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8/27 Football  Beaver HS, UT vs Marsh Valley
8/27 Football  Morgan HS, UT vs Sugar-Salem
8/27 Football  Elko, NV vs Middleton
8/27 Football  Green Canyon HS, UT vs Skyline
8/28 Football  Lighthouse Christian vs Kendrick
8/28 Football  Ogden HS, UT vs Pocatello
8/28 Football  Raft River vs Clearwater Valley
8/28 Football  Alta HS, UT vs Highland (Poc)
8/28 Football  Glenns Ferry vs Prairie
8/28 Football  Bear River HS, UT vs Madison
8/28 Football  Lehi HS, UT vs Coeur d'Alene
8/28 Football  Oakley vs Lapwai
9/3 Football  Minico vs Middleton
9/10 Football  Carey vs Wilder
9/11 Football  Kendrick vs Oakley

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Football Preseason Coaches Polls + Players To Watch
Check out how the coaches see things shaking out this season in Idaho high school football!
Published: 8/22/2018 10:29:24 AM
All of the following information, including players to watch, was obtained directly from coaches throughout the state.

5A Inland Empire League
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Coeur d’Alene
2. Lewiston
3. Post Falls
4. Lake City
Players to Watch
Garrett Hagel, RB/LB, Coeur d’Alene
Kale Edwards, QB/DB, Coeur d’Alene
Ryan Linehan, TE/DE, Coeur d’Alene
Tyson Wallace, QB, Lewiston
Treyce Bradley, RB/LB, Lewiston
Chris Irvin, QB, Lake City
Travis Jerome, WR/DB, Lake City
Zane Lettau, RB/LB, Lake City
Terran Sharbrough, OL, Post Falls
Justin Gies, OL, Post Falls
“Coeur d’Alene has been the established power for the last few seasons and all three other teams will be competing to unseat them as the top program,” Lake City head coach Brian Fulp.
5A Southern Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Mountain View
2. Rocky Mountain
3. Capital
4. Borah
5. Eagle
6. Skyview 
7. Meridian
8. Timberline
9. Centennial
10. Boise
Players to Watch
Joey Elwell, TE/LB, Mountain View
Noah Bryant, QB, Mountain View
Jaymon Barrus, RB, Mountain View
Nick Romano, RB, Rocky Mountain
Brayden Hamilton, WR/TE, Rocky Mountain
Ryan Hibbs, QB, Capital
Jack Vering, OL, Capital
Jake Standlee, QB, Borah
Ellis Magnuson, WR/DB, Borah
Dalton Riggs, LS/DL, Eagle
Luke Masters, OL, Eagle
Sam Witte, OL, Eagle
Wyatt Storer, QB, Skyview
Tyler Crowe, RB/LB, Skyview
Javen Woodall, WR/CB, Meridian
Ed Osterberger, RB, Timberline
Dayne Koch, QB, Centennial
Caden Clark, WR/CB, Centennial
Jack Molesworth, RB/S, Boise
Alex Ojukwu, DE, Boise
Carson Bohning, QB, Boise
“I think Borah will continue to grow, they have success in their feeder programs and are getting kids out. I think that will be seen more directly moving forward. That is essential for any program success,” Boise head coach Jerry O’Mahony.
“I think anyone can beat anyone on any given night,” Centennial head coach David Koch. 
5A District 5/6 Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Highland
2. Madison
3. Rigby 
4. Thunder Ridge
Players to Watch
Kobe Tracy, QB, Highland
Landon Demuzio, RB, Highland
Micah Naumu, LB, Highland
Jordan Porter, QB, Madison
Karson Hastings, RB/WR/DB, Madison
Malachi Valora, RB, Madison
Mason McWhorter, WR/DB, Madison
Tanoa Togiai, DL, Rigby
Nate Franz, DT/OT, Rigby
Trey Howell, WR, Thunder Ridge
“Southeast Idaho is laden with talent this coming year,” Thunder Ridge head coach Jeff Marshall.
“With a new school in Thunder Ridge come more questions than answers until games are played.  Highland, Madison and Rigby all have varsity experienced groups and were playoff teams from a year ago. Should be a battle royale!” Highland head coach Gino Mariani. 
