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2019 Boys Soccer State Tournament Team Capsules
Ahead of Thursday's state tournament games, get familiar with every boys soccer team in play for a championship
Published: 10/23/2019 4:19:08 PM

 5A Classification

Record: 10-3-4 
State seed: 
Coach: Jayson Transtrum, ninth season
State titles: 2010, 2017
Players to watch:
Rama Ramadhani, forward
Eli Marler, goalkeeper
Team Leaders
Goals: Rama Ramadhani (11)
Assists: Carlos Camacho (6)
Saves: Eli Marler (76)
Notes: Coaching staff holds four state titles and three second-place finishes in nine seasons...Only two missed state tournaments under Transtrum in 2015 and 2016...Upset undefeated Boise in district tournament.

Lake City
Record: 8-3-4
State seed: Second-place District 1-2
Coach: Alan Rich, fourth season
State titles: None
Team Leaders
Ty Shaw, senior midfielder
Jackson Henkle, senior midfielder
Jacob Janzen, senior midfielder
Bryce Allred, sophomore forward
Saves: Tyler Allred, Jake Overoye
Notes: Playing without nine starters from last season...Youngest Lake City team in a decade... players with goals this year.

Thunder Ridge
Record: 13-2-1
State seed: First-place District 5-6
Coach: Corey Toldson, second season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Jesus Lopez, Jason Rogel, Evan Williams, Austin Hopes, Israel Chavez, Luke Walker
Team Leaders
Goals: Jesus Lopez (18)
Assists: Israel Chavez (11)
Saves: Jason Rogel (23)
Notes: Back-to-back district champions...Team has existed for only two seasons...Two consecutive state tournament appearances.

Record: 7-7-3
State seed: Third place District 3
Coach: Manny Reynoso
State titles: None
Head coach could not be reached for comment.
Notes: Did not win a match until seventh match of the season...Knocked No. 1 Boise out of  third-place contention 2-1 in losers’ bracket...Did not score more than one goal until ninth regular season match.

Coeur d’Alene
Record: 8-2-1
State seed: First-place District 1-2
Coach: Braden Ridgewell, second season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Cooper Proctor, junior goalkeeper
Team Leaders
Goals: Cameron Dance, senior forward (22)
Assists: Drake Prohaska, senior midfielder (14)
Saves: Cooper Proctor (eight shutouts, three-for-six in penalty kick saves)
Notes: Earned No. 1 district seed on a tie-breaker coinflip...Third-straight state tournament appearance...Outscored district tournament opponents 9-1.

Record: 9-8
State seed: Second-place District 5-6
Coach: Dan Dümmar, fifth season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Adam Hernandez, junior defender
Alexis Ayon, senior defender
Team Leaders
Goals: Cade Slagle, sophomore forward (13)
Assists: Adam Hernandez, junior defensive midfielder (15)
Saves: Mike Fisher, junior goalkeeper
Notes: Overcame 1-0 upset loss to No. 3 Rigby in district tournament...outscored opponents in losers’ bracket 6-1...Has yet to win or lose more than two matches in a row.

Record: 9-7-2
State seed: Second place District 3
Coach: Kevin Mayhugh
State titles: none
Head coach could not be reached for comment.
Notes: Upset No. 2 Rocky Mountain 1-0 in first round of district tournament...Shutout three times in regular season...Almost doubled last year’s win total (four).

Mountain View
Record: 10-8-3
State seed: Fourth-place District 3 
Coach: Steven Brent, fourth season
State titles: 1
Players to watch:
Nick Bisagno, senior midfielder
Marcos Vega, senior defender 
Team Leaders
Goals: Nick Bisango (17)
Assists: Nick Bisagno (4) 
Saves: Mason Labra (74)
Notes: Came into the SIC District Tournament at No. 8...Outscored No. 5 Centennial and No. 6 Timberline a combined 4-1 to reach state...Won five of last seven matches.

