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2022 Idaho High School Wrestling Preview: 4A Classification
Blackfoot, Minico and Bishop Kelly are expected to lead the way in 4A wrestling this year
Published: 12/6/2022 9:49:19 AM
Al Fontes
Contributing Writer


The top three 4A teams entering the 2022-’23 season are Blackfoot, Minico, and Bishop Kelly. Led by two-time state champion Mack Mauger (Jr.) and champion Tradyn Henderson, Blackfoot also returns state finalist Austin Ramirez (Sr.) and five additional qualifiers. Returning a large contingent from last season’s state championship team, Minico without a doubt will challenge for the top spot. Led by returning state champion Garrett Vail (Jr.), Minico returns twelve additional state placers and six qualifiers. Among the large contingent of returning state placers are Andre Valero and Spencer Pease, each in position to earn a third state medal.

As mentioned prior, the road to a state team title is not only producing several placers, but to send as many qualifiers possible (each wrestler scores for the team). Despite not have a large contingent of returning state placers as Minico, Bishop Kelly definitely has great potential to send several wrestlers with state finals potential, which would place them in position for a top spot. Leading Bishop Kelly is returning state champions Matthew Martino (Soph.) and Jake Castegneto (Jr.), each having All-American honors to their credit. Other returning state placers include the Valdez brothers, Manuel and Carlos. Both Manual and Carlos compete for the Suples Wrestling Club and have Folkstyle All-American honors. Competing in his first prep season for Bishop Kelly is U15 World Greco Champion Jadon Skellenger (Jr.). Also training at Suples, Skellenger has a very long and extensive wrestling resume. A student of the sport since an early age, he will be the favorite to win an individual title this season. In addition, Bishop Kelly also returns several qualifiers. Other teams to watch include Caldwell, Jerome, Bonneville, Preston, Columbia, and Century.

Individually, Caldwell’s Hunter Bidelman (Sr.) and Mack Mauger each return in pursuit of a third state title while six others return to challenge for their second title. They include Gabe Martinez (Mountain Home, Sr.), Jake Castegneto (Bishop Kelly, Jr.), Matthew Martino (Bishop Kelly, Soph.), Nakoa Fouret (Columbia, Sr.), Tradyn Henderson (Blackfoot, Sr.), and Garrett Vail (Minico, Jr.). Additionally, Payton Hernandez (Columbia, Sr.), Hunter Bidelman, and Miguel Perez (Caldwell, Sr.) are each in pursuit of a fourth state medal while sixteen other 4A wrestlers are in position to earn their third respective state medal. 


  1. Blackfoot
  2. Minico
  3. Bishop Kelly (Boise)
  4. Caldwell
  5. Jerome



106 – Mack Mauger (Blackfoot, 11)

138 – Hunter Bidelman (Caldwell, 12)



98 – Gabe Martinez (Mountain Home, 12)

106 – Jake Castegneto (Bishop Kelly, 11)

113 – Matthew Martino (Bishop Kelly, 10)

160 – Nakoa Fouret (Columbia, 12)

170 – Tradyn Henderson (Blackfoot, 12)

195 – Garrett Vail (Minico, 11)



120 – Payton Hernandez (Columbia, 12), 2nd, 2nd, 2nd

138 – Hunter Bidelman (Caldwell, 12), 1st, 2nd, 1st

285 – Miguel Perez (Caldwell, 12), 3rd, 3rd, 3rd



98 – David Scott (Columbia, 12), 3rd, 3rd

106 – Mack Mauger (Blackfoot, 11), 1st, 1st

106 – Jake Castegneto (Bishop Kelly, 11), 1st, 2nd

106 – Andre Valero (Minico, 11), 4th, 4th

113 – Carter Balmforth (Shelley, 11), 2nd, 6th

120 – Kaiden Rubash (Jerome, 12), 6th, 5th

120 – Devyn Greenland (Century, 12), 4th, 6th

132 – Dominic Alcantara (Caldwell, 11), 6th, 5th

145 – Diego Deaton (Moscow, 12), 5th, 6th

152 – Austin Ramirez (Blackfoot, 12), 2nd, 2nd

160 – Nakoa Fouret (Columbia, 12), 3rd, 1st

160 – Gavin Williamson (Jerome, 11), 4th, 4th

170 – Spencer Pease (Minico, 11), 5th, 3rd

182 – Emery Thorson (Preston, 12), 4th, 2nd

195 – Preston Colvin (Skyline, 12), 6th, 2nd

220 – Colby Coates (Jerome, 12), 6th, 4th



Jadon Skellenger (Bishop Kelly), U15 World Champion – GR



Mack Mauger (Blackfoot) 6x


ALL-AMERICANS (Fargo/Folkstyle/UWW)