4A Inland Empire League
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Sandpoint
2. Lakeland
3. Moscow
Players to Watch
Derek Rauch-Edwards, QB/RB/DB, Moscow
Alex Stockton, TE/LB, Sandpoint
Jaxon Pettit, QB, Sandpoint
Trey McArthur, WR/DB, Lakeland
“The conference is always a tossup. Sandpoint and Lakeland have been tough the last few years. I know Lakeland will be young, but tough. Sandpoint with a new coach, you never know. They are a football school and always have great teams,” Moscow head coach Phil Helbling. 
4A Southern Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Bishop Kelly
2. Middleton
3. Kuna
4. Vallivue
5. Columbia
6. Nampa
7. Emmett
8. Ridgevue
9. Caldwell
Players to Watch
Luke McLaughlin, DE, Bishop Kelly
Gaard Memmelaar, OL, Middleton
Lan Larison, QB, Vallivue
Donnie Estrada, WR, Nampa
Allamar Alexander, RB, Columbia
Hayden Brandon, LB, Kuna
Chase Burfeind, QB, Caldwell
Dylan Bemis, QB, Emmett
Brett Kern, WR, Emmett
Michael Sondermann, RB, Ridgevue
“Nampa could surprise some people because they have some explosive playmakers at the speed and skill positions,” Columbia head coach Jon Helmandollar.
“From everything we’ve heard and seen the kid from Columbia [Allamar Alexander] is a dude. He’s going to be tough to handle. We know we are going to be a massive underdog that week. We’re on the road. I think everyone with eyeballs is probably picking Columbia to win that game,” Emmett head coach Rich Hargitt. 
“Nampa has athletic playmakers on the perimeter. They are getting more comfortable with their program and what Holtry wants the Bulldogs to look like,” Kuna head coach Sherman Blaser.
“Vallivue quarterback Lan Larison is very athletic and leads his team. The running back from Columbia Allamar Alexander is a dude and is going to be a problem for defenses. The lineman from Middleton, Gaard Memmelaar, is probably the dominant player in the league,” Ridgevue head coach Tom DeWitz. 
4A Great Basin Conference – West Pod
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Twin Falls
2. Jerome
3. Canyon Ridge
4. Mountain Home
5. Wood River
Players to Watch
Hudson Klundt, OL/DL, Twin Falls
Bentley Swensen, RB/LB, Twin Falls
Cy Mahlke, DL/TE, Twin Falls
Jeffrey Ledezma, DB, Jerome
Alan Castaneda, WR, Jerome
Andrew Nelson, QB, Wood River
Klayton Douthit, OL, Wood River
Hunter Geissler, OL, Wood River
Nehemiah Parker, WR, Mountain Home
Johnny Eastman, QB, Canyon Ridge
MJ Brooks, RB/WR, Canyon Ridge
“Twin Falls has great size in the trenches with the Hudson Klundt leading the way,” Jerome head coach Sid Gambles.
“We are ready to make some noise,” Mountain Home head coach Jim Clark.
4A Great Basin Conference – East Pod
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Century
2. Minico 
3. Pocatello
4. Burley 
5. Preston
Players to Watch
Nathan Manning, QB, Century
Deshun Harwell, DB, Century
Titan Fleischmann, TE, Century
Francisco Paz, DB, Minico
Colter May, RB/DB, Minico
Kobee Gunter, QB, Pocatello
Kyler Nichols, RB, Pocatello
Ethan Gibbons, QB, Burley
Riley Stephens, RB/DB, Burley
“Century looks strong and returns a great group of athletes,” Burley head coach Tony Cade.
“Kobee Gunter is a deadly efficient quarterback across town. He’ll have a lot of eyes on him. Colter May is a very good football player on both sides of the ball for Minico and they’ll need him to make a run for it. I like Burley’s quarterback Ethan Gibbons, who is very athletic,” Century head coach Travis Hobson.
4A High Country Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Skyline
2. Hillcrest
3. Blackfoot
4. Idaho Falls
5. Shelley 
6. Bonneville
Players to Watch
Cruz Taylor, WR, Skyline
Joel Cortez, DL, Skyline
Cameron Conrad, RB, Idaho Falls
Carson Fugleberg, TE, Idaho Falls
Jordan Neuerburg, RB, Hillcrest
Oakley Hussey, WR/CB, Hillcrest
Brandon McBride, RB/DB, Shelley
Wyatt Remington, RB/LB, Shelley
Jake Wray, QB, Shelley
Carter Cooper, WR, Blackfoot
Chase Turner, TE, Blackfoot
Willie Nelson, QB, Bonneville
Jordan Perez, RB/DB, Bonneville
“I believe Blackfoot will be much improved from the little I saw last year. The Broncos have a ton of tradition and pride. Skyline is the big dog until someone harnesses them. However, never count out the Russets! We will be in the mix!” Shelley head coach Jake Monahan. 
