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Yearbook Hall of Fame: Dominick Williamson
Lapwai's star dual-athlete might not see the baseball diamond again, but his presence won't soon be forgotten
Published: 4/20/2020 12:02:31 PM

Photo courtesy of Pete Caster, Lewiston Tribune

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It didn’t take long for Dominick Williamson to discover his talents. 

From the second grade, the soon-to-be Lapwai superstar began flexing his athletic abilities in not just one, but two sports.

“We come from a small, but close-knit community. I first got to know Dominick from coaching youth football,” said Tui Moliga, Lapwai’s assistant baseball and football coach. “He approached the game the same way back then — full speed ahead.” 

Williamson got his start in youth football with the “Baby Wildcats.”  Moliga, as well as the rest of the proud Lapwai community, quickly witnessed how versatile Williamson could be, not just on the gridiron, but on the baseball field as well. 

“Since I have known Dominick, he has always given his best effort. He puts in the time and effort to prepare himself to do his job in helping the team,” Moliga said. “Since his freshman year of baseball, he was a starter. He was one of a few kids who actually played the game up until that point.”

 While Williamson, an eventual Lapwai linebacker, proved to be a talent in a helmet and pads, the baseball diamond was where he felt he belonged, thanks to a rich family history in the sport. 

“Baseball has been played by three generations in my family starting with my grandpa, Robert F. Williamson, who was great in high school, and then my dad, Robert A. Williamson,” Williamson said. 

And when it came to making the family proud, the third-generation Williamson did not disappoint. 

He led the Wildcat baseball squad to three consecutive state tournament appearances, earning fifth-place finishes his freshman and junior years. Williamson would have had a chance at a third attempt, but 2018’s fifth-place games were canceled due to weather. 

On the gridiron, Williamson played both sides of the ball, filling in at running back and linebacker. While the decision to become a two-sport athlete in high school was an easy one, Williamson said it came with everyday challenges. 

“After I finish one sport, I get to prepare for the next one,” he said. “But it can mean being tired, sore or possibly not getting out of bed for a day, which could cause you to miss some days of school.”

Moliga, who’s spent countless fall and spring evenings out on the field with Williamson, said he greatly appreciated the incredible amount of dedication Williamson gave to the Wildcat program. 

“Every time we would go to the cages, he was there. Every time we were putting in extra work, he was there. When we were in the weight room lifting, he was there,” Moliga said. “Dominick is a kid who is always there when you need him. He isn’t the most vocal person, but when he does speak, you know he means it.”

While Williamson got the chance to close the chapter on his football career, the sport he really loved  — baseball — still had one last page yet to be filled before spring athletics were canceled statewide. 

As for the last time Williamson stepped onto the field as a Wildcat? He led Lapwai to a 12-11 come-from-behind win in the state tournament over Clearwater Valley, a moment Moliga said he’ll never forget. 

“Just know you went out a winner,” Moliga said. “You have the work ethic and mindset to be great at whatever you decide to do in life. Dream big and swing for the fences. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.”


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