM


Coach of the Year:

Lane Kirkland, Carey

Offensive Player of the Year:

Tate Whitaker, 12, Raft River

Defensive Player of the Year:

Nik Versis, 11, Carey

All-Purpose Player of the Year:

Treg Whitaker, 12, Raft River

1st Team All-Conference:

QB Porter Pickett, 12, Oakley
RB Colton Larna, 12, Carey
RB Kole Spencer, 12, Raft River
WR Jack DeJong, 11, Lighthouse Christian
WR Tanner Tracy, 11, Raft River
WR Riley Morey, 12, Carey
OL Teegan Kirkland, 12, Carey
OL Dakoda Young, 12, Murtaugh
OL Kooper Beck, 11, Oakley
K Kai Ward, 10, Raft River
KR Carsn Perkes, 12, Carey

DL Oscar Aburto, 11, Murtaugh
DL Houston Bingham, 12, Oakley
DL Korban Hansen, 12, Raft River
LB Carsn Perkes, 12, Carey
LB Ethan Toribau, 12, Oakley
LB Alex Murillo, 12, Raft River
DB Isaac Cranney, 11, Oakley
DB Riley Morey, 12, Carey
DB Tate Whitaker, 12, Raft River
P Isaac Cranney, 11, Oakley

2nd Team All-Conference:

QB Justice Schrader, 11, Lighthouse Christian
RB Conner Simpson, 12, Carey
RB Raegen Fitzpatrick, 12, Murtaugh
WR Bridger Duncan, 11, Oakley
WR Chandler Jones, 12, Murtaugh
WR Carsn Perkes, 12, Carey
OL Franco Ocampo, 12, Carey
OL Oscar Aburto, 11, Murtaugh
OL Benny Smith, 12, Raft River
K Oscar Aburto, 11, Murtaugh
KR Koby Stevenson, 10, Lighthouse Christian

DL Porter Wells, 12, Oakley
DL Ellis Jensen, 12, Carey
DL Jack DeJong, 11, Lighthouse Christian
LB Austin Ledford, 12, Lighthouse Christian
LB Hudson Giles, 11, Murtaugh
LB Conner Simpson, 12, Carey
DB Chandler Jones, 12, Murtaugh
DB Keshawn Crocker, 12, Oakley
DB Case VanLeeuwen, 11, Lighthouse Christian
P Sway Stanger, 11, Murtaugh

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

QB Landon Stuart, 10, Glenns Ferry
RB C.W. Goettle, 12, Lighthouse Christian
RB Ethan Toribau, 12, Oakley
WR Micah Denny, 11, Lighthouse Christian
WR Will Praegitzer, 12, Oakley
WR Pedro Robles, 10, Valley
OL Chase Stewart, 12, Glenns Ferry
OL Talon Taylor, 11, Raft River
OL Logan Dimond, 12, Valley
K Case VanLeeuwen, 11, Lighthouse Christian

DL Emmett Martin, 12, Glenns Ferry
DL Raegen Fitzpatrick, 12, Murtaugh
DL Ben Ford, 11, Lighthouse Christian
LB Blake Chafin, 11, Glenns Ferry
LB Will Praegitzer, 12, Oakley
LB Kole Spencer, 12, Raft River
DB Josh Hardy, 10, Valley
DB Preston Wood, 10, Carey

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