“Jordan Neuerburg of Hillcrest is an outstanding athlete who can take over a game. Cameron Conrad of Idaho Falls is an impact player who is a physical runner,” Skyline head coach Scott Berger.
3A Intermountain League
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Timberlake
2. Kellogg
3. Priest River
4. Bonners Ferry
Players to Watch
Jeremy McLemore, RB/LB, Timberlake
Joey Follini, QB/S, Timberlake
Justin Lehto, OL/LB, Kellogg
Owen Seitz, OL/DL, Kellogg
Brandon Miller, OL/DL, Kellogg
Robbie Anselmo, RB/DB, Priest River
Arron Reyes, OL/DL, Priest River
Keegan Hegel, RB/DB, Priest River
Donovan Varelman, RB, Bonners Ferry
“Our league is as close as it has been in a long time. Last year was a perfect example of that. I really think whoever is healthiest coming into league play has as good of a chance as anyone,” Bonners Ferry head coach Cory Kramer. 
3A Snake River Valley Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Fruitland
2. Homedale
3. Weiser
4. Parma
5. Payette
Players to Watch
Cole Eiguren, QB/S, Fruitland
Jonathon Fagen, OL/LB, Fruitland
Noah Hattrup, CB/RB, Fruitland
Daniel Uranga, QB, Homedale
Clayton Wolfe, OL/DL, Homedale
Carson Brown, WR/DB, Homedale
Mason Kincheloe, RB/LB, Homedale
Braden Bumgarner, RB/LB, Weiser
Braydon Jensen, WR/DE, Parma
Ryen Duke, OL/LB, Parma
Andy Harmon, QB/LB, Payette
“Weiser could be a surprise with a new coach and new philosophy,” Homedale head coach Matt Holtry.
3A Sawtooth Central Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Gooding
2. Kimberly 
3. Filer
4. Buhl
Players to Watch
Shane Jennings, QB, Gooding
Cayden Loveland, WR, Gooding
Jake McGinnis, DL, Gooding
McKade Huft, RB, Kimberly
Cade Morris, RB/LB, Gooding
Blake Phillips, WR/DB, Kimberly
AJ Garrell, LB, Kimberly
Jade Juker, QB/DB, Buhl
Garrett Bowman, RB/DB, Buhl
Skyler Borrayo, DL/RB, Filer
Bryer Monson, LB/TE, Buhl
“Buhl has steadily improved the last few years under Seth Blick. He is doing a good job over there and has some good young talent,” Kimberly head coach Rich Bishop.
“McKade Huft from Kimberly is a great running back and looked good at camp. Also at Kimberly, Blake Phillips at wide receiver might be the fastest player in the SCIC. If he gets loose, watch-out. Kimberly also returns a linebacker in AJ Garrell. He was as good of a linebacker as we saw last year,” Gooding head coach Cameron Andersen.
“Buhl has a young team, but have a way of getting kids to play hard and together,” Filer head coach Rob Anderson.
3A South East Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Marsh Valley
2. Snake River
3. American Falls
Players to Watch
Tanner Branson, OL/DL, Marsh Valley
Conn O’Doherty, OL, Marsh Valley
Aaron Marshall, WR/DB, Marsh Valley
Treyton Young, RB, Snake River
Anthony T. Harrison, C, Snake River
Ty Belnap, OL/DL, Snake River
Garrett Burgemeister, FB/LB, American Falls
Wyatt Kearn, OL/LB, American Falls
“Coach Armstrong continues to improve that program at Marsh Valley. His youth programs are flourishing. I watched his team in summer camp and I think that is the best team Marsh Valley has had in a while. American Falls hit a home run in hiring Cory Hollingsworth. He will definitely improve that program,” Snake River head coach Jeb Harrison.
“Snake River will always be tough. They are the District Champs, and until they are knocked off, we will continue to work towards playing at their level. This year we have to go to Moreland, which is always a tough place to play. American Falls will also be an improved team with Coach Hollingsworth at the helm. Coach Hollingsworth is an intelligent, well-versed coach who always has his teams ready to play,” Marsh Valley head coach Doug Armstrong.
