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2022 2A Nuclear Conference Boys Basketball All-Conference Team
The 1st Team showed good balance, as five different schools were represented
Published: 4/4/2022 10:38:58 AM


Coach of the Year:

Jordan Hamilton, Ririe

Player of the Year:

Jordan Lenz, 12, North Fremont

1st Team All-Conference:

Burton Park, 11, Firth
Max Palmer, 12, North Fremont
Landon Johnson, 12, Ririe
Colton Kirby, 12, Salmon
Blake Briggs, 11, West Jefferson

2nd Team All-Conference:

Austin Jacobsen, 12, Firth
A.J. Hill, 12, North Fremont
Hank Richardson, 11, North Fremont
Sterling Bybee, 11, Ririe
Chris Kern, 12, Ririe

Honorable Mention All-Conference:

Kyle Jacobsen, 11, Firth
Sam Park, 12, Firth
Dax Cherry, 11, North Fremont
Ethan Miller, 11, Ririe
Hunter Bingham, 12, Salmon
Bob Bowen, 12, Salmon
Hesston Hoggan, 11, Salmon
Dylan Burtenshaw, 12, West Jefferson
Keston Newman, 12, West Jefferson
Jaren Rojas, 10, West Jefferson

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