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IHSAA Votes on Classification Changes
Who's moving up? Who's moving down? And who's staying put?
Published: 9/30/2021 7:54:49 AM

Big changes are coming next fall to schools across the state.

The classification cycle in Idaho is currently every two years. The IHSAA Board of Directors looks at enrollment numbers to determine which schools will move up and which school will move down - if any. While there was a general idea of who would be moving up or down this time, the classification changes for 2022-24 are now finalized after the the Board met on September 28, 2021 at Wood River High School in Hailey.

To see official enrollment numbers for every school in Idaho CLICK HERE.

While the 5A/4A shakeup in the Treasure Valley certainly draws the most eyeballs, there are other notable changes as well.  

Nampa, Middleton, Caldwell and Ridgevue all petitioned to remain at 4A.  Nampa and Middleton were denied, and will move up to 5A.  Caldwell and Ridgevue were approved, and will stay at 4A.

Skyview will also return to the 4A SIC, but did not need to petition due to enrollment numbers of around 1,180 which are well below the 1,280 threshold.

Idaho Falls will move back down to 4A after a two-year stint at the 5A level.

Canyon Ridge was approved to remain at 4A.  Had their petition been denied, they would have been the only 5A school in District 4, creating major travel issues since they would have had to compete in the Eastern Idaho-based High Country Conference.

Parma has an enrollment of 310, 10 students below the 320-student threshold for 3A.  They petitioned to remain at 3A and were approved.

In northern Idaho, Coeur d'Alene Charter and Kellogg submitted petitions to stay at the 3A level, despite having 2A enrollment numbers.

Priest River will move down from 3A to 2A and will join the Central Idaho League.  The CIL will now be a four team league with incumbents Grangeville, Orofino and St. Maries joined by Priest River.

Sun Valley Community School petitioned to remain at 1A Division II despite having 2A enrollment numbers.  That petition was denied so they will move to 2A next year.

Boise area charter school North Star Charter is making the jump to 2A. This will still give the 2A Western Idaho Conference eight teams, as Vision Charter petitioned down to 1A Division I and was approved.

Xavier Charter and Valley will move down to 1A Division I.

Two private schools in the Treasure Valley (Centennial Baptist and Gem State Academy) petitioned to play up a classification level.  They will remain in 1A Division I despite having 1A Division II numbers.

Hansen and Clark Fork submitted petitions to remain in 1A Division II for all sports and both schools were approved.

Idaho Falls-based charter school Taylor's Crossing will move down to 1A Division II.

The IHSAA is also now allowing teams to drop down a classification level for football only.  Wood River took advantage of that and was approved to play football at 3A.  They will remain in the 4A classification for all other sports.

Five 1A Division I schools petitioned down to 1A Division II for football only, and all five were approved.  Castleford, Lakeside, Lewis County, Shoshone and Wallace were all approved.  Lakeside and Wallace's departure to 1A Division II will create a five team conference with incumbents Clark Fork, Kootenai and Mullan.  District 1 will have no representation at the 1A Division I level. 

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