3A Mountain Rivers Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Sugar-Salem
2. South Fremont
3. Teton
Players to Watch
Kenneth Copley, OL/DL, Sugar-Salem
Kyler Yancey, RB/WR/DB, South Fremont
Jordan Dodge, OL/DL, South Fremont
Kyle Ostermiller, RB/DL, Sugar-Salem
Jeremiah Otto, RB/DL, Teton
“Our conference is always tough and any team can beat any team on any given night, so you always have to be on your game,” South Fremont head coach Chad Hill.
“I have heard people mention that they [South Fremont] are going to be down because they lost some key skill players from last year’s team. They return nearly everyone from the offensive and defensive lines, including their linebackers. They will be tough. I see them winning a lot of football games this year,” Sugar-Salem head coach Tyler Richins.
“This kid is an animal,” South Fremont head coach Chad Hill on Sugar-Salem’s Kenneth Copley.
2A Central Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Grangeville
2. St. Maries
3. Orofino
Players to Watch
Noah Kaschmitter, RB/DL, Grangeville
Booker Bush, WR/LB, Grangeville
Brandon Stump, TE/LB, Grangeville
Tescher Harris, QB/DB, Grangeville
“Orofino has a new coach that will do well. St. Maries has a great coaching staff. These teams will always prepare as good as any staffs in the state at any level,” Grangeville head coach Jeff Adams.
“Noah Kaschmitter, Brandon Stump and Booker Bush from Grangeville will be great players in our league,” Orofino head coach Garrett Bretz. 
2A Western Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. McCall-Donnelly
2. Cole Valley Christian
3. New Plymouth
4. Melba
5. Nampa Christian
6. Marsing
Players to Watch
Obi Gee, RB, Cole Valley Christian
Brady Frame, WR/FS, Cole Valley Christian
Roman Conder, QB/CB, Cole Valley Christian
Pete Knudson, QB/DE, McCall-Donnelly
Beau Carr, RB/LB, McCall-Donnelly
Stockton Raines, WR/DB, McCall-Donnelly
Josue Hernandez, DL, McCall-Donnelly
Dwight Sevy, RB/S, Marsing
Wes Ireland, QB/CB, Marsing
Scotty Martinez, LB/RB, Melba
Joe Ihli, QB/DB, Nampa Christian
Michael Miller, WR/DB, Nampa Christian
Nick Woods, OL/DL, New Plymouth
Seth Mowder, RB, New Plymouth
Luke Eames, DL, New Plymouth
“Cole Valley Christian has the athletes to beat anybody in the conference this season,” New Plymouth head coach Dallan Rupp. 
“Everyone lost their offensive line,” McCall-Donnelly head coach Lee Leslie.
“The second year of the wing-t offensive system that can be hard to defend,” Nampa Christian head coach Cassidy Kotte on Melba. 
2A Canyon Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Declo
2. Wendell
Players to Watch
Keegan Duncan, RB/LB, Declo
Tyson Matthews, OL/DL, Declo
McKay Breshears, QB/LB, Declo
Tristan Wert, QB, Wendell
Ben Orozco Diaz, LB, Wendell
“We are going to be a ton better this year,” Wendell head coach Cody Howerton.
2A South East Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Aberdeen
2. West Side
3. Bear Lake
4. Malad 
5. Soda Springs
Players to Watch
Hulizes Ortiz, RB/DB, Aberdeen
Spencer Watson, OL/DL, Aberdeen
Matthew Klassen, QB/LB, Aberdeen
Mitchell Spence, OL/DL, Aberdeen
Jake Moser, LB/RB, West Side
Enoch Ward, LB/RB, West Side
Dillon Robison, DB/WR, West Side
Jack Moser, OL/DL, West Side
Trey Shaul, WR/DB, Bear Lake
Logan Mumford, RB/LB, Soda Springs
Thomas Nielsen, WR/DB, Soda Springs
Kolby Driessen, RB, Malad
“Soda Springs and Malad both have new head coaches, so it will be interesting to see what they do,” West Side head coach Tyson Moser.
“Bear Lake has a tradition of winning and they always seem to compete,” Soda Springs head coach Colter Evans. 