4A Classification

Idaho Falls
Record: 10-3-3
State seed: First place District 6
Coach: Ryan Cook, seventh season
State titles: 2003
Players to watch:
Conner Johnson, senior center back
Jameson Lee, senior striker
Josh Burtenshaw, senior midfielder
Junior Soto, junior striker
Edgar Guererro, senior midfielder
Team Leaders
Goals: Jameson Lee (13)
Assists: Junior Soto (9), Evan Carnazzo, senior wing (7)
Saves: Jake Christopherson, senior goalkeeper (7 shutouts)
Notes: Thirteen different goal scorers this year...41 goals this season came off assists...First district title in five years...More state tournament appearances than any other District 6 team.

Twin Falls
Record: 12-7
State seed: Third place District 4-5
Coach: Carey Farnsworth, first season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Guillermo Fregoso, senior midfielder
Tairan Smith, senior fullback
Ryker Waters, sophomore goalkeeper
Team Leaders
Goals: Sergio Varela, senior midfielder
Assists: Sergio Varela
Saves: Ryker Waters
Notes: Knocked No. 1 Century out of the district tournament 4-2...Defeated Wood River 10-9 in penalty kicks...Was shut out in three of last six matches.

Record: 14-3-1
State seed: First place District 4-5
Coach: Jake Wood, fourth season
State titles: 2013
Saves: Mervin Ruiz
Notes: First state tournament appearance since 2016.

Record: 14-6-1 
State seed: Second-place District 3
Coach: Aristeo Alvizo, fourth season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Lennyn Solis, senior forward
Oscar Lara, senior midfielder
Jason Alvarado, junior defender
Ryan Solis, junior goalkeeper
Jorge Rivera, sophomore defender
Conner Heideman, junior defender
Team Leaders
Goals: Lennyn Solis (40)
Assists: Harrison Mumford (10)
Saves: Ryan Solis (76)
Notes: Started season with six straight wins...Defeated Caldwell twice in the regular season, but lost in the district championship...Upset No. 2 Ridgevue in district semifinals in double overtime.

Record: 16-2-1
State seed: First-place District 3
Coach: Rhys Yeakley, seventh season
State titles: 2018 
Players to watch:
Damian Arguello, junior midfielder
Jon Vazquez, senior defender
Team Leaders
Goals: Damian Arguello
Assists: Danny Torres
Saves: Rylan Tutor, junior goalkeeper
Notes: Sixth state tournament appearance in seven years...Hasn't missed state since 2014...Graduated 15 seniors from 2018...Coming off undefeated 2018 season...Five-match win streak to end the season.

Record: 15-3-1
State seed:
Coach: Ryan Ellis, second season
State titles: None
Notes: Coming into fifth straight state tournament...Posted 13 shutouts in regular season...Shut out only twice this year, both against Idaho Falls.

Record: 7-4-2
State seed: First-place District 1-2
Coach: Pedram Rezamand, first season
State titles: 1999
Players to watch:
Finn Benson, senior goalkeeper
Evan Odberg, junior midfielder
Tobias Searcy-Jorgernsen, senior right wing
Team Leaders
Goals: Evan Odberg (8)
Assists: Tobias Searcy-Jorgernsen (5)
Finn Benson, senior goalkeeper
Caleb Brooks, senior center back
Christopher Jacobs, senior center back
Notes: Benson, Brooks and Jacobs with 3 or more saves or blocks per game...Won district title 3-2 OT...Won last six of last eight matches.

Canyon Ridge
Record: 10-6-1
State seed: Second place District 4-5
Coach: Corey Farnsworth, sixth season
State titles: None
Team Leaders
Assists: Michael Delatorre, Joes Tapia, Nishcal Magar
Saves: Eli Cook
Notes: Won five straight matches heading into state...Dropped season-high 14 points against Minico in early October...Entered districts as a fifth seed...Pulled three straight upsets, including No. 1 Century 6-5 in penalty kicks.

