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  The Fifth District Senior All-Star Games

The outgoing seniors of boys and girls basketball teams in District 5 will meet at Pocatello High School on Monday, March 12th for one final hurrah as we close the 2017-18 basketball season.

By: Matt Harris
Published: 3/8/2018 3:49:46 PM

The 2017-18 basketball season officially wraps up in eastern Idaho on Monday night in the Gate City with the Fifth District Senior All-Star Games. The event takes place on March 12th at Pocatello High School in 'The Palace' gymnasium.

The festivities tip-off at 5:00 pm with the Girls All-Star game with the 3-point shootout happening at halftime. The Boys All-Star game gets underway at 7:00 pm with the Slam Dunk Contest at halftime.

You can watch the entire event LIVE on starting just before 5:00 pm on Monday night.

All-Star Game rosters have been selected by the coaches in the district.

Girls North Team (Dark Uniforms)

Girls South Team (Light Uniforms)



Ember Casperson, Bear Lake

Tatiana Valerino, Aberdeen

Matti Critchlow, Bear Lake

Madison Udy, American Falls

Karissa Parker, Bear Lake

Brittanee Rasmussen, Grace

Emma Fackrell, Century

Braylee Wood, Grace

Brooklyn Green, Malad

Mary Calley, Highland

Kassidy Willie, Malad

Sevana Spoklie, Highland

Kallie Christensen, North Gem

Lexi Rowe, Highland

Ally Whitmer, Pocatello

Allie Thayne, Highland

Kate Jackman, Pocatello

Macy Redford, Marsh Valley

Shaylie Priestly, Preston

Taya Batts, Marsh Valley

Harley Carlisle, Preston

Sacoyah Appenay, Sho-Ban

Jessica Robinson, Rockland

Kelsey Higginson, Snake River

Sarah Wood, Rockland

Carlee Rowe, Snake River

Kaycee Smith, Soda Springs

Ashtyn Martin, Snake River

Kathryne McCullough, Soda Springs

Kailey Remund, West Side





Wade Schvaneveldt, Soda Springs

Jason Nance, Grace

Chris Shuler, Century

Jeff Steadman, Snake River



Boys North Team (Dark Uniforms)

Boys South Team (Light Uniforms)



TJ Burry, American Falls

Jake Hall, Aberdeen

Walt Schwarting, Bear Lake

Dallon Elliott, Aberdeen

Hayden Peterson, Bear Lake

Dax Jorgensen, Grace

Avery Carlsen, Bear Lake

Paycen Jensen, Grace

Houston Peterson, Bear Lake

Tanner Christensen, Grace

Coleton Adamson, Century

Daxton Carr, Highland

Connor Haines, Century

Dylan Anderson, Highland

Jake Jensen, Malad

Cody Goodworth, Marsh Valley

Nathan Christensen, North Gem

Jeff Wilding, Marsh Valley

Derek Wadsworth, Preston

Matt Kracl, Snake River

Britton Atkinson, Preston

Kade Mortensen, Snake River

Chance Hart, Preston

Carson Dance, Snake River

Brayden Parker, Preston

Clancy Thomas, Snake River

Spencer Permann, Rockland

Zac Hobson, West Side

Henry Workman, Soda Springs

Dillon Lemmon, West Side





Brandon Carlsen, Bear Lake

Rory Lloyd, Grace

Tyler Jones, Preston

Robert Coombs, Snake River

Shae Neal, Rockland


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