2A Nuclear Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Firth
2. North Fremont
3. West Jefferson
4. Ririe
5. Salmon
Players to Watch
Garrett Hawkes, QB/DB, North Fremont
Colton Mecham, RB/DB, Firth
Grayson Nelson, QB/TE/DE, Firth
Genio Lemus, DE, West Jefferson
Riggen Cordingley, RB/LB, North Fremont
Stockton Johnson, RB/DB, Ririe
Brax Kauffman, QB/DB, Salmon
“North Fremont has a talented group of seniors. It will be difficult to account for all of them,” West Jefferson head coach Jason Taylor.
“Hoping we come ready to play Salmon after they put a whooping on us last year,” North Fremont head coach Ben Lenz.
1AD1 Whitepine League
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Prairie
2. Genesee
3. Lapwai
4. Clearwater Valley
5. Kamiah
6. Troy
7. Wallace 
8. Potlatch
Players to Watch
Spencer Schumacher, QB/DL, Prairie
Caleb McWilliams, RB/LB, Prairie
Owen Anderson, RB/LB, Prairie
Kolby Moser, QB/LB, Genesee
Daniel Lindquist, RB/DB, Genesee
Dillon Sperber, OL/LB, Genesee
Kendall Leighton, WR/DB, Lapwai
Tui Moliga Jr., RB/LB, Lapwai
Bubba Summers, RB/LB, Clearwater Valley
Peyton Whipple, DE/OL, Kamiah
Layten Gould, DT/OL, Kamiah
Rhett Sandquist, QB/DE, Troy
Erik Brackebusch, QB, Wallace
Carter Bailey, WR/DB, Wallace
“I always worry about Wallace because they are well coached,” Genesee head coach Tim Sperber.
“With the return of wide receiver Kendall Leighton, the conference’s most exciting player, Lapwai will always have a chance in any game,” Kamiah head coach Nels Kludt.
“Clearwater Valley could surprise some people. They have a good solid group of underclassmen,” Prairie head coach Ryan Hasselstrom.
1AD1 Western Idaho Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Wilder
2. Idaho City
3. Rimrock
4. Notus
Players to Watch
Benji Escutia, RB/S, Wilder
Ismael Cortez, DE/TE, Wilder
Norman Gonzalez, WR/CB, Wilder
Jake Sharp, RB/DB, Idaho City
Juan McFarlane, RB/DB, Idaho City
Kaleb Severns, QB, Idaho City
Garrett Stewart, RB/LB, Notus
Brandon Fogg, RB/LB, Notus
Tyler Carpenter, QB, Notus
Ian Burbank, RB/DB, Rimrock
Nick Lino, OL/DE, Rimrock
Todd Marvin, QB/LB, Rimrock
“Rimrock had some young talent last year that I think will produce some conference wins this year,” Wilder head coach Kyle DalSoglio.
“Rimrock was well on their way in turning things around last year. Next year should be much better for them. Wilder will always be tough. A new coach in Notus could be interesting,” Idaho City head coach Jason Roeber. 
1AD1 Snake River Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Oakley
2. Valley
3. Raft River (Tie)
3. Challis (Tie)
5. Butte County
6. Grace
7. Glenns Ferry
Players to Watch
Keegan Chatburn, QB/LB, Raft River
Rylee Spencer, WR/LB, Raft River
Jason Hardy, QB/DB, Valley
Zane Mussmann, WR/LB, Valley
Collin Tvrdy, OL/DL, Valley
Tanner Martinez, QB, Glenns Ferry
Chandler Jones, WR/DB, Oakley
Austin Bedke, RB/LB, Oakley
Keyan Cummins, RB/LB, Butte County
Ty Twitchell, RB/LB, Butte County
Camm Jorgensen, RB/LB, Grace
Tate Cranney, QB, Oakley
Ross Sheppeard, QB/DE, Challis
Blaine Ammar, NT/OG, Challis
Mitch Cotant, RB/DB, Challis
“We have a lot of respect for any team in this conference and know how tough this conference is. Valley will be very tough and Oakley has a good tradition. I am not sure it is much of a surprise that every team in this conference can make a deep playoff run,” Grace head coach Mark Dodge.
“Butte County is moving back up. Sam Thorngren is a very good coach and always has his teams prepared,” Challis head coach T.T. Cain. 