3A Classification

Coeur d’Alene Charter
Record: 9-5-2
State seed: Second place District 1-2
Coach: Justin Ntti, first season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Ronan Malaghan, junior midfielder
Luca Correa
Team Leaders
Goals: Ronan Malaghan (17)
Assists: Ronan Malaghan, Luca Correa
Saves: Miles Taylor, freshman goalkeeper, (1.43% goals against average)
Notes: First season as a program...Many members of team playing soccer for the first time...Upset No. 1 Timberlake 3-0 in district tournament.

Bonners Ferry
Record: 15-2-1
State seed: First place District 1-2
Coach: Brycen Lunger, first season
State titles: 2007
Player to watch: Ben Tompkins
Team Leaders
Goals: Daniel Walker (12), Carson Spencer (12)
Assists: Dalin Foster, Ben Tadlock
Saves: Joshua Beazer
Notes: Outscored district tournament opponents 13-1...On eight-match win streak...Posted six consecutive shutouts before allowing one goal in district championship.

Record: 10-2-4
State seed: First place District 3
Coach: Kathy Bokides, 16th season
State titles: 2000, 2015, 2017
Team Leaders
Goals: Chris Gonzales, junior forward (15)
Assists: Alfonso Hernandez, sophomore (4)
Notes: Shutout Payette 8-0 in district semifinal...One loss in 2019 against Baker (OR)...Seven shutouts...Scored eight goals three times this season.

Sun Valley Community School
Record: 16-1-2
State seed: 
Coach: Richard Whitelaw, 28th season
State titles: 1992, 1999, 2018
Players to watch:
Mikel Sanchez DuPont, senior goalkeeper
Shea Brokaw, senior defender
Fletcher Stumph, senior midfielder
Ridley Lindstrom, senior forward
Cash Dart, senior forward
Team Leaders
Goals: Cash Dart (24), Ridley Lindstrom (21)
Saves: Mikel Sanchez-DuPont (7 shutouts)
Notes: Shea Brokaw only player in Cutthroat history to start every high school game since freshman year...Senior class holds 38-3 career home record with 225 goals and 31 goals allowed...20 state tournament appearances since 1992.

Record: 13-5-2
State seed: Second place District 4
Coach: Brent Bjornn, second season
State titles: None
Players to watch: 
Alex Cruz, senior forward
Jesse Swift, senior defender
Kaleb Gabriel, senior midfielder
Team Leaders
Goals: Alex Cruz
Saves: Alan Cordova
Notes: Two sets of brothers on team...Program consists of four 1A co-op schools in Glenns Ferry, Bliss, Hagerman and Shoshone...Defeated Gooding 2-0 in state play-in game.

American Falls
Record: 16-1-1
State seed: 
Coach: Miguel Mata Rangel, fourth season
State titles: None
Players to watch:
Brian Martinez, senior forward
Daniel Pena, senior forward 
Jose Jaimes, junior midfielder 
Adolfo Alvarez, junior defender
Team Leaders
Goals: Jose Jaimes (31)
Assists: Daniel Pena (16)
Notes: Mata Rangel appearing in third state tournament in four years...Team consists of 12 seniors...Seven straight wins...Outscored district tournament opponents 14-2.

Record: 16-1-1
State seed: First place District 6
Coach: Oscar Bustos, 16th season
State titles: None
Players to watch 
Scott Galbraith, senior forward 
Jordan Dayley, senior midfielder
Sam Puzey, senior defender
Nathan Dayley, junior midfielder
Devin Petterson, freshman forward
Team Leaders
Goals: Jordan Dayley (15)
Assists: Jordan Dayley (12)
Saves: Rylan Bean (79)
Notes: Eight consecutive state tournament appearances...2018 Consolation Champions...10 players with two or more goals...Seven players with three or more assists.

Record: 9-5
State seed: Second place District 6
Coach: Jesus Castro
State titles: 2006, 2016
Head coach could not be reached for comment
Notes: Went 5-2 to start the season...Has not won less than 10 matches in a season since 2014..

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