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Matt Harris

Matt joined the team in the fall of 2011. He is the Sports Information Director and also broadcasts many sporting events throughout Idaho. Matt grew up in Alberta, Canada and moved to the Gem State in 2004. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Communications and works for Riverbend Communications. Matt married his wife (and much better half), Hannah, in 2010 and they have three children: Eli, Naomi, and Elizabeth. He and his family reside in Idaho Falls. Follow Matt on Twitter: @IdahoSportsMatt


The Tradition Continues - The 53rd Emotion Bowl
Published: 9/22/2017 11:41:25 PM

Skyline and Idaho Falls are set to battle once again in this storied rivalry. What you need to know before the big game.

Follow Matt on Twitter: @IdahoSportsMatt

If there is one game each season that both Skyline and Idaho Falls would say they had to win, regardless of the outcomes of their other games, they would each say "The Emotion Bowl".

It's understandable too. With an Emotion Bowl win comes a full 365 days of bragging rights. Skyline has held on to those bragging rights for three straight seasons (with the blue goal posts to show for it). Skyline will go for a fourth straight win in the series on Saturday afternoon at Ravsten Stadium.

Idaho Falls, on the other hand, is sick of seeing baby blue goal posts. Their senior class has only seen blue on the goal posts, dating back to when they were freshmen. The Tigers would love nothing more than to be the ones to rush the field and spray paint the posts in an orange shade of their choice.

Both teams enter the contest with a 2-2 record and both teams are on current two-game winning streaks. Both teams went to the playoffs last season and both teams has big expectations for this season. Skyline leads the all-time series 30-22 and has won six of the last seven Emotion Bowl contests. 

But despite what we know about both teams and what we all think may happen on Saturday afternoon, don't be surprised if something wild happens. Don't be caught off guard for any outcome. When it comes to the Emotion Bowl, the mantra is to "Expect The Unexpected".

The 53rd Emotion Bowl kicks off of Saturday at 2:00 pm MT from Ravsten Stadium in Idaho Falls. Our LIVE video broadcast of the Emotion Bowl will begin at 1:40 pm MT. To watch the 53rd Emotion Bowl, click HERE.

If you plan on being at Ravsten Stadium to take in the game in person, the following is information you'll need to know regarding entrance to the stadium from Idaho Falls athletic director Kerry Martin:

1.Tickets go on sale starting Tuesday, September 19 through Friday September 22nd from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm at Skyline H.S. & Idaho Falls H.S. Tickets will go on sale at 11:00 am at Ravsten Stadium, Saturday September 23rd.

2.Saturday September 23rd  until noon, Ravsten Stadium will be in lock down. Gates will open at noon.
        a.Personal belongings cannot be used to save seats.  Blankets, chairs, and other items will be confiscated if left unattended. 
        b.Outside food and beverages are not permitted, as well as coolers and other personal items.
        c.Folding camp chairs will not be allowed into the premises.
        d.Handicap Parking for IFHS will be between the District Office and East Stadium off of Tiger Avenue but has limited spaces.  Handicap parking for Skyline will be south the south building on 7th street.

3.Idaho Falls H.S. is the home team and only their season passes will be honored. Skyline season pass holders will need to purchase a ticket. Pre-sold ticket holders may use pass gate for entrance which is Gate SB-4, located in the southwest corner.

4.Ticket Prices:
        a.Idaho Falls High School students with activity card - No Charge
        b.Skyline High School students with activity card - $5.00
        c.Compass Academy Students
                i.IFHS tag (area) - No Charge
                ii.Skyline tag (area) - $5.00
        d.Students without an activity card - $6.00
        e.Adult - $6.00
        f.Elementary students and Senior citizens - $4.00

5.Alcohol and Tobacco/Vapor use is not permitted at Ravsten Stadium. Individuals who appear intoxicated will be denied admission and those caught using or under the influence will be removed from stadium or arrested.

6.Security Items: Items may be restricted by gate personnel. Items such as coolers, ice chests, camp chairs, food and beverages will not be permitted on the premises.

7.Re-entry into the stadium will be restricted.

8.Bands from Skyline, Idaho Falls, Eagle Rock, and Taylorview will present a pre-game show starting at 1:40 pm. The national anthem will be played at 1:56. Bands will exit to West Sideline. Coin toss will take place at 1:57 with kick-off at 2:00.  Half-time activities will be Idaho Falls Marching Band and Cheerleaders and Great American Rivalry Hall of Fame Recognition. Winner of the Teton Toyota car will be announced.

9.Skyline and Idaho Falls Booster Clubs will be holding tailgate activities from noon until 1:30 inside the stadium premises.

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