1AD2 White Star League
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Deary
2. Kendrick
3. Lewis County
4. Clark Fork
5. Mullan
6. Kootenai
7. Lakeside
8. Timberline-Weippe
Players to Watch
Eli Frazier, OL/DL, Deary
Olav Stanton, OL/DL, Deary
Bodee Swanson, QB/DB, Deary
Chase Burke, RB/LB, Kendrick
Cooper Hewett, TE/CB, Kendrick
Jimmy Barnett, FB/LB, Lewis County
Brendan Nelson, RB/LB, Lewis County
Josh Constantin, RB/DE, Clark Fork
Skye Gallaway, WR/DB, Mullan
Gage Maitland, QB/RB/LB, Kootenai
Devin Arroyo, FB/LB, Lakeside
Tucker Sanchez, QB/DB, Lakeside
“I think the biggest surprise this year will be Lewis County. After having a couple down years they will be very powerful this year and we have that date marked on our schedule as what should be a great game. They are returning some very good running backs and a senior quarterback. They will be looking to avenge some rough years this season and have the Tigers and the Mustangs in their sights,” Kendrick head coach Zane Hobart.
“Clark Fork has good numbers and could be a very tough team to play,” Lakeside head coach Chris Dohrman.
“Well it probably does not come as a surprise, per se, but even with Deary and Kendrick graduating a number of seniors last year, both of those teams will still be very good. They both have quality programs developed and as you know just seem to reload every year,” Lewis County head coach Monty Moddrell. 
1AD2 Long Pin Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Salmon River
2. Garden Valley
3. Tri-Valley
4. Horseshoe Bend
5. Council
6. Cascade
Players to Watch
Canyon Harper, RB/LB, Salmon River
Randy McClure, WR/DB, Salmon River
Gage Peterson, RB/LB, Garden Valley
Covy Kelly, WR/S, Garden Valley
Orion Southwick, LB/TE, Tri-Valley
Jayden Mink, QB/DB, Tri-Valley
Quade Renfro, QB/DB, Horseshoe Bend
Coltyn Smith, WR/DL, Horseshoe Bend
Sam Mahon, QB/CB, Council
Wesley Waddoups, OL/DL, Council
Cody Moosman, QB, Cascade
Michael Onaindia, RB, Cascade
“Garden Valley is a playoff team. They should've been in the playoffs last year. But they have a good group of upperclassmen and a solid group of sophomores. They should be good for a few years at least,” Council head coach Randy Nichols.
“I think Council could make a quick turnaround from last year. They always have quality, hardworking and tough kids,” Horseshoe Bend head coach Craig Elliott.   
1AD2 Sawtooth Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Carey
2. Murtaugh
3. Lighthouse Christian
4. Dietrich
5. Camas County
6. Hagerman
7. Castleford
8. Hansen
Players to Watch
Porter Mecham, RB/LB, Carey
Carson Simpson, DE, Carey
Graden Dimond, QB/LB, Murtaugh
Gio Zavala, TE, Murtaugh
Remington Kramer, WR/LB, Camas County
Paxton Stimpson, QB/S, Hansen
Derek Herrington, LB/OL, Hagerman
Audie Zimmers, RB/LB, Dietrich
Andrew Power, WR/LB, Dietrich
Brady Power, QB/CB, Dietrich
Carter Schilder, TE/S, Castleford
Brandon Butler, RB/LB, Lighthouse Christian
Cooper Dastrup, OL/DL, Lighthouse Christian
“I think Murtaugh will surprise a lot of folks. They didn’t lose many seniors and their new coach has them playing well,” Camas County head coach Rusty Kramer.
“We are new to the conference, so we are going into the season with the mindset of one week at a time. Playing Lighthouse Christian in basketball last year we found they have some real good athletes and also Murtaugh has some good athletes coming back from last year. The tape of playing Murtaugh shows that we struggled to keep them out of the end zone, so don’t let the score from that one fool you,” Hagerman head coach Joe Keeney. 
1AD2 Rocky Mountain Conference
Preseason Coaches Poll
1. Rockland
2. North Gem
3. Mackay
4. Clark-Watersprings
Players to Watch
Pratt Matthews, WR/OLB, Rockland
Zane Porath, WR/ILB, Rockland
Bronx Holbrook, WR/CB, North Gem
Dallin Green, QB/LB, Mackay
Caleb Green, WR/LB, Mackay
Brayden Remer, QB, Clark-Watersprings
“I think Mackay is the x-factor team. They have some good athletes and good speed. They are an aggressive team and play with intensity,” North Gem head coach Dana Strong.



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