Mack Mauger (Blackfoot) 9x

Jadon Skellenger (Bishop Kelly) 8x

Matthew Martino (Bishop Kelly) 2x

Treygen Morin (Ridgevue) 2x

Hunter Bidelman (Caldwell) 2x

Saxton Scott (Bonneville)

Jake Castegneto (Bishop Kelly)

Manual Valdez (Bishop Kelly)

Carlos Valdez (Bishop Kelly)



Sean Hall (Canyon Ridge)

Kaden Bunderson (Pocatello)

Gabe Archuleta (Pocatello)

Aiden Blessinger (Pocatello)

Peyton Keller (Preston)

Krew Keller (Preston)

Ethan Lords (Hillcrest)


RETURNING STATE PLACERS (Previous state tournament weights)



Gabe Martinez (Mountain Home, 12), State Champion

Saxton Scott (Bonneville, 10), 3rd Place

Wyat Blanchard (Bonneville, 10), 4th Place

Greyson Molina (Minico, 10), 5th Place

Cyrek Harrell (Burley, 10), 6th Place

David Scott (Columbia, 12), 2x Placer (3, 3)



Mack Mauger (Blackfoot, 11), 2x State Champion

Draven Johns (Caldwell, 10), 3rd Place

Andre Valero (Minico, 11), 2x Placer (4, 4)

Cooper Stimpson (Minico, 11), 5th Place

Xzavier Brown (Moscow, 11), 3rd Place ‘21

Skylar Zimmerman (Moscow, 12), 6th Place ‘21



Matthew Martino (Bishop Kelly, 10), State Champion

Clark Peterson (Shelley, 10), 3rd Place

Jayce Wolf (Caldwell, 10), 5th Place

Carter Balmforth (Shelley, 11), 2x Placer (2, 6)

Christian Avila (Caldwell, 11), 3rd Place ‘21

Ryan Nuno (Bonneville, 12), 6th Place ‘20

Matthew Williams (Lakeland, 12), 5th Place ‘21



Payton Hernandez (Columbia, 12), 3x Placer (2, 2, 2)

Ryker Vail (Bonneville, 10), 4th Place

Jose Contreras (Minico, 12), 5th Place

Kaiden Rubash (Jerome, 12), 2x Placer (6, 5)

Devyn Greenland (Century, 12), 2x Placer (4, 6)



Joseph Terry (Minico, 12), 3rd Place



Brody Ottley (Minico, 11), 4th Place

Dominic Alcantara (Caldwell, 11), 2x Placer (6, 5)

Tavin Rigby (Preston, 11), 6th Place



Hunter Bidelman (Caldwell, 12), 2x State Champion (1, 2, 1)

Kale Osterhout (Minico, 12), 6th Place

Manuel Valdez (Bishop Kelly, 11), 3rd Place ‘21



Carlos Valdez (Bishop Kelly, 10), 4th Place

Diego Deaton (Moscow, 12), 2x Placer (5, 6)



Austin Ramirez (Blackfoot, 12), 2x Placer (2, 2)

Paxton Twiss (Minico, 11), 3rd Place

Darrian Resso (Sandpoint, 12), 6th Place

Kylan Guerra (Blackfoot, 11), 4th Place ‘21

Timothy Hebdon (Skyview, 12), 6th Place ’21 (5A)



Nakoa Fouret (Columbia, 12), State Champion (3, 1)

Gavin Williamson (Jerome, 11), 2x Placer (4, 4)

Caleb Somers (Canyon Ridge, 11), 6th Place



Tradyn Henderson (Blackfoot, 12), State Champion

Micah Serr (Preston, 12), 2nd Place

Spencer Pease (Minico, 11), 2x Placer (5, 3)

Preston Sonner-Cranney (Minico, 10), 4th Place

Levi Lockett (Jerome, 12), 6th Place



Emery Thorson (Preston, 12), 2x Placer (4, 2)



Garrett Vail (Minico, 11), State Champion

Preston Colvin (Skyline, 12), 2x Placer (6, 2)

Parker Bodily (Preston, 12), 5th Place



Zahne Ruiz (Twin Falls, 12), 2nd Place

Colby Coates (Jerome, 12), 2x Placer (6, 4)

Freddy Martinez (Minico, 12), 6th Place



Jackson Geslin (Century, 12), 2nd Place

Miguel Perez (Caldwell, 12), 3x Placer (3, 3, 3)

Preston Jeffs (Lakeland, 12), 6th Place

Mark Larsen (Jerome, 12), 6th Place ‘21

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